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This business coaching lesson teaches about achieving expert status on your website.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • High Quality Website Variables: 9. Achieve Expert Status
  • Lesson Nugget: Potential customers are more likely to buy from someone they consider to be an expert.
  • Lesson Nugget: Make statements that show your customer that you understand their need and that your product solves that need. Example: writing a book.
  • Lesson Nugget: The Rule of Ten Times: You need to know ten times more about the subject than the average person.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have a subject that people are ten times more likely to be interested in.
  • Ample Example:
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:

- ♫ Break it down, break, break it down - Variable number nine, achieve expert status We're talking about the twelve variables of high converting websites. Clay - Yeah, okay, well this is how you do it. I mean, become an expert, how do I do that? I'm going to give you the specific steps on how to do it but let me read these two overarching concepts to you Is one, potential customers are more likely to buy from someone they consider to be an expert - [Dark-Haired Man] Hm. - So if you're known as the mortgage expert in your community, you're going to have more people want to buy from you. If you're known as the real estate expert, more people will buy from you If you're known as the entrepreneurship expert, more people will buy from you. If you're known as just one of the pack, it's not going to happen. - [Dark-Haired Man] Yeah. - Okay? Now the second thing is, you want to make statements that show your customer that you understand their need and that your product solves that need. So let's unpack that just briefly. What are some action steps we can do here? One, you could write a book. If you write a book, then people will go, "Wow, you've thought about something "at a deeper level than I ever have, "you clearly probably know more about the subject "than I do, therefore I will listen to you." - [Brown-Haired Man] Yeah, that's good. - But if you write the book, and just the big action that I want everyone here to know, you need to know ten times more about the subject than the average person. - [Brown-Haired Man] Wow. - So I call this the rule of ten times for people This is how it works. If you had a local chamber of commerce event you're attending, and they said, "Today's speaker "is one of the world's elite experts "in the area of mortgages and mortgage, "the brokering, mortgage brokering industry." Well, only people who are probably interested in mortgages would be interested, but they won't even be interested if you don't know ten times more than they know. - [Brown-Haired Man] That's true, that's true. - If they feel like you know all you're doing is saying common sense, - [Brown-Haired Man] The basic stuff - then it's not really, why would I listen to that? Now, the next part of the rule of ten times is you want to have a subject that you're talking about that people are ten times more likely to want to be interested in. Oh, so now let's think if you're the mortgage broker speaking. Same talk. Are you going to give a talk about the state of the mortgage industry and how to become an expert mortgage broker, are you going to give that talk, or are you going to give this talk? Because this is the talk you should give How to make a mill-- How to become a mortgage broker millionaire - Yeah, there you go - There you go - taught by world's expert in whatever People will beat down the door, they want to come to that chamber event. They're like, "I want to come to that event, "to learn how to become a mortgage broker millionaire." And even people who aren't interested in mortgages at all will go, "I want to become a millionaire, "I want to come to that too." So you have to know ten times more about the topic than anyone else, second, you have to write about something or become an expert in something that people are ten times more likely to be interested in than almost anything else. So think about your business and how can you come up with an idea, what is an idea you could come up with, that everyone in your city would be interested in, and then how do you become a ten times expert in it? What I do, and I can say I do it a lot, it's probably insecurity mixed with psychological problems, but I, whenever I get hired to work with a new industry, I read all of the books about that industry. I seek total mastery of that topic, so I have, I do consult with mortgage brokers, and I will tell you, I went through and read the hit list on the top books about mortgage, I mean - [Brown-Haired Man] Woah. - five of them just bam-bam-bam. Then I read about tranches which is like a bundling of mortgage-backed securities then I read a book about currency and devaluation then I read about Richard Nixon and his decision to move off of the gold standard. - Man. - Then I read a book - Amazing - about basically how subprime mortgages work then I read a book about NINJA loans and NINA loans is no income, no asset verification, no income, no job and, ah...

