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This episode is a business coaching course that helps with determining winnable terms for SEO.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Step #6: Determining Winnable Terms
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Click view page source (Title tag, keywords, description)
  • Action Step: Make a spreadsheet and write all of the keywords that are on your competitors' websites.
  • Editor's Note: Get rich SLOW. That's how the pros do it!
  • Lesson Nugget: Keyword generation tools: 1. SEMRush.com 2. SEOMoz.com 3. Google Keyword Planner

- Step number six, determine winnable terms. Okay, so we've gone through, we've talked about how Google ranks, how to brainstorm winnable terms, but now we need to determine which winnable terms we're going after, okay? So Clay, you'll begin getting us into this in talking about the winnable terms, not just search terms, but winnable terms. - Now again, I know some people start to glaze over anytime they, their eyes just glaze over and they start to go,any time they think about Google optimization and using a computer. "A computer I don't even use a computer, "how would I need a computer?" I know there's people out there, a lotta entrepreneurs are very much doers, they're task doers, they get stuff done, and learning this is a painful thing. So what we're gonna do to spice it up a little bit to bring in kinda a German flavor to bring in that spirit of Oktoberfest, no matter what month it is, is we're gonna, every time that we teach you a big point, a big, profound, once a profundity has occurred, Marshall, can you queue it up real quick? Oh yes, that's what you're gonna get as a reward when you learn a new thing. Okay, let's, so here we go. So point number one here, okay, is you want to click the view page source. What am I talking about? So go ahead right now and let's pretend that you own a business that does, let's say you sell wedding cakes, and you live in Dallas. So let's type in wedding cakes Dallas. Okay, so you're just gonna start off, you're gonna search and you're gonna find out who comes up top. Not on the map, calm down, not the map. Don't click on The Knot, 'cause that's a national company, and you're not gonna beat them. I'll show you why in a minute. But click on The Cake Guys. And then you're gonna right click and you're gonna view their source code. And you're gonna see, look for their description. And look for their key words, there's a description right there, that's their description, that is the words that they are optimizing for, that's the description. See if you can find the key words. Some of these sites they protect their key words are kinda secret. Oh, they're secret, they're so secret, move on, let's go to another site. Moving on. Click back, and let's go here to Elegant Cakery, click those guys, and we'll click that. And then we're gonna right click, and we're gonna go ahead and do the View Page Source, and we're gonna go ahead and look at their key words in the description, so there are their key words. If you scroll on down, look at their description. View the description at the top there, you see their description up there. Are we in the description? Would you go to description there, Devin? Description, oh, there's their description. Okay, you can see, these guys, they're kinda tricky as well. Look at their title tag. You see their title tag, how it says wedding and birthday cakes in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area? These are people who are sneaky. These people are hiding their description and key words from us because they know that we're good. But they're not that good, no, they're not, no. So let's go back to their website. And look through their website, and as you're looking through their website, look at the words they have on their home page. Look at the words, cake toppers, on the left side, wedding serving sets, wedding toasting flutes. Thrivers, you're gonna have to make a spreadsheet right now where you put all the key words you're finding on their website related to this term, put it on a spreadsheet, okay? Just make a spreadsheet, and on the left column put all the key words you're finding, you have to do that, you have to do that, okay? That's what you have to do. Why? Because you've gotta start to figure out what words are these homeboys optimizing for. That is very, very important, hopefully that makes sense. So again, you have to start by searching for whatever term you think people are going to search for. So let's do another example, let's click