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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • We are a specialty Physical Therapy clinic that recently added two locations- in essence doubling our practice size to 4 locations. Doing this required a significant amount of process changes- some we did well...some not so well. We changed a process today-- taking new patient calls. Previously, we had all new patient calls ring in to 3 people dedicated to just answering the phone and getting those people scheduled. With this process we were averaging only about 15-20 new patients being scheduled a day. Today, we reprogrammed the phones to have them ring to 5 people-including 2 front office people, and gave them a goal. If the entire company worked together and scheduled 50 new patients across the company, We would buy lunch for the entire company. With this goal and the team working together, they amazingly scheduled 51 people today!!!!
    -Jen Allen - Tucson, AZ
  • What are your thoughts on ways to keep this team motivated to work at this higher level? I'm definitely a carrot vs a stick type of leader...but I wonder what else we might do to encourage teamwork and motivate the crew?
    -Jen Allen - Tucson, AZ
  • Lesson Nugget: If you're going to give a carrot, you also have to have a stick.
  • Recommended Reading:
    -Gino Wickman
  • Notable Quotable: “Most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. The surest ways to lose your diamond mine are to get bored, become overambitious, or start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Find your core focus, stick to it, and devote your time and resources to excelling at it.”
    -Gino Wickman
    (Bestselling author of the book Traction.)
  • Clay Clark:
    -Marshall Morris
    (Thrive15.com Correspondent)

- [Voiceover] Three, two, one. ♫ Help me make the most ♫ Of freedom and of pleasure ♫ - As a team, you want to focus positively on that number, on that number, on that number, but behind the scenes, you gotta look at it. Maybe your checklists are terrible. ♫ Everybody wants to rule the world ♫ - Thrivers, welcome. We are here with the U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, and Clay, you just, you look fantastic today. - Well, one of the things I did today is for you especially. - [Marshall] Oh, okay. So just for you, was nothing different. - [Marshall] I love that about you. - You know. - Clay, we have thrivers in 45 countries now, world-wide, and they send us questions every single week, and they're very specific. They could be specific as, "hey, "what do I do in this specific office situation." - And we have a lady named Jennifer that has sent us a mailbag question. Jennifer Allen, Jennifer Allen, where you at? Jennifer Allen, we don't wanna give away your whereabouts, but we know you're somewhere in America. Is that right, can we say that? - Somewhere in America, that's safe to say. - Can we give away her phone number? No we can't, we'll move on. - What about social security, no just kidding. - We're just gonna read Jennifer Allen's social security number, that's all we're gonna do. We're not gonna compromise where you live, we're just gonna give away your social security. Marshall, give us the mailbag question, I'm excited. - Okay, Jennifer asks, "We are a specialty "physical therapy clinic that recently added two locations. "In essence, doubling our size." - [Clay] Boom, good job, win for America. - Okay, so "We had to do some changes to the process, "taking new patient calls. "Previously, we had all patient calls "ring in to three people." - [Clay] Three people. - "Just dedicated to doing that. "With the new process, we're averaging," 'Scuse me, "with the old process, "averaging only 15 to 20 new patients "being scheduled a day." You with me? - [Clay] I'm doing like a petting zoo, okay. It's hard to be more with you than I am. - Okay, "today, we reprogrammed the phones "to have them ring to five people, "including two front office people, "and gave them a goal. "If the entire company worked together, "scheduled 50 new patients, 50 new patients." - [Clay] From 15? - "From 15 across the company, "we would buy lunch for the entire company. "Well, with the goal, the team working together, "they amazingly, they scheduled 51." 