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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Technology is always evolving, and Google must improve their processes to maintain credibility with users. Being aware of changes in their processes can help you continue to be compliant.
  • Action Step: Avoid lowering your rank in Google by copying text from a competitor.
  • Lesson Nugget: When writing your meta description limit it to one or two sentences, make sure it makes sense, and use keywords that will optimize your website.
  • Notable Quotable: "Some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine." - Sergey Brin

CLAY CLARK: Another thing that the SEOmoz does is it has a thing called crawl diagnostics, which basically runs a report and it tells you what's wrong with your site. What do you mean, wrong with my site? Well, I mean, Google we talked about it.

Did the mobile the mobile phone exist seven years ago. Did the smartphone of today exists seven years ago? No. Rumor has it there's a new bendable, kind of a malleable, phone coming out here. Has that been created yet? Does anyone have that? No. What about these fablets, did those exist six years ago? No. What about tablets? Did those exist six years ago? No.

So the world is always changing and so Google has to always improve their search so that they can maintain credibility. So what happens is as Google makes changes, your site might or might not be Google compliant anymore. So a site where you were falling all the rules before, it might not follow those rules anymore.

So Marshall, can you point out some of the errors that this program is showing that the site has that are new errors that have popped up there.

-Yeah, so here at the graph is showing you how many pages are being indexed on your entire website. And then how many high priority issues-- high priority issues or something like, Google is trying to crawl your site and it doesn't work, or maybe there's duplicate page content, or maybe the title is missing or empty.

CLAY CLARK: Let's do a quick review, you mean if you have a bad title tag or you have duplicate content, like you copied text from another website, that could hurt your ranking? It will kill your ranking. You will plummet like a rock. And guess what? Google is a massive computer and so you're not trying to trick a human, you're trying to trick a massive, multi-billion dollar computer that doesn't make too many mistakes.

So I'm saying to you, you don't want to copy. Do not ever copy the text from a competitor. Never do it. Don't do it. Do not do it. Also, don't ever built a website page and forget to make a title tag. Don't make a title tag too long. Don't make your descriptions too long. Don't make your keywords too long. Don't do any of those things-- you can't do that. You have to do it right.

Down here it says missing-- don't click on it, but it says missing meta description tag. Go back to our source code real quick. Go back to our source code. Any page it's fine. Now, your actual meta description, are these words that appear underneath the green Wizard of Saws text. So Marshall, if you can highlight that, that is your meta description. Now, as you write a meta description, your meta description should not be more than one to two sentences long.

It should actually be a sentence that makes sense. And it should involve the usage of your keywords you're trying to optimize for. So, again, we have the title tag, we have the keywords, and we have the description. Those three, the triumvirate, those three make up your meta data. And what SEOmoz is showing us, if we go back to their site-- they're showing us that hey we have one page that's missing a meta description.

And so Google is going to rake you lower because you've chosen to miss that. That's why we have to use a checklist. I could not be more passionate about it. OK, now I want to read you an awesome quote from Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, one of the co-founders. This quote is awesome because it shows not only their humility, but it also shows the mindset of Google. It's probably the best quote you can find from him.

He says, some say Google is God. Others say Google is Satan. But if they think Google is too powerful, remember that with search engines, unlike other companies, all it takes is a single click to go to another search engine. So what he's saying is that if their search isn't good, you're going to quit using them. So they have to be on the forefront of adapting to tablets and phones.

So get off the conspiracy, the black helicopter train, about how the Google algorithm is always changing. There's all these hucksters that are going to charge you $8,000 to come out to their internet marketing, get rich weekend or whatever, and they're going to try to convince you that Google is changing all the time. And it's so complicated that you couldn't possibly handle it yourself.

Well I'm a three time algebra taker, who took my ACT three times. I'm not a genius. And I can tell you, if I can do this, you can do this.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Jargonization Translation: Google AdWords - Google AdWords is Google's online advertising program that shows you how many people are searching for certain limits.
  • Lesson Nugget: Google data can help you create exact terms that will optimize your website and effectively use backlinks.
  • 4 Principles To SEO: 3. More original content
  • Action Step: Google monitors site content; be sure to write accurately so it makes sense and do not just say the keywords repeatedly.
  • Ask Yourself: When can I devote time to my website or when can my team devote time to it?


-I can tell you, I've worked with clients who are everywhere from landscapers, to bakeries, to remodelers, to roofers, to neurosurgeons. And everybody can do this. I don't know anybody who can't do this.

I know you can do this. And if you're feeling overwhelmed, just reach out to us. We want to help you. But does that make sense to you?

AUDIENCE: It does.

-And it's going to tell you the errors, and then you can fix those errors, OK? Now, the other little tool I want to point out that's not part of SEO Moz, but it is something that pertains to what we're doing, is Google AdWords. Now, Google AdWords is going to show you how many people are searching for a specific term.