back on the search here, let's go, scroll up real quick, and go to Dallas wedding cakes. So now we're gonna reverse it, we're gonna go from wedding cakes Dallas to Dallas wedding cakes. And we do the same process, we scroll down, we look for the site that comes up top. We already found The Cake Guys, Elegant Cakery, we've got Dallas Affaires Cake Co, click that. And then we're gonna go there and we're gonna right click and we're gonna look at their source code. And we're gonna see if they give us the descriptions and title, it'd be nice if they did. Look here for the description, see if they have it. Are they hiding it? Oh, they're hiding it. Now, not in every industry are they hiding it, but in Dallas, it's probably very competitive, so you got a lot of people that are hiding it. So go ahead and go back to their website and comb through their website. This'll take you a few hours. "Hours? "I thought it would take minutes. "I wanted to get rich quick." No, I'm telling you, get rich slow, that's how the pros do it. But anyway you look through here and you start to look for all the words that they have that they're optimizing on their home page. Most people put their words that they're trying to come up top for on their homepage. So Devin, if you look at the text at the top there, you see how they have the word wedding cakes there? If you can kinda highlight the word wedding cakes, that's on their homepage. Groom cakes, grooms cake. You wanna take all of these words and put it into a spreadsheet. Also you wanna brainstorm with family and friends, people you know, ideally likely buyers, but you want to have a spreadsheet with at least 100 terms you're starting out with. Now we're gonna go ahead and get into some tools here. So there's three tools that we recommend that you would use. One is SEMrush, and Stew, I think SEMrush is about $70 a month, do you know what it is? - I believe so. - I think it's like $70 a month, I'm not gonna call you a liar if it's $75 or whatever, but it's not $100 a month, okay? But this is a product that you can pay for that'll help you deep dive in there to find key words. Then there's also SEO Moz. - [Stew] That's true. - But we prefer to use the Google key word planner, and why do we prefer to use the Google key word planner, Stew? - [Stew] Well, because it's Google. - It's Google. So Google's telling you, "Hey, we're Google, "we know something about Google, and we wanna tell you." You know, "Hi, I'm Google, I know about Google "'cause I'm Google." That's how it works. - Sort of the backstage pass. - And it's free. - Yeah.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Step: 1. Open a Gmail account 2. Open an Adwords account
  • Editor's Note: Feel free to dance around your room right about now.
  • Lesson Nugget: Getting into your Google Adwords account: 1. Google and search for Google Adwords after you're signed in to your Gmail account. 2. You can bookmark adwords.google.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Steps For Navigating Google Adwords: 1. Click on TOOLS. 2. Click on KEYWORD PLANNER. 3. Click on SEARCH on the left side of your screen.
  • Action Step: Have multiple monitors - i.e a computer station - as it enhances your performance and productivity.
  • Lesson Nugget: 4. Type words you want to search 5. Click on TARGETING to input the area (city) you want to specifically focus your business and click ADD on the far right 6. Click SAVE 7. Click GET IDEAS

- So let's go ahead and use the keyword planner. For those of you who want to use SEM Rush or Seomoz we are gonna have trainings that teach you that as well. But let's go ahead and hop into it. So Stu kinda tell us what we're doing, kinda navigate what we're doin' here. How do I even get here, how do I get here? - [Stu] Well you're gonna need to sign up for a Google adwords account. - [Clay] How d'you do that? - [Stu] So you're gonna need a Gmail account. - [Clay] How do I do that? - [Stu] You're gonna need to Google Gmail. - [Clay] Let's do it please. Thrivers, I know someone watching this is like, are you kidding me? Are wehow to make a Gmail? Yes, you know why? Cause I talk to thousands of Thrivers, thousands, who are going I don't know what to do. So right there. - [Stu] So he's logged in so if he clicks, there we go. - [Clay] All right-- - [Stu] There we go. - [Clay] Let's do it again, Gmail. - [Stu] Top link there. - [Clay] K? - [Stu] So you, huh? I would Google, go back. - [Clay] Let's Google back, let's Google sign up for a Gmail account. - [Stu] That's gonna be better, yeah. - [Clay] We doing this Thrivers cause