51 people. - Oh, oh. That would be a lot of home-runs in the pre-steroid era. - So what are your thoughts, Jenifer's question here, "What are your thoughts on ways to keep this team motivated "to work at this higher level? "I'm definitely a carrot versus stick type of leader, "but I wonder what else might we do "to encourage teamwork and motivate the crew." Okay, so Clay, first and foremost, can you get us into this topic, you know, carrot versus stick, what are we talking about here? - First off, Jenifer, I want you to listen closely here. I drew a little diagram. This is three people, 15 patients. Five people, 50 patients, 51 patients. - [Marshall] There it is. - But I wanna walk you through this because, I'm not gonna fight you, but I'm saying this 'cause I care. Remember, I don't make anymore money if you do this or don't. I'm saying this because I care. If you're gonna give a carrot, you also have to have a stick. It could be a, it could be a small stick. In fact, it could be, or it could be such a massive stick that people don't ever want to see you use it. That's the kinda stick I would recommend. So, just an example, military strategy you read The Art of War. If you've ever read the book The Art of War, if you've researched a lot of this stuff. if you have such a perceived military might, most people don't want you to unleash the military might. They're just like, "Well, hey, hey, hey, "I was just kidding, I was just kidding. "Seriously, don't, no, put the tank. "Just please don't shoot us." So you wanna have at least a perceived stick, okay, but you wanna focus on carrots. So I'm just trying to say, like in America, if they got rid of the jail system, and there was no penalty at all for not paying your taxes or for not driving at whatever speed you felt was appropriate, we would all just be having our own personal autobahn, driving as fast as possible. Autobahn referencing the highway which there is no speed limit in Germany, but the thing is you would be going as fast as you could go if there was no limit, so let's make sure we focus on having a big carrot here, but understand we do need to have a little bit of a stick, and what we've done here for ya, is we've put together some very specific things for you. So Marshall, I prepared a notable quotable, and I'd like for you to go ahead and read this notable quotable from my main man, Gino Wickman. - What book did Gino Wickman write? - He wrote a book called Traction which is perhaps one of the most practical business books for daily management I've ever read. It's so good. Gino Wickman, Traction, but read this notable quotable. - Okay, Gino says, "Most people are sitting "on their own diamond mines. "The surest ways to lose your diamond mine "are to get bored, become over ambitious, "or start thinking that the grass is greener "on the other side. "Find your core focus, stick to it, "and devote your time and resources to excelling at it." What does he mean? - Oh, man, this right here, for those of you who love reading scripture, this to me, reads like scripture. He says, "The surest way to lose your diamond mine." Like a mine, as in like in the ground where there's diamonds is to become bored. Who's not guilty of that. You're like, "Ah, I'm making so much money "with this business, you know, "we're starting to have 15 patients a day, "15 in a week, new patients." And you decided, you were sitting on a diamond mine, and you decided to do what? You did not become bored. No, no, you brought in that fifth car which allowed you to go from 15 to 51, and you decided not to become overambitious where you're like, let's go ahead and get like 47 callers, no, you didn't become bored, you didn't become overambitious, and you didn't start thinking that the grass is greener. You realize that you can make your own grass greener by just focusing, so you guys are off to a great start. I'm super, super excited about what you're doing here.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Action Step: 1. Determine Your Daily Key Performance Indicators, the target number for the number of patients you want to hit every day.
  • Action Step: 2. Post your Daily Key Performance Indicators (numbers) someplace where everybody will see it.
  • Notable Quotable: “What gets measured gets done.”
    -Gino Wickman
    (Bestselling author the book Traction.)
  • Lesson Nugget: What you think about, you will bring about into existence.
  • Action Step: 3. Determine the daily metrics that you must measure to achieve this goal and post it someplace where everybody will see it.
  • Ask Yourself: What are the metrics that we need to achieve our goals?
  • Action Step: 4. Put these numbers on your agendas and put this number in your newsletters.