And just so we're clear, Marshall can show you across the top-- highlight the very top there, the URL at the top. You go to AdWords.google.com. You go up there.

This is how you get there, OK? And once you get there, you can just do a basic search for AdWords, keywords. You can find this up here.

And I'd like to, while we're editing this, Marshall, I'd like to go ahead and add that link on there so people can get the link of exactly how to get there. But if you look here, we've already done a search to save us the time. But we've typed in these terms, and notice we typed in "home remodeling Tulsa." We had a hypothesis that people were going to search for that term, but we didn't know.

I mean, how many people are using the term? We think a lot of people, but we don't know. How many people are searching for Tulsa home remodeling? We don't know.

How many people are searching for Tulsa contractors? How many people are searching for contractors in Tulsa? I mean, I don't know. Do you know? I don't know, but this does know.

Google is saying to us, hey, 30 people, approximately, are searching for it every month. 50 are searching for Tulsa home remodeling. 50 are searching for Tulsa contractors.

Marshall, can you kind of follow me with that mouse there? 20 are looking for Tulsa contractors, contractors in Tulsa. Zero are looking for home remodelers in Tulsa. So that data should begin to drive our activity. So if you're using Google Analytics at the front end to look for what people are looking for, you won't waste your time driving backlinks to a site that's optimized for the wrong terms.

So as we get into this, in a perfect, linear world, you would start by looking at analytics to figure out what terms people are looking for. And then you would begin going into this search engine checklist that we're talking about today. Very, very important that we do that.

Now, Principle No. 3 is the amount of original content. We have to have more original content than anyone else. So if we click up here on the Wizard of Saws, we can notice, if you scroll down, look how many pages of content my main man has.

He's a Thriver. He's got a ton of content. It's awesome. He's got a massive amount of content. We're talking about hundreds and hundreds of pages, potentially 20,000 to 50,000 words of original content on there. So it would be very hard to compete with him.

Now, the good news is that when he started his website, he had zero pages. And, methodically, weekly, over time, he's just committed. He's blocked off time, and he's done a little bit of an investment, a little bit of an investment, an hour a day, an hour, and over time, he's created a massive amount of content.

So you might say, how do you buy content? How do you make content? How do you do content? How do you create it?

Well, one, you need to go out there and buy a Dragon headset. And we'll add a visual of this beast on the screen, but it is called the Dragon headset. There's other headsets out there.

I love Dragon. Why? Because I actually use it, not because I'm into the ninja theme and the dragon references, even though that's really cool, and that's something I'm into, and it's sort of a-- what's the movie right now?

The HBO show that everyone talks about that I'm in a vacuum and I don't know about? It's "Game of Thrones." Yeah, "Game of Thrones" fans, you want to get the Dragon. It's a great tie-in there for you. It's a great gift for the holidays.

Now, the next thing, though, is as you're typing, you can only type so fast. But with the Dragon, you can wear a headset and talk. You mean, Clay, you have people on your team that literally just talk all day and talk into a vast abyss about nothing so that it can come up at the bottom of a page that looks like Wikipedia so that people can find your site and make a lot of money? Well, yes, except the people, you know, once they get to the site, I have to convert them, which is why we have great trainings on how to convert.

But, yes, I can drive people to the site by wearing a headset and spending massive amounts of time talking and turning my talk into text. Now, Google has this thing that I like to call the gibberish checker or the BS detector. That's Bachelor of Science. Don't get offended. A BS detector.

But they, basically, are going to check to see if what you're typing makes sense. So before you hire your third-grade cousin, who isn't really quite able to read yet to do this, you need to hire an adult or a human that can speak in an articulate way, that at some point make a point in our sentences, because Google will check for redundancy. They'll check for a thing called keyword stuffing, where you, basically, just keep saying the word.

So an example would be, at Wizard of Saws, we specialize in Tulsa home remodeling, which is why we love remodeling in Tulsa. In fact, Tulsa remodeling is what we do. If you do that, [MAKES BUZZER SOUND] they're going to catch you. Also, if you hide the text, if you change the text to match the background of your website so it disappears, if we were to change this text from orange to black, Google would flag us. So you can't do any of those little sneak moves, because if you do the sneak moves, Google is going to catch you.

But you need to make sure that you do block off time, using a Dragon, to turn your talk into text and to create web pages that have a total of 500 words per page. And 500 words, just so we're clear, again, 500 words means five paragraphs that are each five sentences each, OK? Five paragraphs that are each five sentences each, that's 500 words.

