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This episode is a business coaching course that explains the dream 100 system.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 1
    (Part 1 of 3)
  • Clay Clark:

  • -Doctor Joe Hegyi
    (O’Fallon Family Eyecare)
  • Recommended Reading: This book teaches you how to tune up virtually every area of your business systematically, with just a little disciplined focus.
    -Chet Holmes
    (Worked for Charlie Munger who was the business partner with Warren Buffett)
  • Lesson Nugget: Determine 100 top potential sustainable referral sources / ideal and likely buyers.
  • Ask Yourself: Who are 100 people that, if they started referring you business, would make a huge difference for you?
  • Action Step: Block off time to create your Dream 100 list. **NOTE: "Vision without execution is hallucination." - Thomas Edison (The man who is credited with the founding of GE, the creation of the modern light bulb, the invention of recorded audio and video...kind of a BIG DEAL)
  • Editor's Note: Charlie Munger is the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett. Charlie is often referred to as "my partner" by Warren Buffett.
  • Notable Quotable: "There's always a smaller number of "best buyers" than there are all buyers. That means that marketing to them is cheaper than marketing to all buyers. A direct-mail effort to 100 "best buyers" is obviously less expensive to market than a direct-mail effort to an entire audience of 10,000 "all buyers."
    -Chet Holmes
    (Best selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine - Turbocharge Your Business With Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies)
  • Editor's Note: A young Clay Clark smiles while knowing deep down that he owns a ton of equipment and has no customers.
  • Notable Quotable: "The "Master Mind" may be defined as: Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No individual may have great power without availing himself of the "Master Mind." Napoleon Hill
    -Andrew Carnegie (left) talks with Napoleon Hill (right)
  • Action Step: Make a list of 100 businesses or business people that you will commit to marketing to with pig-headed diligence and persistence.
  • Action Step: Make a Dream 100 Board: 1. Buy a poster board or a white board to list Dream 100 on. 2. Write the names of your Dream 100 people on this board.
  • Notable Quotable: "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." Henry Ford - The man who attended school until the age of thirteen and went on to form the Ford Motor Company
    -Henry Ford (left) speaks something important into the ear of Thomas Edison (right)


-And you will literally have people that can change the entire growth model of your business. Because if you're doing this [INAUDIBLE] with online ads and search engine marketing, people will go, "I've seen you everywhere."

CLAY CLARK: All right Doctor Joe, we're talking now about the Dream 100 system creation. And there is a little book that's kind of hiding behind-- we'll pull it up on the screen for the Thrivers. But it's called "The Ultimate Sales Machine", written by a guy named Chet Holmes. And for all the Thrivers out there, if you're going to listen to an audio CD while driving, get this book by Chet Holmes. And I want to show you why this guy matters. He worked directly for Charlie Munger, who is Warren Buffey-- who is Warren Buffett's partner.


-So he worked for Charlie Munger, who worked for Warren Buffett. So it's kind of a deal where you're talking about a guy who came from this lineage of the Warren Buffett success team. He, unfortunately, passed away of cancer a few years ago. But he wrote this awesome book that teaches you, specifically, how to grow a business with that guerrilla marketing mindset. And one of the systems he teaches is called the Dream 100 system.

And it is awesome. And so the Dream 100-- and it starts with this question, you want to ask yourself-- Who are 100 people in O'Fallon, Missouri, who if they started to refer you to every patient or every person they ran into, have the capacity to completely change your business? Like, who are 100 people that if they started recommending you, would totally change the world for you. So for my life, I'll show you a couple examples.


-Shortly after starting the DJ business, I realized I had a lot of equipment, a lot of speakers, a lot of motivation, a lot of frustration, a lot of non-success. And I realized I wasn't getting any traction. Further more, I didn't have any referrals. I didn't have the money to advertise. But through this system, you can see how this works. And at the time, I didn't know about the Dream 100. I knew about the Mastermind book by-- the Mastermind concept from Napoleon Hill. So the Dream 100 and the Mastermind are the same thing, basically. But what I did is on the wedding industry, and I thought of who are all-- I'm a DJ-- who are all of the businesses that could refer a DJ? And so I start making a list of them. And I start going, well there's a photographer probably. Maybe there's a caterer. OK, all the girls they-- the brides, they tend to get a ring, they get a limo, florist. And I kept doing this, and I made a list of 100.