- We have some action items I want you to do. I'm going to, I'm just gonna, Marshall's gonna read the action item and I'm gonna tell ya how to apply it. We're gonna go pretty rapid fire, super fast. Thrivers all across the world, this applies to everybody, but do not become bored, do not become over-ambitious, and do not start thinking that the grass is greener. Marshall, hit it! - So, Thrivers. You've had some success. Jennifer, you've had some success. First step, action item number one. Determine your daily key performance indicators. The target number for the number of patients that you want to hit every single day. Clay? - I work with a lot of doctors and I will tell you, most of the doctors that I've worked with, they become either bored, over-ambitious, or they think the grass is greener. The ones that are succeeding keep focusing on the daily key performance indicators. You have to think about right now, how many patients, I wanna get this right. They saw 51 in the week by having five. Is that right, for the week? - [Marshall] No, no 51 a day. - [Clay] A day? Ow! - [Marshall] They scheduled 51 people in one day. - [Clay] Ah, it's just too good. It's too good. It's just like it's just painful. It's like it's too hot. Anyway, so the thing is, if you're gonna wanna see, let's say, what makes the goal, let's make it 75 a day. We wanna see 75 patients a day. Let's make that a goal. So we need to go ahead and determine 75 patients a day. Let's say it with me now, 75 patients a day. Jennifer, say it with me. 75 patients, to everybody now. 75 patients a day, boom! Determine that number. - So determine the number. Set that daily performance, key performance indicator, whatever that is, set it. Step number two. Post your daily key performance indicators some place where everybody will see it in the office. Every single person. Why is this important? - Well I'm gonna pile on a notable quotable from our main man, Gino Wickman. Okay, same author. He says, "What gets measured, gets done." So we're talking about is that you have to now put that number up where people can see it. Put 75 on the bathroom stalls. Put it on, when you walk into the office, put it on the backside of the door. Put it on the computer screens. Put it everywhere. Right, the number 75, 75, 75, 75. Can I get a 75, 75, 75, 75? Oh, 75, hey! 75, just focus on 75. What you think about, you bring about, okay? 75, 75, say it with me now. 75, seventy. Focus on 75. Put it, post it up everywhere. Dominate it. Let it totally become your all-consuming passion. Ha! - So, 75, 75 patients or whatever that daily key performance indicator is, post it everywhere. Then, once they've posted it, step number three, action item number three. Determine the daily metrics that you must measure to achieve that 75, achieve that key performance indicator, and post it some place where everybody will say it. - Now this is easy for me because I've done medical before. So I'm gonna break it down, but I'm telling you, you have to figure out how many hours, how many staffers do we have to schedule to hit 75? And how many hours do they need to be working on the phone to get those 75? Or you need to think about how many people do we need to schedule? Maybe what hours do we need to schedule. Maybe you have more traffic flow, more calls at night than during the day. Maybe more in the morning than in the afternoon. Maybe, for the haircut business I own, we have a lot more dudes who wanna get their hair cut on a Friday night or a Saturday. Then we have people that wanna get their hair cut on like a Monday. So you have to think about staffing, but break it down. Be very, very specific and determine the daily metrics. Ask yourself, "What are the metrics that we need "to achieve this goal?" Ask yourself. And again, put that on the big sheet! You put 75 on the big sheet. Underneath it, put those metrics. - Okay, so that gets us into the fourth action item. For all of you Thrivers out there, you gotta put these numbers on your agendas, okay. You gotta put this number in your newsletters. You gotta put this number, where else do you need to put it, Clay? - You need to put it everywhere that you're just gonna see it. You have to obsess about it. The one thing about it, is I grew up in a church where the Pastor, the guy named Pastor Exley, when I was a young gun guy, and that guy, when he would preach, he would get into it so much that occasionally he'd have to like clear his throat, kinda, "Hah!" You know, you sometimes go to churches where you see that the minister where he's just so into, he's sweating. He's profusely sweating and he'll just, "Hah!" This is the kind of enthusiasm we need to have about this idea. So I'm talking about put these numbers on your agendas, hah! Put 'em on the newsletters, hah! You gotta, hah! You know, people need to be saying amen! When you go to work, people need to you need to be so excited! Your office needs to be unified about this. People need to be excited where they're saying "Whoa, Jennifer, what's gotten into you?" And you say, "I'm sorry I thought you said 75." What was that? I mean, you have to be focused on just that number. Put it everywhere! Put it on the agendas! Put on the newsletters! Put it where the people will see it! Put it on the tablet! Declare the good news! Make it happen!

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: FOCUS - Focus On Core tasks Until Success!
  • Action Step: 5. Determine a carrot that is exciting enough for people to want to achieve this goal on a daily basis.
  • Lesson Nugget: Make sure that your "carrot" is exciting that people want it.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have daily goals in your business that become the single, unifying force for all to accomplish.
  • Action Step: Have a daily morning stand up "huddle" with your staff each day to get them motivated.
  • Action Step: 6. Determine the biggest limiting factors preventing you from achieving the goal.

