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This business coaching episode explains how failure forces focus.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: Failure Forces Focus
  • Fun Factoid: Jose Miranda is originally from the island of Puerto Rico. He enrolled over 100,000 members in his last direct sales company.
  • Lesson Nugget: When your marketing strategies are not working properly, you need to focus on the details of the value proposition of your company in order to get the results that you want.
  • George Lucas meets Alan Ladd: Studio after studio, including Universal, United Artists, and Disney, were singularly unmoved by Lucas' wide-eyed space fantasy. Finally, Lucas found a receptive mind in Alan Ladd Jr., a producer and head of 20th Century Fox.
    -Alan Ladd on Left, George Lucas on Right
  • Oral Roberts University: Oral Roberts University is a charismatic university, founded in 1967. The university was founded as a result of the evangelist Oral Roberts' obeying God's mandate to build a university on God's authority and the Holy Spirit.

- [Voiceover] Three, two, one. - In the world of business, it's personal, and it affects - it's family and finances, it's both, it's bad. So you tend to just throw up your hands and just, "This isn't working, my idea's not great yet!" - Clay, welcome back. We are here with all of the Thrivers, we're broadcasting live to 44 countries around the world and I'm excited to be meeting with ya here today. We're talking about failure, forces, focus, okay? So I'm excited, are you excited? - I'm excited, and I'm also pumped that we have Jose joining us, Jose Miranda. He's the newest addition to the squad. He's gonna be working as a host with us and he is bilingual, and he's had a - - Si senor. - And he's a ton of success there in the direct selling industry. So we're excited, and throughout today's training, he's gonna be sort of working as, not that Satan needs an advocate, but he's gonna be working as sort of like a devil's advocate or asking the tough questions and stuff like that so let's get started. - Okay, so failure, forces, focus and - Clay, tee this up for us. What are we really talking about here? Failure, forces, focus, for all the Thrivers out there, what does that really mean? - Okay, well you have this great idea, you wanna start a business. Let's say you wanna start a, you're listening right now and you wanna start a car wash, and so you say, "Okay, "I'm gonna start a car wash. "This is how I'm gonna differentiate myself, "this is how I'm gonna market, "and this is how much profit I'm gonna make per customer." But then when you go out and market it, for whatever reason, it doesn't work the way you planned. For some reason, customers don't show up the way you thought they would. So now you have to focus, you have to go back and go, "Gosh, what is it about our value proposition "that's not compelling enough to get people to "drive the extra mile to our place, "or get 'em to pay the premium for our service, "or get 'em to try us out," or whatever the issue is. And so, the best example I can give you is from the Elephant in the Room, that's my brother-in-law's men's grooming lounge that we co-founded together. We thought that guys would be willing to pay for a premium haircut experience.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: F.O.C.U.S. - Focus On your Core tasks Until Success.
  • Definition Magician: A sales pitch is "a planned presentation of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the same product or service."
  • Lesson Nugget: Changing your sales pitch from the words "me" to "we" adds value and credibility to your company. You must appear big before you are big.
  • Lesson Nugget: When you experience rejection, rather than seeing it as a negative, focus in on it, and learn from it to make you better.
  • Notable Quotable: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
    -Napoleon Hill
    (He is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. The most influential man in the area of personal success technique development, primarily through his classic book Think and Grow Rich which has helped millions of people. )
  • Notable Quotable: "The minimum is really a 50-hour week and there are times when it'll be 60 to 80-hour weeks. The general understanding is that if you're at Tesla, you're choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces... That has pluses and minuses. It's cool to be Special Forces, but it also means you're working your ass off. It's not for everyone."
    -Elon Musk
    (Billionaire entrepreneur who founded SpaceX, Paypal, and Tesla Motors. )
  • Lesson Nugget: The 6th Day Principle is putting forth more time and effort than the average work week to achieve above-average results to get ahead.
  • Genesis 2:2-3: 2. By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done."
    (The Holy Bible)

- A lot of Thrivers, they're maybe having that failure and they're working through it, okay? They're getting through it and everything. But, break this down for me, the focus part. What does it mean to focus more on the business? - Well, focus stands for... What you need to do, is you need to focus on your core tasks until success. That's what focus means. - [Marshall] So it's an acronym? - That's how I look at it. Focus on your core tasks until success. - [Marshall] Okay. - What you do is, you just focus on those core tasks. What were my core tasks? My core tasks were making my 100 cold calls a day, I had to do that. I also had to make sure that my mailers were going out, I had to do that. I had to make sure that I was, you had these systems, and you have to hold yourself accountable to doing those things every single day. As you get rejection, rather than being upset about it, you ask the customer, I use to ask, I'll give you a very specific example of what I did, I set up our booth at the bridal show for the first time and we're there, and I had the speaker set up, the lights, I thought it was awesome. A bride said, well we'll go ahead and think about it, but we need to walk around and look at some other venders before we decide. I use to get very emotional. I would go, gosh, what's wrong with my booth? I just was very frustrated. Once I learned this idea of learning and focusing in on finding the solutions when you get rejected, I changed my pitch. I would talk to the bride, and she'd say, well you know, we need to think about it. I'd say, well let me ask you this, what are your main concerns? Then she'd say, well, how long have you guys been around? So I wrote down on my sheet of paper, establish how long I've been around, I need to deal with that. Then I'd ask another person, what are your main concerns? Well, just how old are you? Because I was 19, you know? I'm 19, I'm trying to convince brides to book their wedding. Then I kept asking, what's your main concern? People said, is that gonna be how your set up is? Because I had a hideous booth. It was gross. It was like a guy thing that a college dorm room guy would come up with. It was this really nasty dress. - [Jose] How did you deal with the age factor? Because I run into a lot of people that really allow their age to get in the way of vision and purpose and a new business. They may have brilliant idea, like you did, but how did you overcome being a 19 year old and being there? - I changed it from me to we, that was one thing. I changed the conversation. So instead of saying, I do this, because I use to say, I do this, if you book me for your wedding, I'll do this, I'll do that. I changed it to we. I said, the one thing that's great about DJ Connection is that we're a newer company, but we have an entirely fresh approach to the way we DJ, and what we do is we do a guarantee. So when we do your wedding, we're gonna actually charge a little bit less than anybody else here at the bridal show. But we do your wedding, if you're not happy for whatever reason, you just pay $150 deposit to book it. You don't even have to pay us the remaining balance on the night of the wedding. You don't have to pay us anything else if you're not 100% happy. I had to use that guarantee until I started having enough traction. Once I had done that first year of weddings, where I had probably, 100 weddings on the books, people began telling each other how great it was, and I added those testimonies, and I always made sure I didn't... They always said, Clay did a great job, blah, blah. I got rid of the word Clay on every testimony and I changed it to say DJ Connection did a great job. Then the next objection was, can I meet my DJ, or can we have you? But you always have that rejection, and you have to focus in on it, and learn from it. That's what we're talking about today.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Today's Topic: Failure Forces Focus
  • Lesson Nugget: Work ON your business 1 day. Work IN your business 5 days.
  • Editor's Note: For all FREE downloads, email us at info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: You need to work both smart AND hard at the same time until you achieve success!
  • Lesson Nugget: Work ethic and diligence are the difference makers between great entrepreneurs and average ones.
  • Editor's Note: For more information check out the episode entitled "The 6th Day Principle: The Art Of Getting Ahead" at Thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Daily action and focus will give you the results you need in order to experience success in your business.