And I had a board called My Road to a Million. And I kept my board and I believe I still have it at the house. But I kept this board. What I would do is I would make a list of them, and I would go, if I can get this photographer, and this caterer, and this ring person, and this limo person to refer me, wherever there's that synergy where I can send them business and they can send me business, that could be a win-win. And so what you need to do right now is you need to figure out 100 businesses that if they started referring you, they could absolutely change the game for you. Could you think of even, you don't have to mention the specifics, but could you think of maybe one or two, like, right off the top of your head?

DOCTOR JOE: Sure, like a couple of-- like, family practice doctors.


-You know, the people would be-- they see patients that they know they need to get their eyes checked. So refer them over.

CLAY CLARK: So right now, homework for you.


CLAY CLARK: You want to-- when you get back home, you want to jot down 100 of them. Just go all the way through. And it might be a local kids magazine, it might be the local family doctor, it might be a homeowner's association, it might be a PTA, it might be a school, it might be a local tutoring company, it might be a local ballet class facility, it might be a local football team. You just got to go, go, go, go, go. And just keep thinking of them. And you have to get up, you know turn the thoughts into things, so get them on the paper. That's step one.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 1
    (Part 2 of 3)
  • Ask Yourself: How will I break through the clutter of commerce?
  • Lesson Nugget: Drop off a novel gift or memorable item to each of the contacts on your Dream 100 list.
  • Lesson Nugget: You must move the relationship from annoyance to curiosity to buying and to eventually friendship.
  • Editor's Note: Jonathan Kelly has successfully assisted Clay in the actual execution of the Dream 100 system in many of Clay's business ventures. He enjoys long walks on the beach and...
  • Notable Quotable: "The goal of the Dream is to take your ideal buyers from "I've never heard of this company" to "What is this company I keep hearing about?" to "I think I've heard of that company" to "Yes, I've heard of that company" to "Yes, I do business with that company."
    -Chet Holmes
    (Best selling author of the Ultimate Sales Machine and a former executive for Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett's partner))
  • Editor's Note: John is referencing the proven Thrive15.com sales system known as: R.N.B.C.I. 1. Rapport Building 2. Needs Discovery 3. Benefits Backed by Facts 4. Close the Deal 5. Isolate the Objection **Learn more by viewing the sales training videos found on Thrive15.com
  • Notable Quotable: "Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. It’s a Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It’s a brown cow."
    -Seth Godin
    (Best selling author of The Purple Cow)
  • Action Step: What will I drop by or send to my Dream 100 list?
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE - HAMMERING THIS HOME!: "The goal of the Dream is to take your ideal buyers from "I've never heard of this company" to "What is this company I keep hearing about?" to "I think I've heard of that company" to "Yes, I've heard of that company" to "Yes, I do business with that company."
    -Chet Holmes
    (The wise wizard of marketing and the guru behind the creation and the implementation of the Dream 100 system.)
  • Editor's Note: GET READY FOR SOME SERIOUS REJECTION!!! "Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure." Napoleon Hill The best selling author of Think & Grow Rich
    (This Clay Clark guy was rejected by hundreds of wedding vendors before he convinced he Holiday Inn Select to pay him $700 per week with his first Dream 100 win!)
  • Action Step: Create your script for what you will say when marketing to your Dream 100 system. Follow the outline of: 1. Rapport Establishing 2. Needs Discovering 3. Benefits Delivering 4. Close the Deal 5. Isolate Objections
  • Editor's Note: The F.O.R.E. System is the best way to build rapport with anyone: 1. Tell me about your FAMILY... 2. Tell me about your OCCUPATION...what do you do for a living? 3. Tell me about your RECREATIONAL activities...what do you do for fun when not working? 4. Tell about about your favorite EXPERIENCES...what are some of your favorite memories?
  • Notable Quotable: WARNING: YOU WILL GET REJECTED ALL OF THE TIME: "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Winston Churchill The man of stood up to Adolph Hilter and his Nazi regime as the Prime Minister of Great Britain
    -Look into the eyes of Winston Churchill and you will find the resolve that allowed him be the only leader in the free world to stand up to Hitler.
    (Look into the eyes of Winston Churchill and you will find the resolve that allowed him be the only leader in the free world to stand up to Hitler.)