I know this is what you're going through. Some people are like, I tried last night. I couldn't even make a Gmail account, I quit. Done. - [Stu] Right there, top link. - [Clay] There it is and once you click that beast. You go in there and Thrivers we're not gonna make a user name. We're not gonna give you a password and we're not gonna go through you're confirming your gender and all that, I know some people are like, what gender am I? It's so weird, I went to college so long I can't even remember what gender I am, I read, I about watched every Ted Talk there was and I, just confused. Anyway you have to answer these questions. - [Stu] Yes. - [Clay] And once you do that, what needs to happen? - [Stu] What I would do, Dev, if you go back to Google and search for Sign Up-- - [Clay] K. - [Stu] for Ad Words account. - [Clay] So you have to sign up for an ad words account after you have a Gmail? - [Stu] This is true. - [Clay] So you need to log into your Gmail, and then you're gonna go ahead and search for Sign up for an Ad words account, right? - [Stu] Right there, right there adwords sign up. - [Clay] And I'm sorry to mess with everything but one thing about this Thrivers, is because of the video editing technology, we're gonna be able to kind skip forward in time, we'll go to a time and place where Devon is actually logged in to his account. So I'm gonna do the Scooby Doo, can we cue up the Beer Barrell Polka as we transition here. ♫ Roll out the barrell♫ Okay Devon's gonna get back into his account but we're not gonna see his email, we're not gonna see his password, we're not gonna watch what he's doing but we're having a good time. ♫ Roll out the barrell ♫ ♫ Everybody now ♫ ♫ Roll out the ♫ ♫ Everybody now ♫ If you had 17 German beers it doesn't even matter what you're saying, people love it. ♫ Barrell of fun ♫ ♫ Sauerkraut, oh volkswagon, sauerkraut, David Hasselhof ♫ Oh yes, here we go. And are we logged in? Oh, and we're in? Oh oh the music can not be. That was awesome. You see how that worked? It worked almost long enough, now how do we, once we log on, how do we get here. - [Stu] That was perfect, okay, so what you're gonna do is look for Tools-- - [Clay] K, how d'you even get to Tools? - Well once you're logged in to Google Adwords you'll see something like, well we have a lot of campaigns running. So you're not gonna see all this complexity when you log in. - Here's the part that I know people are asking right now. If I log into my Gmail how do I go from there to my Adwords? I guarantee you that two thirds of the people who are watching right now who are smarter than me are not gonna be able to figure that out because they ask me all the time and I will not let this be the kind of training where people don't know what they need to know. No, no, this will be the kind of training where people know what they need to know and I know what you're trying to do because you guys are technological wizards. You're trying to skip that step and then make people like me feel small. - [Stu] This is true. - [Clay] Okay. - [Stu] There's really a couple of ways to do it. One is you could Google, google ad words. - [Clay] After you're signed in? - [Stu] After you're signed in and you could click that link right there-- - [Clay] Let's do it. - [Stu] See that one right there, down a little bit, there you go , that'll work. - [Clay] Okay-- - [Stu] That's one way to do it, if you have a book mark you could bookmark ad words.google.com. That'll get you there. - [Clay] You could bookmark what? - [Stu] You could bookmark adwords.google.com - [Clay] Boom, okay, awesome, okay, keep going, keep going, I'm dialed in here, I'm focused. - [Stu] So let's log in there, Devon. - [Clay] I'm focusing, now as he's, as he's focusing I want to make sure you guys remember this here. This is how you do it, there's no quick pass. This is how you determine how to beat your competition so go for it. - [Stu] So you wanna look for Tools at the top there in the Navigation, you want to click that and it will drop down. You wanna go to the keyword planner-- - [Clay] Oh yeah. Okay we're going there, going there quick. - [Stu] Don't be in intimidated by the complexity of this screen when it comes up. There's some stuff here after you click so there's, where it says Search . Under the Green there click that. It's gonna drop down this little search box so Clay what are some terms you would maybe experiment with here. - [Clay] Dallas wedding cakes. - [Stu] So in that box right there you're gonna type that. - [Clay] Comma wedding cakes, Dallas, comma wedding cakes in