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Big Idea:
  • Lesson Nugget: When you become the expert in your area of business, people will trust and follow your advice.
  • Story Time:
  • Boom:
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:

- And then after that I got another book. It was all about kind of like the discrimination and how what kind of people you can lend to, what people you can't and discriminatory lending where you can't, then I come to the meeting. - Amazing. - So then when I'm talking to everybody they go, "You clearly know more than we do about this subject "and we've been doing this for 20 years." And I'm like, "yeah" 'cause I will focus for 50 hours to gain the knowledge and then I'll come. So I'm just telling you if you're in the industry the good news is, you need to learn this one time. So if you own a bakery right now, you need to get your knowledge up now. I mean you need to get every book written by the best-selling bakery people and read it today. You need to get it, get it done, get it in your cranium. Go on a vacation, kind of a staycation where you're staying home but you're just reading. You're checking out for a week if you can. Or the weekends do it, or at night. But once you know so much about all the different kinds of menus and the kind of ingredients and the kind of options. One, it's gonna expand your creative palate. You're gonna think of ideas and connections and combinations that no one could possibly think of and it's going to allow people to go, "Man, you are like a wizard." And then third, your employees are gonna go, "I'll follow what you're saying cause you know "everything about baking there, boss. "I mean it's kinda unhealthy a little bit but "you're a little weird ya know?" But you want to get to a part where you're like the wizard of the bakery business. - There ya have it. - Boom. - Anything you want to add, Sue? - Yeah, I'll say one thing. I'm in a lot of meetings with Clay. And I'll brag on him for a second here. I've seen I don't know how many times experts at you know, baking or whatever, in their business, they're experts at what they do. Right, and he'll give them advice, okay, I see this every week, he'll give them advice and you can see on their face that they clearly disagree with it or don't understand it but they're willing to trust him, because he's the expert. And they're willing to give it a try. But if it were just some dude off the street saying the exact same thing, they wouldn't even think about attempting it. - We had a lady this week, a true story, by the way, if you get internet leads, you do need to call, text, we'll get into it more later. - You do need to call, text, and email them all until you reach them. - I've heard that, yeah. - And we had a lady who came in with this base of knowledge going, "I don't want to do that. "I don't want to call my customers, not gonna do it. "Not gonna call, I am not, no. "If they want to do business with me, "they have to come to my office. "I won't call them, I won't do it." And you're not making eye contact though when she's saying it just, "Not gonna do it, nope." She hates confrontational, "Not gonna do it, nope. "Nope, not gonna do it." And I'm like, "Okay, fine. "What I want you to do is I want you to make "a commitment to success, can we do that?" And she goes, "Okay." "So I want you to test your idea, "for four weeks. "See how many people buy from you. "Four weeks later, let's test my idea of "calling, texting, and emailing every single person "until they cry, buy, or die." - [Sean] Cry, buy, or die? - Yeah well that' how it is, that's real talk. That's sale's, buddy. So anyway, this person, it was just the other day, it was like four days into the week. No sales. Person calls me. "Yeah I was just thinking about it and "I went ahead and picked up the phone "and I did call somebody, I called them three times." And I'm like, "In one day, you're crazy." "Yeah I did and they told me they didn't recognize "my phone number and they were sorry they missed my call. "And they bought from me." And I'm going, "Hahahahahahaha. Arrh, what's a pirate's favorite restaurant? Arby's, anyway, so the thing is I am like totally, "Are, are you ready to sell some stuff?" Anyway but I'm super excited about it and this person was like, "I knew it would work but to your point," - Yeah - And I said, "Well, what way did you do it?" She goes, "Well I know a lot off people that "have worked with you and I was on your website "and I've looked at a lot of the people you've worked with "over the years and it seems like I know a lot of them "or I've heard of them, or whatever, "and I figure, I have to try." And I'm like, "haha," but they wouldn't have done it if they would not have seen this thing called "case studies" so, let's go now, to "makeyourlifeepic.com," which is my consulting company, which is not available for business, so quit asking for business help. We're booked out, we have a waiting list. But if you click on "case studies," these are all clients we've worked with over the years and just tons of industries. There's many more, too, but when you people will Google them, check them out, they're like, "That idiot really has worked with every kind "of industry, except for the petting zoo industry." But I'm only one degree of separation right now, seriously from working with a man who is in the petting zoo industry. And I'm not exaggerating, I literally got a call from the man the other day. - [Sean] No. - [Sue] Hmm, cool. - So he says, "I'm looking to move into this new venture, "could you help me maybe?" And I'm like, "You have a petting zoo, don't you?" Because I knew of his business. And he says, "Yeah, I do, "but I'm buying this other venture." So there's a potential I might work with him and his petting zoo. Which now will fill that void in my life. - [Sean] Oh my gosh. - I'll be an expert in the petting zoo industry. - [Sean] We need some music for that to celebrate. - Well I'll say this before we wrap up this particular portion here. Drivers, are you feeling me? Like a petting zoo.

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