-The second is you have to break out of the clutter. And that's why our main man John Kelly is here with us today. Because John executed the system. Now that I've been in business a little longer, I could have some people on the team help me with it.

So we have team members to do it with me, and not just me. Back in the day, it was just me. So John, you were doing this for a photography company, right?

-Yeah I did it for quite a while actually.

-So let's get into here. So you have a list of these vendors you're going to. And the first time you showed up, how do you break through the clutter. What did you do? Because everybody is trying to get these people to refer them, but what did you do to break out of the clutter.

So the first time that you stop by, you always stop by unannounced. And you just want to talk to whoever the decision maker is. And so the first time, they don't really listen to anything you're saying. People will always stop by and introduce themselves. That's not an un-normal thing.

So, they're just like, OK, whatever thanks. We'll never see this joker again.


-The second time, you're going to get some people who are a little annoyed. Like, why is this person taking up my time. Or you're going to get them OK, what do you really want? And you're like, hey, listen I want to get to know you. I want to be able to help you out in any way we can.

And we talk about rapport needs benefits closed and it's the same thing. Where the first couple you start that rapport. And then you talk about their needs, like how you can help them, and vice versa. And then the benefits of how you're going to be able to do that.

So for the drop offs, like you drop off you start building that rapport. And then, they're like, OK, this guy's pretty cool, we're obviously not going to get rid of him.

-Now real quick, how do you break through the clutter? I'll say this, because we drop by gifts. And so why would we do that? Because somebody bearing gifts, there's at least an intrigue. There's a little bit of a thought of be aware of someone bearing gifts, but usually people are going, oh, yeah. Can you give an example of how that's helped you, or what kind of things you bring by to vendors.

-So when I first started. I'll change it up week to week. But we used to bring Krispy Kreme donuts, because when people think of Krispy Kreme, it's like top notch. And you'll just stop by and be like, I got you Christmas in July. It's Christmas in July and we're going to celebrate it. You just make an excuse.

-He's literally dropping by Krispy Kreme donuts to wedding vendors in July. Now this system, I've worked at pharmaceutical sales reps who've done the same thing. They've brought by fruit trays to local doctors. And what will happen is that first time, to John's point, they're kind of standoffish. But you can break through the clutter by bringing in some lunch, or bringing in some food, or bringing in some fruit.

And then you keep following up, and what happens is step three. You begin to move from annoyance to like, why are you here? To oh, who are you guys? To about the third time, or fourth time, there might even be an intrigue about well, let me get your card. Or what do you do? And what you're trying to do is to get them to go from over here, being annoyed, to curious to buying.

And if you keep doing this, I know it seems unlikely. But you can literally become friends with these people. Could you share that example of maybe one vendor you can think of, maybe you kind of change of her name or his name, but can you think of one now that you have become almost friends with that at first they were nothing?

-Sure. There are quite a few of the venues in town. The first time it takes you five minutes. That first meeting you're like, hey here's my stuff, your stuff. And then now, I'll do drop offs, I'll literally sit there and talk to them for an hour because I know their story, they know my story. And we've moved past who is this guy, to like hey, we're friends, let's chat. Yeah so it's a really cool deal.

-And to John's point he made earlier, I want to encourage you to jot this down. And for all the Thrivers to do the same thing, as well. Is when you go by, you want to have a script for rapport, needs, benefits, closed.

Don't off the top of your cuff get in there and make stuff up. So I tell people is for rapport, you want to use the FORE system. FORE stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, Enjoyment. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Enjoyment. Or you can call it experience. But Family, Occupation, Recreation, Enjoyment. So you'd say, how are you doing.