Dallas, comma find wedding cakes Dallas, wedding cake Dallas. That's hit , that all I have. What more do you want from me Devon? - [Stu] Okay now, after you're done with that. Where it says targeting, see the little pencil there. - [Clay] Okay. - [Stu] If you're targeting or retargeting Dallas it seems like that's the-- - [Clay] Yeah, Dallas that's where I'm going. - [Stu] So we're-- - [Clay] Coming for you Dallas. Make - [Stu] There we go and then type in Dallas. And it's going to pop this thing up, it's gonna suggest some cities here, okay. So when you see the ad on the far right, see the little word that says ad? - [Clay] Yup - [Stu] You click that dude. - [Clay] Click that dude. - [Stu] And then click the Save bottom. - [Clay] Save it, now real quick, we learn best by doing, Thrivers, okay? That's how you learn by doing so you have to do it. If you're watching this and you're going I don't know what to do now right. I don't want you to be going ♫ I think I'm alone now ♫ ♫ The only person trying this is me by myself ♫ I don't want you doing that, I don't want you getting on a bender and getting frustrated and getting depressed, so what you need to do is have two monitors. If you're watching these trainings and you don't have two monitors, go get a monitor. You need to go buy two monitors. Why because Carnegie Melon says that you 're twice as productive almost if you have two monitors and also because it just is, it works that way, okay? One monitor you're watching your Thrive 15 and one you're actually doing this. If you're not doing this congruently, you mind will explode and you will end up sleeping outside.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: If you know your customer, you can make great decisions on keywords.
  • Lesson Nugget: Edit spreadsheets on your computer or on the go. www.google.com/sheets
  • Lesson Nugget: Google Spreadsheet Strategic Planning Content: 1. Column A - Keywords 2. Column B - Estimated Traffic 3. How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Win? 4. How Much Content Do I Need To Win?
  • Editor's Note: Multiple monitors enhance your performance and productivity.
  • Editor's Note: Click the "Ask The Mentor" button on your screen if you have any questions.

- [Stew] So what we're doing by adding this Dallas in the targeting area is targeting. We talked about demographics earlier, so one way to look at that is I want to limit that to my city that I'm in or my franchise is in or whatever it is. You can set language as well. English is going to be our core group here at Thrive, of course, but if you're overseas you could change that to whatever it is, Spanish, French, whatever it is, and then if you click the blue button right there. - [Clay] The blue button. - [Stew] What it's going to do is show you some information about these keywords. You see this tab here where it says keyword? - Quick timeout, I had an epiphany I want to share with people. I usually get one of those a month, but here it is. There is a Thriver that I can think of that comes to my mind and what she did is she realized that it was going to be very competitive for her to win for her search engine term in her city in English, and she speaks Spanish, so she optimized the Spanish version of her website, and she was able to beat everybody 'cause no one was catering to the Spanish market, and there was like 10% of her market that was Spanish speaking, so that might be your move Thrivers. If you speak a different language, maybe you could dominate in that language, but that's just a little, a-ha. - So you're saying if you know your customer, you can make good decisions on keywords. - Absolutely, that is what I'm saying. Back to you. - [Stew] Excellent. So if you click that second tab right there, what that's going to show you at the top is those four phrases that we entered to start. See those four right there? - [Clay] Yep. - [Stew] And it's going to show the average number of searches, and it's going to show you what's called competition. Okay. And then if you look down, if you scroll down, Devon, you're going to see another group underneath that. These are basically suggested keywords. These are things you maybe didn't think of. - [Clay] Now what I want is to make sure we get this competition. If this is high, that means there is a ton of companies who are trying to be top for that term. If it says low, there's very few companies trying to be top for that term. If it says medium, it's kind of in the middle. Don't overthink that, okay? And it shows you the average monthly searches, so how many people a month are