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This business coaching lesson will teach you about the Dream 100 white board.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 16 Steps To Creating A Dream 100 List: 14. Create Your Dream 100 White Board
  • Write out your Dream 100 so that it is easy to see and constantly in front of you.
  • Lesson Nugget: Start your Dream 100 by mailng them something unique and memorable.
  • Editor's Note: Midtown Chimney Sweeps in Denver, Colorado
  • Definition Magician: Pig-Headed Discipline: Refuse to change the way you do something until it's successful.
  • Notable Quotable: "Pig Headed Discipline and Determination (PHD). This is the single greatest secret to success in your company. Total commitment to what works." - Chet Holmes (Bestselling author of "The Ultimate Sales Machine"

-So let's go through this here. If we make a chart-- do you have a dream 100 board at your office, or at your house?

GUEST: No. That's why I'm here today is so I can get that going. I was trying to get a better understanding of that first.

-This is what you need to do. Go ahead and get a dry erase board, the biggest one they will sell you, or the biggest one you can afford.

GUEST: I have two giant ones already, but I can get another one.

CLAY CLARK: Sweet. This is how you do it. Then on there, when you write them, I would write them with a lot of faith. I'd say Dutch brothers, you homies are going to be mine. Who's another one?

GUEST: Rogue Roasters. That's another coffee one.


GUEST: Yeah, Rogue. You got it.

CLAY CLARK: Rogue Roasters. Who else?

GUEST: Harry and David.


GUEST: And David. I'll give you another one. Wildlife safari.

CLAY CLARK: OK. So I'm going to put on the board 100 businesses going down here on that y-axis, 100 businesses on the y-axis. Then I'm going to go ahead and decide what I'm going to do with each step. So each week, I need to touch each one one time.

So the 100 people on my dream 100 list, I want to touch 100 businesses one time. So you come up with step one, then step two, then step three. You want to populate the entirety of the board. You literally want to make this huge board, like a draft board.

GUEST: Yeah.

CLAY CLARK: If you're a football fan, the football team will make a list of players they want to get. And like, if this guy's not available, they'll take this guy, and if this guy's not available, they'll take this guy. They don't want to go off the cuff, and forget somebody, or make the wrong choice. They want to think about it.

GUEST: So would an example be like, step one, call them? Step two would be setup a meeting to go see them. And step three would be, like, all right, finalize the deal. I don't know.

CLAY CLARK: Yep, I'm going to help you. One, I would always mail first.

GUEST: So mail the Godiva chocolate and the note?



-Step two, I'd mail them again.

GUEST: OK. Step three. Mail them again.

-I would. I would. Now, once you get into this step four action, somewhere in here, I might call them and say, did you receive the stuff I mailed you?

GUEST: For the past four weeks.

CLAY CLARK: I would.

GUEST: Because I'd be mailing them a chocolate every week, basically?

CLAY CLARK: There's a guy who I know-- awesome story, and he wouldn't mine me sharing this. He owns a company called-- he's going to be frustrated that I didn't remember the actual name. It's called Chimney Sweeps-- something Chimney Sweeps. His name is Byron. We'll put his company up on the screen here. He's doing awesome. He's selling franchises. He has a Chimney Sweep business that he's now franchised.

And he was trying to partner with one of my partners. And so he mailed him, like, every day. Every day, just a letter, hey, I'd love to work with you. I admire your business. Hey, I'd love to work with you. I admire your business. I would love to work with you. I admire your business.

Well, what happens when you're the owner of a business, and you get 100 pieces of mail from the same guy. Every day, you get one more mailer. What happens eventually?

GUEST: You're going to start to wonder, like, who's this guy? What's going on?

-Yeah. And so, eventually, you're like, I'm going to either get a restraining order, or I'm going to call this guy. Now, now, now today, though, they are partners, this guy who did the mailers every day. And I've done this system so many times.

But what it takes, here, and I'm going to read this to you, is it takes pig headed discipline and determination. That's the Ph.D. that every entrepreneur needs. Bam! That's it, though. That's the Ph.D. that every entrepreneur needs. I'm going to read this to you again-- Pig Headed Discipline and Determination. This is the single greatest secret to success in your company-- total commitment to that works.

So what Chet Holmes is saying is you have to have that PHD, pig headed determination. You have to have it. So you can't work on this board and then go, well, I did my best. No, I'm talking about, literally, every week, all 100.

And you don't mind doing it if you're going for the dream 100. If you're going for the who's available 100, or the, oh, I didn't have a time to think big enough 100, that's not going to work. But the big,the dream 100, it's worth the time. Because if one hits, it could change your life.

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