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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about how to discover the vision.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Steps - overview: 1. Create Dream Boards 2. Create To-Do Lists 3. Create an Atmosphere That Motivates You a. Music b. Decor c. Geography
  • Notable Quotable: “When you’re around enormously successful people you realize their success isn’t an accident. It’s about work.”
    -Ryan Tedder
    (Grammy winning record artist, song writer and the lead singer for OneRepublic.)
  • 2000 Toyota Echo:
  • Editor's Note: For any questions email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Editor's Note: Thrive15 workshops are included in your monthly membership!

- I'm gonna review it one more time. Create a dream board, create the to-do list, create an atmosphere that what, it motivates you. Create music that motivates you. Create decor that just, it nourishes you to your core, okay. And geography, make sure you have that geography, make sure you're in a place that's safe where you can feel encouraged, and if you're not, try to find one, because a lot of times we can control more than we think. We're like, well I live in a bad neighborhood. We can control that. Now I'm gonna read you one more notable quote. This is from a friend of mine from college whose gone on to do massive unbelievable game-changing successful stuff, Ryan Tedder. He's a guy that I look up to because he's a guy that we went to school with whose done so many great things. This is the quote he says, he's the front man for OneRepublic, he writes for Beyoncé and Adele, he says, "When you're around enormously "successful people, when you're around "enormously successful people, "when you are around, your network is your net worth, "start hanging around different people, "but when you're around enormously successful people, "you will realize their success isn't an accident, "it's about work." Every successful person that I've been around, does these moves. Very intentional, very intentional. Dr. Zelner has this man cave which is so good, it's got the wood that's burning, he's got the stone, he's got... - [Voiceover] Does he have that massive chair in there too? - He has, not in that room, but he has these lights that adjust based off of which team scored. So when the Patriots scored, which they do all the time, the red and the blue, the lights change to red and blue, it matches the team theme, you know. He's got this fireplace, a lot of stone, he's got this beautiful pond, you hear the water, and why? Because it affects his mindset. His decor, his music, his atmosphere, he's very intentional. I just encourage you guys, and remember I drove a 1989 hand-painted Ford Escort, so you don't need to have like a, I can't be successful unless I'm driving like a gold-plated Tesla. I mean you just gotta work with what you have, but you've gotta be intentional about those things. You have any questions about that, Alan, does that make sense? - [Alan] Not at all, and I own a 2000 Echo. - Really? - Oh yeah. - What does an Echo look like? - Not a whole lot. - Okay, well I've never seen an Echo, but I tell you what, we might have to do a Thrive episode in the Echo. - Bring it. - Okay, back to you, Jose. - Alright, well Thrivers, there you go, that's how to make the invisible visible. Clay and Alan, thank you for joining us. Thrivers, don't forget, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@thrive15.com, that is info@thrive15.com, and remember, there's a button right there on the bottom right-hand of your screen that says Ask the Mentor, you can press that as well. And also, all of our workshops are free to all of our Thrivers, so thanks again for joining us. Clay, you got something to share? - I have one last thing I wanna share. - Yeah, go for it. - We had one lady who reached out to us this week, and her medical facility is rocking, okay. This is a lady, she manages a medical facility. - [Jose] Yeah. - They're up quite a bit. She emails in, she asks the mentor button, and she says almost like in a fearful like, "I don't know what's gonna happen," but she says, "Can I bring my whole staff to a workshop?" We're talking about like, you know, three or four dudes, eight ladies. Yes, bring them all, the thing is, if you're a $19 a month Thriver, or you're somebody who's served our country, and you have free access to Thrive15.com because you've earned it, come on out, book a workshop, come out, we have a beautiful facility, it's here for you, meet people who are just like you, expand your network, game-changing. We thank you so much for letting us speak into your life today, and get out there and implement it, you know what I mean, make it happen. - I will, thank you very much for having me. - There you go, Thrivers, thanks for joining us, have an amazing day.

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