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This business coaching episode explains how to earn a raise.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Notable Quotable: "The best way to get promoted is overfill your current job."
  • Notable Quotable: "If you want more, you've got to give more first."
  • Lesson Nugget: Promote yourself to the position you want, and receiving the new job title will just be a formality,
  • Action Step: Write down the reputation you want in advance.
  • Action Step: Write out a one paragraph description of what you want people to say about you when you are not around.


-Jim Cathcart. How are you doing my friend?

-I love this. This is a fun place to be, and you make it more fun for me. Let it roll, are we digging in the mail bag?

-We are. We're going to dive right into the mail bag here. We are answering your questions today, all right? And I'm excited. Because this is from Thrivers that want to learn how to improve their business, their life. And they get a chance just to pick your brain. So that's what we're doing today all right? So I'm going to read a question that was submitted here, from a Thriver in Boise, Idaho. This is what this Thriver said.

-I don't want to be known as a stuck up around the office, but I want to build my reputation and favor with the company, so that I can get promoted. How do I do that? You know what they're talking about, this line that they're trying to--

-Totally do. By the way, I just but a home recently from a guy who moved to Boise, Idaho. So, hi Donna and Nell. The house is fine. What we're talking about is reputation management. How to build a reputation you want, how to get known as a kind of person other people would like to know. And how to get acceptance of that relationship. Get other people to say, yeah, I want to spend a little time with you. So the question is, I want to build my reputation and favor within the company so I can get promoted. Well the best way to get promoted is over fill your current job.

CALEB TAYLOR: Overfill your current job.

-Overfill your space. Like overflow the cup that your being poured into. And then they'll have to get a bigger cup. Right? That's something I did years ago, when I was working for Little Rock housing authority in Arkansas. I over filled my job, I did more than I was being paid to do. So what wait-- that's not fair. Fairness is a dysfunctional concept. It's nice if you're the coach or the parent. But fairness is not how life works. So, if you want more, you've got to give more first.

CALEB TAYLOR: If you want more, you've got to give more first. First, I guess is important in that--

-First is the operative word. So how do you get to be the kind of person they want to promote? Well first off, be the first person to show up in the morning, or be the most interested in the job of any of the people you work with. Be the kind of person who really double checks to make sure what you're doing is done exceptionally well. Check the details, just do more than you're being paid to do. And what will happen is the people you want to impress will be, in fact, impressed.

One helpful exercise is to write down the reputation you want in advance of having it. So you decide today, this is the way I would like my employers to know me. This is the way I would like my coworkers to know me. This is the way I would like the people in the community to know me. This is the way I would like to be seen and known by my family members, immediate family. This is the way I would like to be known-- just find the group of people that you want a reputation among, and write out one paragraph description of what you would like them to think about you, and say about you when you're not around.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Begin acting like the person you want to become now!
  • Lesson Nugget: If what you're doing is sincere and genuine, don't worry about looking like a "suck-up."

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-What would I like to have them think and say about me when I'm not around? I'd like them to-- example. I'd like them to think, boy, he really cares about doing a good job. He seems to be more interested in helping other people succeed even then he is in succeeding on his own. He is the-- or she if you're female-- is the kind of person I would like on my team if I was building a new team.


-So write out whatever it is that's right for you. Write that description down and then start thinking of ways that you can deserve that description. See, a reputation is not something you go create. It's something you earn. And the reputation's not in here. It's in there. In other words, it's in their mind. It's like a brand. A brand is not what you say it is. It's what the customer says it is.


-Right? Yeah. So it's what they say about you. So if you write in advance what you want them to say and think about you and you do this by group, then you can target each group with the kind of behaviors that would lead them to the conclusion that you're that kind of person. And then, just carry this around with you for weeks or months on end and look at it once a day, once every couple of days. Often. But look at it so that it cements it in your own mind and you're reminded you're held accountable--


-Accounted. To do the things that would bring it about.

-This is awesome. This-- what you're saying right now is potentially life changing. I'm not kidding you.

-And you're changing your own life.

-Yes. But if you don't actually do this-- he's giving specific action step here. Very easy to do action step that says, just take time to write down what you want that reputation to be, and then start planning how to actually achieve that reputation. I just wanted to hound on this because this is something that I want to do now. I mean, this is something--


- --that you actually have to do, though. Let me ask you this.

-And by the way, I've done this.

-That's huge.

-This is not just some nice idea. I've done this and it's helped me.

-Wow. Let me ask you this. With this Thriver in Boise, they're wanting to know how to get that reputation. And I think-- I might be reading between the lines, but they're afraid that they might have to upset some people to do it if they're holding people to a high level--

JIM CATHCART: Or they might be seen as a suck up.

STUDENT: So yeah. So what do you say to that? If you're managing people, what do you say to that?

-First off, don't worry about being seen as a suck up. If you're sincere, if what you're doing is genuine, don't worry about it. The people that give you grief over being a company person or whatever it is, being to gung-ho? I guarantee you they're not doing it. So look at who criticizes you. You want to be like them? It's like the old crabs thing. Crabs in a barrel. Put a bunch of crabs in a barrel. Instead of helping each other climb out of the barrel they pull down the one that's above them.

And people tend to do that in groups until somebody gets motivated to make a difference and to step outside of that mentality and see the world in a different way. So go for it. Be the best you you can be, and make sure you're contributing to the organization. Others will notice. And don't worry about those who criticize you.

-Wow. This is good. Thank you so much for these specific action items and these nuggets of gold here. We appreciate your time, Jim. Thank


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