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This business coaching episode explains how to determine your Dream 100 list.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1

-Step number 11. You want to determine which Dream 100 contacts, which 100 people, have the potential to absolutely change your life, if they begin to refer you. OK?

So you're not looking for good buyers. You're talking about the Dream 100. The best, OK? So you want to go ahead make a list of which ones are clearly the best.

MALE SPEAKER (VOICEOVER): Yeah. No, no, no. I have some already on my mind right now so--

-And you want to focus on those Dream 100. You want to just absolutely tackle and focus on those. And I'm going to read this quote to you. Chet Holmes, the guy who came up with the Dream 100 concept, in his bestselling book, "The Ultimate Sales Machine," he says, "The Dream 100 concept is all about going after your dream best buyers with a vengeance. You not only want to target your dream buyers directly, but look to leverage affiliates to connect and communicate with them."

What he's talking about is you really, really have to put an intense focus on marketing to your Dream 100. You do not want to be marketing to everybody, because as a small business owner, you're going to die on the vine if you're spending all your money marketing to the whole market. You got to focus just on those top buyers. Makes sense?


-Now, when you think of your Dream 100, could you think of one or two places, right now, in Oregon, that would be a good, or a likely, referral source for you? Could you think of one?

-Yeah. No, I can think of one. Dutch Brothers. Dutch Brothers in Oregon.

-Dutch Brother. What does Dutch Brothers do?

-It's a franchise in Oregon. But it's spread out all over the place. And it's, basically, small coffee stands and stuff. And they do the-- what do you call it? The--

CLAY CLARK: Barista?

-Yeah, the barista thing. Exactly. There's a couple of their coffee places that are really big in my town, that I'm going to hit up. And you know, they're just getting started up, that I'm going to go after, as well.

Harry and David. I don't know if you've heard of Harry and David before.


MALE SPEAKER (VOICEOVER): It's a gift basket company, or whatever. It's huge up where I live in Medford. And so if I definitely aim for them-- these are really big names, for the area that I'm in. So people would recognize them. So you know, if I can get to these places, and I can get videos done for them, then it can definitely put these trust symbols on my site. And, I don't know. Is that you're talking about?

-Yeah, and just so we're clear on trust symbols, you can say you did the video for the Dutch Brothers.

-Yeah, and that's big.

-It's huge.

-People would be like, really? You did-- that would be impressive for Oregon.

-So what you're going to want to do-- homework for you-- is you're going to want to-- anybody watching this, you want to make a list of the 100 ideal, and likely buyers, the 100 best buyers you could think of, the 100 best referral sources, the 100 top. And you want to go after those guys. OK? You want to go after them.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

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