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This business coaching lesson teaches why you have to explain the problem.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1

CLAY CLARK: so we're hopping onto this next one-- the problem. The problem. Can you read this notable quotable about the problem here, my friend?

MAN: Yeah, the first one?

CLAY CLARK: Yes, sir.

MAN: "Describe the customer, market, and problem you address without getting into your product. Emphasize the pain level and the inability of competitors to satisfy the need."

-Yeah. So what you want to talk about here for you specifically is you want to explain here, here is the problem that I solved as a video guy. This is kind of how I would do it. But the world now-- we've moved to a world that's kind of post text. People would rather watch a video than read a book. Whether I agree with that or not, that's what people want to do. And so the reality is that you're serving a problem where all these business owners, this person who maybe own a bakery. Maybe this other person owns a plumbing business. And maybe this other person has some kind of fencing company.

All three of these people need a quality video. And people have a first impression of the business based upon the quality video. So what you do is you provide an incredible first impression. And you provide a dependable service in a field that typically is ruled by artisans that you have to kind of chase around. So again, I don't hate art. I don't dislike art. I don't dislike artists. I'm a C minus artist myself.

But the thing about it is that you want to make sure that you're clearly explaining what you do. So you need to explain, one, we can help your company make a great first impression. Two, we can be very dependable for you. Three, we can help bring you more customers through YouTube marketing, let's say. So we can bring customers to your door. And you want to articulate this.

And my encouragement for you is I would try to find at least five problems that you solve. Five problems that you can solve. And again, we're sending you the downloadable so you can check it out. But describe five problems there. You just really have to dive into that. Because if you don't-- and put stats in there. There are statistics out there that are showing now-- what, YouTube is the second largest search engine outside of Google. It's huge.

So I would make sure you put a stat on there. Hey, in a world where YouTube is the second largest search engine, you need to have a great first impression. In a world where this many people are on mobile and they like to watch videos as opposed to reading text-- in a world where most videographers are very hard to get a hold of and their prices are huge and they have slow turn around time, we do it quicker. You just got to explain that. But build a big problem.

This is focused right here. This whole thing is focused on the problem.

MAN: It's really similar to your one sheet that you talked about, the differences and stuff, showing that this is what our company does better than this guy, than the other guy, or something.

-And how this is different is the one sheet is the ultimate document. I love one sheets. Because it takes your whole plan and puts it into one sheet that you can use to sell. What this is, is you're creating a document that's so detailed you could go to the bank and get investment dollars. You could go to a venture capital firm and raise money. But you can also just use it to guide you as you grow. You can always refer back to it.

The next notable quotable, he says, "As a startup CEO, I slept like a baby. I woke up every two hours and cried." What are we talking about? Well, Ben Horowitz is the venture capitalist who's famous for his love of rap music. And he's hilarious. But he started a business, was able to sell it, exited a billion dollars, and now he has Andreessen Horowitz and he's the Horowitz part.

But he is all about explaining that, as an entrepreneur, you don't sleep a lot. You're stressed out a lot. There's a lot of highs. There's a lot of lows. That's just how it is. But you have to focus on the problems of the customer. If you wake up every day focused on your lack of sleep and not their problems, you're going out of business pretty quick. So what are the problems? Just fire them off for me. What are the problems that your company solves, in your mind? Give it to me.

-We make videos epic.

CLAY CLARK: Tell me a problem.

MAN: Oh, that people?

-Just focus on the problem. And then maybe epic is a solution to the problem. Give me a problem, big problem.

-Problem that people have is marketing out their business to social media.

-So people have bad marketing. That is a problem. Bad marketing. And here's the deal. The law of credibility states you need to prove this. So I'm telling you this is homework. Bad marketing is one. But give me a fact that goes with it. You don't have to do it today, but I'm just saying give me a statistic or something.

-Look at people social media sites. You get people's social media sites, but they're just not even built up and they're just not even made. So I don't have anything to back it up with like Forbes or any other fact-based thing. But just looking at other people's sites, you can see that if you're not working on your social media site and you have one out there, why do you even have one?

-Well, here's the deal. I'm just going to leave the Thrivers with this and leave you with this. Bad marketing is a problem. The fact that you're not coming up in video search is a problem.

MAN: Because you're SEO, that's a huge thing. If you have video on your website or you have video-- I don't about your Facebook. But if you have video on your website, it's going to be higher in the SEO. Isn't that right?

CLAY CLARK: Yeah. Actually when you optimize your videos, you score more points in search engines for having optimized videos. And they actually can count as back links, too. So there's all sorts of benefits to it. But the main thing I want you to do is I want you to find five problems. You and all the Thrivers find five specific problems. And that's what needs to be on this page. And we'll give you a template.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

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