They say, fine. You say, now is your family from around here? So what all do you do with your job? So what kind of stuff do you like to do when you're not here. So what are your highlights of your week experience?

And that gives you something. People love to talk about themselves. They are their favorite subject. Rapport, and then their needs. You want to ask, well what can I do to help bring you more business? What can I do to help you achieve your goals? What can I do for you, not what could you do for me.

Then they'll start to say, well, doc, if you could send me a few more patients. I mean that's be great. I'll tell you what. I'll commit to passing out your cards, you do the same for me, bam. And they won't figure you'll actually do it, because most people just talk.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 1
    (Part 3 of 3)
  • Notable Quotable: "Don't say anything you can't prove."
    -Jerry Vass
    (Author of one of the most respected sales books of all-time, Soft Selling In A Hard World)
  • Notable Quotable: "When engaging in success-focused sales you must either choose to be TOO DUMB or TOO NUMBER to emotionalize the massive amount of rejections that you will receive repeatedly."
    -Clay Clark
    (Former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year / Founder of Thrive15.com)
  • Editor's Note: The person he is describing could best be described as Janet Reno (the former Attorney General of the United States) when she is being intense.
  • Notable Quotable: "The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks." Mark Zuckerberg The guy that started that "Facebook Thingy" that might catch on...
    (Mark Zuckerberg pictured above has billions of reasons his mindset is correct)
  • Action Step: You must create a 10-step marketing plan for each interaction you will have with your Dream 100. Example: Week 1 - Drop off doughnuts Week 2 - Mail them a hand-written note Week 3 - Drop off doughnuts Week 4 - Mail them a hand-written note Week 5 - Call them to schedule a meeting to discuss settting up a win-win plan. Week 6 - Drop off doughnuts Week 7 - Mail them a hand-written note Week 8 - 10 - Alternate doughnuts and notes
  • Notable Quotable: “The missing ingredient for nearly all of the 1,000-plus clients I have worked with directly to improve their businesses is pigheaded discipline and determination. We all get good ideas at seminars and from books, radio talk shows and business-building gurus. The problem is that most companies do not know how to identify and adapt the best ideas to their businesses. Implementation, not ideas, is the key to real success.” Chet Holmes Author of the Ultimate Sales Machine
  • Editor's Note: Clay and his team celebrate booking a record (at the time) 29 events on the same weekend as a result of their DREAM 100 efforts.
  • Notable Quotable: "Don't over think this system. Start with the tools you have or that you have access to: 1. Doughnuts (I've done this) 2. Hand-written notes (I've done this) 3. Movie tickets (I've done this) 4. Complimentary high-fives (I've done this) 5. Artwork your team has produced (I've done this) 6. Recipes for bizarre foods (I've done this) 7. Pies (I've done this) 8. Hockey mascots & cheerleaders (I've done this)"
    -Clay Clark
    (Founder of Thrive15.com, DJ Connection, Elephant In The Room, Make Your Life Epic, Party Perfect Rentals, Epic Photography, etc.)
  • Editor's Note: Less than 5% of the people will begin referring you as a result of this system. HOWEVER, if you are targeting a DREAM 100 LIST OF THE BEST BUYERS this will produce you a massive amount of referrals!
  • Notable Quotable: "Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there."
    -Harvey Mackay
    (Best selling self-help author and the founder of the Mackay Envelope Company.)
  • Title Here: The important point goes here...


-Benefits are where what you say you back up with a fact. So what you say and do you back up with action. So it's you're claiming you're going to do something you're saying. I'm going to solve your problem.

I'm going to deliver you this benefit. But then you have to actually do it. It's a fact. It's based on an action, the real thing.

So this is-- literally, I remember going to one wedding vendor. And she was a really mean lady. And I remember going in.

And she says, leave your cards there. Stop coming by. You're always coming by. Stop-- and I said, hey, hey, I brought you some fruit.

And she's like, I don't need fruit. I'm like, no, I just-- maybe other people. It's like my ministry of fruit. And she's like, well, who are you? I just remember that.

I'm Clay with DJ Connection. I was just curious. Is your family from around here? And she's like, yes. My dad is from here. We built this facility.

