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This business coaching lesson will teach you how to have effective meetings.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Super Move #2: Segue
  • Jargonization Translation: Segue- verb imperative | se·gue | \ˈse-(ˌ)gwā, ˈsā-\ "To proceed to what follows without pause."
  • Lesson Nugget: Segue allows people to transition smoothly into your meeting and is an essential component to a more efficient meeting.

- Super Move number two, segue, OK. So after you get into the meeting, let's segue and let's get it opened up, and get into some good news. Why is this the crucial part to start most meetings? - I wanna put the definition on the screen here of segue, but basically, the definition of a segue is a kind of a transition from point A to B, it's a transition. It's not the device that the mall cops drive, which, it is what they drive but it's just-- - [Jose] I thought some Thrivers might be thinking that. - In our dedication to even more lack of fitness, we now have given our overweight mall cops a Segway to ride. I mean, it just doesn't make any sense. Anyway, moving on. So, the thing about this,talk about, we're talking about a segue transition, so what you have in a meeting, your staff all gets together and a lot of people don't look forward to work the way that you do. If you're a manager or an owner, you look forward to being there, that's a reality. I mean if you're a manager or an owner, you want to be there. Now, a lot of the staff's like, "Aw, crap, Monday. "I hate Monday because every Monday, "they just talk about work! "I just finished not talking about work "and now we've got more work! "I hate Monday! "Gosh, I hate Monday!" People are thinking that subconsciously. "I hate Monday, but I love the weekend. "This feels a lot like Monday!" So what happens is, when you have a segue, you allow people to transition out of the weekend, which a lot of people look forward to, into the meeting. So you say, "Guys, what's some great news? "Give me a story of the week," and what it does is, people are going, "Oh, it's a transition. "It feels good!" And they'll say, "This is what I did this weekend. "This weekend I went to this and this happened, "and it was a, I just, it's a..." And then you go, "And now we're at work," and they're like, "God, he tricked me again." But it's a segue, otherwise it's a hard transition for a lot of people, 'cause a lot of people, I'm just telling you, they wake up on Monday and they're like, "If I could just reset my alarms seven more times." They just keep hitting it over and over, like reset, reset. They're trying to time it out. If I wake up exactly at 8:10, I can get to work at 8:30. Maybe if I wake up at 8:11, I can get there, maybe 8:12. - So, Clay, for some Thrivers that might be watching that are thinking, "OK, I love the idea, "but what is a practical example?" - Yo, let me do it. - Of a sample of a segue. - Let me do a segue right now, we'll do a segue, OK? This is our meeting, so I'm gonna go ahead and do it, and we're gonna make a downloadable agenda here for the Thrivers. - [Jose] Sure. - OK, so I'm like, "Hey, Marshall, "Jose, how you guys doing?" - [Jose] I'm great, man. - I'm doing, I mean, I like the weekend more than I like being here, but-- - Well, hey guys, we have an agenda here, we're gonna cover it in today's meeting, and this is what we're gonna cover here today. Meeting here's gonna start here at 8, we'll be done at 9, but kind of do a little highlight reel for me. Give me some good news this week. Something awesome that happened at work, or give me something awesome that happened over the week. Give me something, some good news from the weekend or at work, go for it. Give me a business-- - I got one. - [Clay] Yeah, go for it. - OK, so, I get up earlier on the weekend. My little girl who's 10 years old, woke up at 3:30 in the morning, a 10-year old little girl! Beat me to the punch downstairs, ready to welcome me and say, "Daddy, I love you, "I wanted to see you before you went out to work today." - [Clay] Are you serious? - Just, yeah. - [Clay] This is a real story? - Yeah, that's my little Hannah. - [Clay] That's a real deal. - That's great news, I was like, "That little 10-year old!" - That is great news! Marshall, what was your great news this weekend, buddy? - Well, I had the joys of attending a wedding over the weekend. It was pretty amazing. Went to a wedding and, you know, just got to celebrate some marriage. - I feel like a lot of times you say that, did you actually go to a wedding? - I did go to a wedding. - OK, OK, now what was a good win in business this week? A good business win for you. - A good business win for me is we actually got to talk with a couple corporations that we're working with for Thrive. - [Clay] Yeah. - And they've indicated that they want to go ahead and bring on hundreds of people onto the platform to actually begin training all their employees. - [Jose] Come on, brother. - [Clay] And I have a personal win. - You got a personal win. - Our bros at Monsanto have reached out and they've said they want to add more team members. - [Jose] Damn. - [Marshall] Come on. - So that's exciting. So that now, do you see what has happened? - [Marshall] It's like a boom! - We're now excited. We're now excited about being at work! We've tricked ourselves. Let's move on.

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