searching for that term? - [Stew] That's true, that's true. - [Clay] So what you're going to need to do Thrivers, again is make a spreadsheet. I just want to make sure we're getting this, so Devon, can we pull up a Google Sheet? A Google Sheet, this is, for those of you who have a Gmail account, it's a free tool. It's kind of like an Excel, okay? And you click on the little Google Sheet, and we'll go ahead, and pull the. Marshall, can you cue up the "Beer Barrel Polka"? I think people want to hear that. ♫ Roll out the barrell ♫ Yes, we're making a Google Sheet. ♫ We'll have a barrell of fun ♫ All right, stick around after the break here. We're going to have some more, what is it, not guacamole, no 'cause that's the wrong culture. We're going to have some sauerkraut. - Sauerkraut, yeah. - [Clay] We're going to have some brauts. - [Clay] We're going to have some David Hasselhoff reruns. So this is how you do it. So on the left, column A, let's go ahead and type in keywords. These are words you think people are searching for, and you'd want to make a list of at least 100, okay? Then the second column is you would put here estimated traffic. All right? Now the third is you want to put, this is where it gets a little deep a little bit, okay? How many backlinks do I need to win? Write that. And the fourth is how much content do I need to win, and we'll go ahead and kind of adjust the fields, and the rows, and make it so that we can see all this, but you got to organize your thought. I mean this is like a planning thing. This is a strategic thing. Your brain has to be engaged, That's why when I'm doing search engine optimization for the month with my clients, my mind almost explodes everytime. I'm just like, oh gosh, this is so terrible, but I've made it fun by incorporating Beer Barrel Polka. I've tricked myself, so here we go. So the keyword, let's go ahead and look at our keyword planner. We got to do two monitors, so Devon can you do it side by side, so we can have the keyword planner to the left, and the spreadsheet to the right, and that way, and Thrivers, if you don't have two monitors, if you're not doing the two monitor game, I promise you, if you're trying to do this from a mobile phone, good luck. I mean your brain will, and I know Thrivers who are trying to do this. I talk to them on their day. Don't, stop it. This is why you have to have a computer for this, okay? So the keyword, let's go ahead and do one of them here, is wedding cakes, Dallas. Put that in there, wedding cakes, Dallas, and the searches estimated traffic you put here is 170. And, then backlinks, we'll get back to it, and then keywords, we'll get back to it, and the next one is Dallas wedding cakes, and 40. And ,we'll do one more. We'll do wedding cakes in Dallas and 10. If anybody's lost, that's okay, you can click the ask a mentor button, and we will help you. But, I recommend you don't try to learn back and forth by conversing on email to do this. This is something you want to call in, talk to our team. Come to a workshop. They're included with your membership. I don't know why you wouldn't come here other than you have a certain stigma, and you believe that Tulsa has way too many touristy things to do. A lot of people are going, Tulsa, that's like Orlando or Vegas. I don't want all that tourism. I want to just get down to business. Well, you're in for a shock when get here, if you think that Tulsa is all about tourism. All right, seriously though, you can register for sod farm tours with Marshall. You just email him at Thrive15.com. How much are you charging for those now, is it like $7.00? - No, 700. - [Clay] For a sod farm tour? - Yeah. - [Clay] You take them out in the middle of a field and you say? - This is sod. - [Clay] Green side up. That's a t-shirt I'm working on. I used to actually work on a sod farm back in the day for awhile, when I had no talent or skill, and I still don't have very much talent or skill, but the guys used to always say, "Guys, remember, green side up." Awesome, okay, so now we want to figure out how many backlinks do I need to win, okay? So let's go ahead, and pull up a Google search bar now. Let's search, and we've got to search it incognito, and Thrivers, for those of you who missed out on it. What is incognito? You go to Google, and you click right there, those three horizontal bars, and you click incognito window, and that's going to allow you to search without bringing in your other preferences. Google is not going to change the search to accommodate your needs.

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