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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about the process of finding the right employees.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: It's one thing to have an idea, it's a totally different thing to bring that idea to fruition. A team can help you take the punches and execute on your idea.
  • Notable Quotable: "Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it's a small price to pay for living a dream." - Peter McWilliams (self-help author)
  • Lesson Nugget: Find someone for your team who shows passion and creativity when you explain your ideas. People who make an effort to helping you are worth investing time and energy into.


-Being an authentic, true human being that cares and is compassionately involved with the lives and the well being of the people that you are doing business with.


So we spoke a little bit about manifesting and believing in yourself. Manifesting and believing in yourself is really what it's all about because this is going to be the next step. Once you come up with the idea of the prototype, once you formulate your ideas, you formulate your principles, you spend lots of time with the notepad, you do your sketches, you're the genius, nobody understand what you're doing, but that's good. This is it.

As long as you have the passion to write and blog and make these notes in this diary, that's fantastic. Now you've done that and you've got this all together, who's going to help you get the next steps done? Because at the end, you need to have it boxed in a package, and it needs to have a price tag on it. And with that price tag, somebody's got to have a channel to be able to drop some money on this price tag so it ends up in your bank account.

Now, today they have Stripe, and they have all these things. And they have Paypal and all these ways to get money into your bank account. But until that happens, there's a lot of stuff that has to come into play. So the next thing they say is, your best advocates are family and friends.

But after you run out of family and friends, where you going to go? You're going to go into the real world. You're going to be in the ring taking punches on your own. And there's no guarantee that it's going to work. It may or it may not.

So you need to find the team, the tribe, the crew, the disciples, the associates, the ambassadors, the mentors, the business side, the structure, the support. It's one thing having these ideas and the creativity. The other thing is to actually bringing it to fruition, to manifestation.

So the first thing I do is I go to the wife, and that's the CEO of everything I do in life. And if the wife agrees that this is a place that we'll put time and energy in, then it's a go. Because there's no guarantee with these things. And you know, I've heard ideas are a dime a million. No, they're not. An idea is unique within itself, and every idea is precious. So if the wife gives her son or friend the check on that, the next step is to now start to put the structure together.

So you have to share this with someone who you possibly maybe don't like, somebody who may be a little antagonist, somebody who doesn't believe, somebody, when you're carrying those Ginsu knives into the store, that sort of is going to reject you. And this is great-- great opportunity to really be secure that you know your stuff.

Whether they like it or not is not important. It's to feel uncomfortable with the product that you have. Because if you feel uncomfortable with the product that you have and you can make this make sense to somebody else, then I think this is a big trick. Because people that love it are going to love it anyway. People that believe in it are going to believe it anyway.

So now you look for the first person on your team. And this person has to believe in you, believe in the product, and believe in the person who's going to get some benefit from this opportunity, no matter what it is. Because if there isn't some benefit for somebody else, then what's the whole purpose of the endeavor in the first place? And it possibly won't be financially viable or successful.

If I get somebody who is passionate, that will respond to me within five minutes, that comes up with ideas and creativity, that's somebody worth investing time and energy into.


Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Look for two types of team members: They must either be hungry to grow, or be an expert in their field.
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't be afraid to hire "raw" people that are eager to learn. With proper coaching, they can become valuable assets to your team.
  • Lesson Nugget: Your team will be better if you surround yourself with people who are better than you in your areas of weakness.
  • Lesson Nugget: Being compassionate and authentic with the people that you are working with will give your team and your business the opportunity to grow.


-If I find somebody who is the best in their field, that person is a valued asset and benefit. My dad always used to say, if you play a game with somebody who's better than you, it will improve your game. So I look for two types of employees, or two types of people that will be able to advance your product and your organization.

That's one person who has weaknesses but is very, very, very eager to grow. And the other person is this expert in their field and they sort of know it, and fastidious about what they do. So that's a couple of little tips. I think the most important takeaways are believe in the people who may not have everything in the beginning. But believe in the sense of who they are, their integrity, what opportunity and potential they see for themselves.

If they don't have vision and dreams, then they're going to stunt and limit themselves in this organization. You possibly aren't going to be in a place to motivate somebody who's not motivated within themselves. So you need somebody who wants to grow, who's motivated. But they may not have all the skills. Don't worry about that.

That's what a good coach is all about. A good coach is to take somebody and to nurture them, encourage them, and give them the tools so they can grow not only as a human being, but grow as a potential asset in your business. And the other is surround yourself with people that are better than you and that will rise your game. And these people may be marketing people. They may be alliances that will be selling your product.

Make them feel part of the family. And that's where I'm really good. I've always managed to bring my team together and make them feel like a family. That they're not in a corporate business structure. That every human being I touch, is being touched in the most sincere way, from my heart and soul.

And for my wife and I, it's always about what we can do to participate in the lives of somebody else. And if somebody else-- you've heard this possibly a million times-- is doing well, and it's a business relationship, you you are doing well as well. And if your staff, and the people you're working with, and the people that believe in you, really believe in you as a human being, they respect you as a human being and they respect themselves. This is a great platform to grow.

So it comes down to being a authentic, true human being that cares and is compassionately involved with the lives and the well-being of the people that you are doing business with. So from the first prototype, to the many years of time and energy that it takes to come up with your concept, to come up with the idea, and to sit back and know that they're times you can push and they're times that you come back.

And the times that you come back is when the tide and the ocean has no waves. It flattens out. And there's the time where the waves are in. It's a natural cycle.

Don't push against the grain. Try flow with it. You hear about flow. You hear about the natural essence of moving with the current. Don't go against the current.

There are times where you'll be highly motivated, highly passionate, and keep your eye on the ball. And possibly the most important ball is your family and the people that care the most. That's, I think, the way you get through the many nights and the many months that you'll face til you reach manifestation.

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