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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches the importance of dividing your time between work and family.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Time Management Action Steps: 1. Design Your Day
  • Fun Factoid: The average American watches more than five hours of television every day. - (NYDailyNews.com, 2014)
  • Time Management Action Steps: 4. Find an Environment Without Distractions
  • Time Management Action Steps: 5. Cut Out Unproductive Activities
  • Time Management Action Steps: 2. Delegate to Others
  • Time Management Action Steps: 3. Time Blocking

mom at work teaching like treehouse, business mentors

-See, I've cut-- just in my mind, like people will say I'm anti-social or I live in a bubble. Almost every successful entrepreneur I know, people tell them they live in a bubble.

-I live in a bubble for sure.

-So what I've done to get down--

-But a beautiful bubble.

-What I've done, to try to create balance in my life, is I've just cut out out things that society does, that I don't value. So I really don't watch TV, unless it's like a purposeful thing. I really don't listen to the opinions of people who's-- because if you're not an ideal buyer of mine and you're not a mentor, I really am just kind of, whatever. I really don't spend time watching the news and worrying about what the weather is going to be like or what's going on--


-Overseas. And I've kind of-- and those are things I used to commit time to. I used to commit time, I used to do-- and so I've just cut things out. And I think for somebody watching this right now, there's probably two or three hours-- and the average American-- not you, not you-- but according to Nielsen's, we're going to put this graphic on the screen here. There's actually a statistic that Nielsen has, though. The average Americans are watching some serious amounts of TV.

-I don't watch any TV, like rarely. Rarely.

And does it-- I'm just saying this--

-Not purpose-- like, I just like other things. I like making things, I like writing proposals. I love what I do, so-- and if my husband wants to watch a movie with me, it's almost forced, like honestly. And I will have my computer, and getting work done. And that's when I do like--

-Does it make him mad?

-A lot of pinning--

-That beautiful man, that beautiful, beautiful understanding man. Does it make him mad? Does it make him mad that you're--

-No, he's used to it. And it depends, like if he-- I mean, he'll ask for my full attention if he-- I mean we work together to-- so he understands. He's also an entrepreneur. So I will do something, like if I am watching TV-- which is rare-- that I will do something that's very easy for me, that doesn't take too much time. But I'm still on my computer. Or like, I'll knit, or create another craft or something. I'm doing something. I'd rather do anything, really, than watch TV. I like to be productive and I love what I do. So my relaxing time is like, thinking up new strategies and things like that. That's a ball to me.

-Well, I'm going to review these five things we can all do for time management, here. I want to review these five. One, we've got to design our day. We've gotta be getting up, designing our day in terms of who you're delegating to, what needs to be done, what needs to happen.

Two, we have to delegate. We have to delegate. We have to just, make sure that we're not just doing everything our-self. The third is time blocking. Time blocking is absolutely a modern marvel that we have to do. The fourth thing is that we have to get to a place where we have less distractions, maybe the coffee shop, or whatever that place maybe four you.

And then the final thing is, we have to cut some stuff out. If there's stuff in your schedule that's just a bunch of bunk, watching TV, and you're like why am I watching this? You know, you're watching 15% of 25 shows, flipping through the channels--


-Maybe you need to punt. And the only thing I want to disagree with you on, before I shake your hand and tell you thank you, is that you said you have a good eye and I think you have two beautiful eyes.

-That was funny. Thanks


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