- The managers, all of the Thrivers who are managers, their boss goes, "well yeah, it'd be pretty sweet "if we hit 75 every day." - Weak sauce, weak. - Then they're kinda like, "well, why are you "so excited about 75?" Well, you said 75 would make a difference. - Get excited, get excited about that number! Get excited about that number! I remember, I made a goal for myself, back in the day, I want to make $1,000 a week. I thought about that. I want to make 1000 a week. If I could make 1000 a week, that'd be 1000 a week. You know what I could buy with $1000 a week? I could get air conditioning, I could fix my transmission, I could not eat budget gourmet every single day, I could, my life would be different. So you had to get excited about the number and then focus in on that number. Focus; focus on core tasks until success. Focus, focus, focus on core tasks until success. Ahhhh, say it with me now, focus on core tasks until success. - OK, so Jennifer, and all the Thrivers out there that are managing this team of people to working towards these big goals. The 5th action step for 'ya. Determine a carrot that's exciting enough for people to want to achieve this goal on a daily basis. - OK now, Jennifer, we talked to you, you said you didn't want to do a stick, I'm just talking about having some big military might so people are afraid... - [Marshall] Sure. - But now you're talkin' about the carrot, this is the part you want to talk about, the carrot. The carrot, what you need to do with the carrot, is you need to make sure that it's exciting, people want it. So I used to do this with the DJ office: If we hit this amount of sales before the noon, 'cause I new it would perpetuate the rest of the day's success, if we had this many sales before noon, then we would pay for everyone's lunch. - [Marshall] That's a super move. - So, if we got this many sales before noon, then we'll go ahead and pay for lunch. I worked at a different business where they said: "If anyone on the team had this many sales at "the end of the month, we will pay your car payment." So everyone's like "I wanna hit that goal, "what was that number again?" And everyone's focused, but you have to have some sort of daily goal that people are so excited about that it becomes a single unifying force. In the game of football, which I love so much, and I know, football, people listening, we have more Thrivers right now, Marshall, who when I say football, they think I'm talking about soccer, than Thrivers who think of American Football when I say football 'cause we're more international than we are national, right now. - [Marshall] Sure. - But anyway, football, the thing about football is, there's a huddle, so the team calls the play, and they hike the ball and they go do it. Then they come back: "All right, what happened?" Here's the next play, boom, huddle, boom, huddle. You, as a team, need to huddle every day. You execute the plan, you huddle, you execute the plan, you huddle. And I recommend, Jennifer, you have a daily morning huddle. Ten-minute, five-minute standing pep talk, "let's go," boom, huddle, boom, huddle, boom. We have a lot of companies all across America right now that have a Thrive team subscription, and what they'll do as a team is they'll watch the Thrive videos in the morning, for 15 minutes, then they huddle, then they go. We do that in our own office. You've got to galvanize the team and get 'em excited, Jennifer, because this is your year. Hah! - OK, So carrot, and stick. You were talkin' about the carrot vs. stick. Do you advocate against the stick? - No, it's just the stick, it's not somethin' you wanna do, but you have to do. Step number 6. Step number 6 ties into this. Actually, step number 6, OK? You have to determine the biggest limiting factors preventing you from achieving the goal. And at every company, probably not your company, probably just companies I'm involved in, I probably have a curse, or somethin'. Every company there is somebody who's a limiting membrane, there's somebody who's a limiting factor, somebody who's like "well, I don't really understand "what this goal's about, really, it is a game? "I mean, these are people's lives, these are patients, "I mean, if I was a patient, "I wouldn't want to be a number." And you're like, you try to motivate them, coach them. And they go "I tell you what, the traffic is insane today." And you're like "Well, if you leave exactly on time, "with exactly enough time to get to work on time, "you'll always be late eventually." If you've had that talk, and you keep talking about being late, and then they're like "Well, I'm just not motivated, "all we ever talk about is the same goal, "it's just not motivating." Eventually you have to realize it's time to, going back to my football analogy, make a cut. So, the way I like to make a cut, you got two different philosophies, you can do A or B, I'm giving you an A or a B. A, is you put up with it, and it becomes a limiting membrane. And then you privately pull the person aside, and you go "Karen, it's not workin' out." And then you tell the team, and the team says, "what happened to Karen, why doesn't she work here?" And your say, " Well, you know, I don't really want to "get into it, I don't really know. "I don't really know, Karen just wanted to move on.' And that's a lie. Or, you do the big stick option. Which is when you do let Karen go, you let everybody know, "Everybody, Karen's a great lady, we wish her well, "but she was terminated for being late repeatedly." - And you don't blindside 'em. - Yeah, you've warned this person, you've ripped 'em up. - Yeah, they understand, they know. - But you've ring, ring, ring, you've told people, listen, Karen, kinda crazy eye, was let go, because she was late. Let this be a reminder.

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