- Right now, literally this morning, I got up at about 2:00 AM and I looked at my schedule, because it's Monday, and I contrast where I wanna be versus where we are. And I go, "Our permalinks are not healthy right now, "and our alt tags on our images "for some new stuff we're doing, "because we're building a lot of stuff on Thrive right now, "and so that needs to be fixed. "And our keywords for our elephant in the room "need to be examined." And I work on the business one day, in the business five days. But over time as your business grows, and grows, and grows, you eventually can spend more and more time working on it than in it. And eventually as you've been doing this for maybe a year or two, once you hit profitability, then the goal is to work exclusively on it and never in it. So it's just you start off working a lot in it, and you take one sixth of your time to work on it, and over time as it grows then you begin to work on it. - There's some people that say, especially entrepreneurship, you know the quote that says, "Work smarter, not harder," how do you define that? Because I know what you're saying, but there are some people that say, "Well, I need my eight hours of sleep, "I need to work smarter, not harder." You're saying 70 hours. 2:00 in the morning? Why should you be waking at 2:00 in the morning? What's up with that? - Well, I have five kids, and so the problem we have at Thrive right now, it's a great problem to have, the problem we have. We have thousands of people all over the planet who are reaching out with specific questions to specific things. And so we are recording an unbelievably detailed internet marketing training right now. It's gonna be crazy. And when it comes out it's just gonna blow the minds of the planet. But the thing is to make that, and in addition to responding to all the mail bags we already have, we are bringing on some more hosts with the most. But to find you, I mean, you're like a unicorn. This guy's just running around, he's like on a unicorn. He's a leprechaun who rides a unicorn, that's how hard he is to get ahold of. But to find him we looked at tons of different people over a long period of time. It wasn't like a kneejerk reaction, it wasn't a quick decision to bring you on. So I've been looking at this situation over the last year or so going, "Once we get to this level, "how are we going to record bilingual, "how are we gonna record in two different languages, "how are we gonna find somebody else?" So that requires working on the business. And then you have to work in the business, so back to your point about working smarter or harder, I would say you have to work as much as you need to, both smart and hard at the same time, parallel, until you can make enough money to sit around record your own Ted Talks and get philosophical. - So there's a season of sacrifice is what I'm hearing you say. - Yeah. I just would say you have to work hard and smart. I've never met, ever, an entrepreneur who's very successful who's just super smart. It's in fact you have to be super smart and work super hard. Your work ethic is the difference maker. Diligence is the difference maker. If you're not diligent, if you're not bringing that intensity over the years you're not gonna have any success, period. - So we have other trainings on the site that talk about the six day principle, talk about working harder and smarter. And so, Thrivers, if you wanna get into that check out the Six-Day Principle, it's a training on the site. We can get into it a little bit deeper, but failure forces focus. And, Clay, break down for the Thrivers again what is focus? - Focus, again, you wanna focus on your core tasks until success. Just one more example to help you here. Right now we're adding on a mancave onto my house. So I'm adding on the mancave, and then I'm looking to add on another addition for my parents. My dad's having some health issues and I wanna add onto the house for him. There's just a lot of stuff I'm working on. Well, it drives me crazy. I can't stand just the process of building, it's just a daily grind. So every day I commit to, you know what I'm gonna do today? I'm gonna get a bid for this. You know what I'm gonna do tomorrow? I'm gonna build this. You know what I'm gonna do the next day? I'm gonna do this. But I keep focusing every day on those core tasks until success, and then eventually the room gets done. Recently we had someone who came over who'd seen our house when we first started renovating it versus now. And they're like, "Oh my gosh, it's so different!" Well, the thing is if you take daily action every day for six months, then you start to see that fruit. But you have to have that daily diligence of focusing on the core tasks until success. - Well, Clay, thank you so much for diving into this. Jose, thank you for joining us today. We're excited to be sharing this with all of the Thrivers, and so we're gonna close out this training here, and we're gonna be combing back with resistance. Training works, so, Clay, make sure that we stay tuned for that, and we're excited to be with you here today. - Patriots won last night. Go Patriots.

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