So that specific action step, I'd ask you, what are the three hours a week you're willing to devote? And if you can't do it, think about, OK, what are the 10 hours a week that your team could devote? And if you can't do that, I'm going to say, perhaps, you shouldn't be an entrepreneur. But you have to find time.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • 4 Principles To SEO: 4. Mobile compliant
  • Recommended Link: www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly
  • Lesson Nugget: Creating a mobile friendly site can improve your ranking with Google.
  • Action Step: Get two times more backlinks than your competition.
  • Action Step: Make sure your website is Google compliant according to the checklist.
  • Action Step: As an entrepreneur, you must become an Internet marketing expert or hire someone that is so your site can be fully optimized.
  • Action Step: Write two times more content than your competition.


-So I know for me, I used to hop in my bath. I know it's a disturbing visual. But I'd hop in my bath, wear my headset, and I literally would type for like two, three hours every morning, every morning because I had to get to the top of Google and I couldn't afford to pay anybody to get there. But I had sweat equity and a lot of honey badger venom inside me and it worked. So that's how you get there, though. That's how.

Is everybody clear on that? Dave, does that make sense?

DAVE: Yes.

-OK. Now the next thing I want to talk about is mobile compliance. Google is fastidious about making sure, as of 2015, that sites are mobile compliant. So if you're watching this video in 2025, who knows, they might be hologram compliant at that point. Your side has to have a hologram on it.

But for right now, you have to be mobile compliant. So there is a website we can pull up here Marshall. And this website here is google.com/webmasters. Can you highlight that URL? /tools/mobile-friendly. And again, when we edit this, we'll put that on the screen for you. But I want to make sure we're getting this.

You use this and you just put in the domain of the site. And then it's going to run a report and tell you whether it's mobile compliant or not. Click it. And it says, err, not mobile compliant, holmes. So what does that mean? That means we've got to get busy making it mobile compliant.

Well, what does that mean? We have specific trainings on how to make a site mobile compliant, like the specific like step by step how to do that. We have that, OK. But for right now, you just want to check to know whether it is or not.

And as an entrepreneur, either you have to become, in the new economy, in the new market, in the world of internet marketing, in the world of smartphones, you either have to be one, an internet marketing expert, or two, you have to hire one. You just have to. I mean, it's just the deal. You know what I mean?

It's like, once they kind of invented fire, you had to sort of know about fire to keep up with the other cavemen, you know this kind of a deal. Once they invented reading, you know, pretty soon we had to start reading to keep up with other people. Otherwise, we're considered to be illiterate.

Now we're kind of in this internet literacy mode where we have to learn these skills. We just got to do it. We can't get behind. You get behind, it's a bad place to be. You can get caught up though. You just need some Red Bull, maybe a coffee blend. Stay focused.

Now let's go to the other report we did. We did another report. And this is oh, boom, look, man. Boot Camp Tulsa is mobile compliant. What does that mean? That means he's going to rank higher in Google by rumor has it, 20%.

So it means that your site is now 20% farther down the list if you're not Google compliant. So what do I do for my consulting clients? I literally am running reports around the clock to help these people and we're finding sites that are not compliant and we're helping them.

What are we doing right now at Thrive15? What are you doing right now? You need to implement these tools. Because I'm going to tell you. I'm just going to have to give you this example, this parting thought, is I know of specifically three companies that come to my mind that have no more than $2,000 a month of monthly lease and have no more than 10 employees that are doing revenues in excess of $3 million just off of their website.

So I know people that are spending $2,000 a month to a office somewhere with 10 employees or less that are making $3 million a year of gross revenue just because they're awesome at Google. And Google can absolutely change the game. And I wanted to tell you a funny story so it all ties in.

MySpace was the dude. Now MySpace-- is MySpace still around? The thing is the world changes. Yellow Pages used to be the boss. "MacGyver" used to be the show, you know. "Family Ties," remember that? "The Jefferson's?" That was the jam.

"The Jefferson's," I could watch "The Jefferson's." It was-- the whole-- that was the whole-- I mean, that's how it was, but it's not that way anymore. So if you're watching this and you're kind of going, blah, watch it seven times. Wear it out. Just watch it till the wheels fall off. I'm telling you. We need to master this skill because it has the power to change your life.

And I want to go ahead and review the action items so we're all on the same page, the four principles that we talked about. Then I want to open it up for questions that you might have there, David. Is one action item, make sure your website is Google compliant according to the checklist we went over. Action item number one.

Action item number two. Get two times more backlinks than your competition. Two times more backlinks than your competition. Action item number three. Write two times more content than your competition.

And action item number four. Become Google compliant, mobile compliant. Become Google mobile compliant or you will fall like a rock out of those Google search engine results. And we don't want that to happen because we like you and we want you to beat the heck out your competition. Unless your competition's on this site, in which case we hope you guys are first and second in Google and there's enough money to be split equally amongst everyone except for the people who are not on this site.

All right. I'm going to come over there and give you a boom, my friend. Thank you for being here. Boom.

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