And I'm like, OK. So tell me, what is your core job? She goes, I meet with brides, and I help them plan out their ceremony and the reception. And I said, well, what kind of-- what's your biggest challenge?

She goes, it's a huge problem helping brides coordinate their ceremony because they always need somebody to help them do it. I waste my whole day coordinating their ceremony and the reception. It's so frustrating.

I said, well, what if I-- I won't tell the lady's last name. But it rhymes with harp. I said, Miss Harp, could I help? It's part of my service.

I'll do it for free. I'll help the girls plan out their entire ceremony, and the reception, and I'll cc you on the conformation. I'll do all that for you-- won't charge anything. And we've been doing it for couples for years. In fact, we won the award for best service-- kind of like you're almost feeding an alligator.

And she goes, OK. I've got a couple coming in here that doesn't have a budget for a DJ. But if you'll do it, I'll see if it's any good.

Well, I won her over by solving that problem. And I'm not exaggerating. I probably got 40 to 50 weddings a year from that one lady, who ended up becoming a friend.

And it was really sad, but when her husband passed away, she called and was like, hey, it would really mean a lot to me if you guys could come to the funeral. And it became that kind of a relationship. But she was so used to vendors coming by, and promising the world, and not delivering, that she'd become callused. So just understand that's part of the thing.

And then after you get them to refer, you don't stop. You keep reaching out to them. So this next step is you have to make a 10-step marketing system.

And we're going to provide you a downloadable, and all the Thrivers like a worksheet you can use for this. But I'm going to go ahead and draw up the worksheet for you so you can see it visually now. And then we'll give you a really nice PDF document that you can print and fill out whenever you get going.

I would recommend that you have a board like this size, a whiteboard, or you have a pushpin board where you keep these things. This will be printed out on 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. And going across this row, I would put the name of the vendor.

Then going across this row, or across the top row here, I would put step one. In the next column, I'd put step two. In the next column I'd put step three. And I would keep doing this until you all the way out here to step 10. And what you'll do is you want to write what the steps is.

So step one, you got to be systemic. To John's point, he's doing some work for the photography company. So it's not super scalable because we do weddings. And so we do the majority of the weddings in our community anyway. So it's not like we are doing other things.

We don't do family photos. We just do weddings. Your business is different though, because you're going to work with-- everyone in your town has eyes. What, a third of the people or half the people need optometry assistance of some kind. But you want to have the same system every time.

So step one, you might say I'm going to do fruit. Step one. Step two, I'm going to mail them a handwritten note. Step three, fruit. Step four, movie tickets. And then what you do is you go in and you go, all right. Well, this is Clay, and this is John, and let's say this is Doug.

So Dr. Clay, Dr. John, Doug. I just promoted myself to a Doctor status. But the thing is then you go in. You say, OK. So here on 11/1 I went by there and I dropped off that fruit.

Here on 11/1 I did that, 11/1. And you want to touch all 100 of these people each week. And if that seems overwhelming, make a dream 15. And just focus on the 15 people, that they started to refer you would change your life. But you touch them every week.

Every single person on that list has to be touched. Then the next week you do it again. So you say, 11/8, 11/8, 11/8. And you go through. And what you'll find-- that book, he talks about this. When it's all said and done, you're going to find out about 3% of these people-- and it's not a super scientific number.

But I've seen this work over and over. A little less than 5% of the people that you stop by will go, yeah, actually, I do. And the optometrist I used to work with is an idiot, or he went out of business, or yeah, I'm ready to refer you now, just randomly.

It's just like, I was just looking for-- because if you're going to the right people, they're going to go, I was just looking for an optometrist. You're just going to have the luck of the draw for about 5%. Then there's another 5% that can be won over, 5% to 7%.

But that 3%, they're a low hanging fruit. These guys are just like all day. This is just very easy fish in a barrel. They're going to just go, hey, thanks for stopping by. I have a couple right now that needs a DJ.

But for everybody else, you have to work at it. And by the end of the 10 steps, or the 10 weeks, you should be able to get about 10% of the people on that list to refer to you over and over and over on an ongoing basis.

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