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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches to follow the success of those that have been successful.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Editor's Note: Step 3 - Reverse Engineer Their Success.
  • Recommended Reading:
    -by Chet Holmes
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't be a happy "hoper", be a diligent doer!
  • Action Step: Make a poster board timeline and post a picture or link in the Community section of Thrive15.com for accountability.

- Okay, step number three: Reverse engineer their success. So we're reverse engineering the success of these goats. We've found the goats. We have a list of, would you say, three, five... How many goats are we going after here, Clay? - Five. - Okay, five goats in the same industry, and we want to reverse engineer their success. So specifically, how are we doing this? - Look at the timeline of how they entered the market. And make it, and then do it. So, as an example, Chet Holmes talks about this in his book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, but what you want to do is you want to define your ideal and likely buyers, make your list of your top 100, you know, then after you've done that you make all your print materials, that you're gonna send out to these people, all your deliverables, your print pieces, your emails, then you have to actually contact them all, right, then after you contact them all you have to eventually persuade a certain percentage, probably get three percent of the people that can convert, and then you win, right? So it's a timeline, these are the steps. And so many times people, we don't want to follow steps, we just want to speak in generalities. So specifically when I was raising capital, for different projects in the past, I just looked at how to do it. There's a couple of very good books about it, and so if you read the books, and you follow the system, it works. But you wanna make it into a timeline, here, and that way as you're going through this, you, and the people that know you, John, they're not gonna think you're totally insane, you're like, well what I'm doing now, this week, it's very easy to do it, this week, I'm gonna make a dream 100 list of all the top publishers in the country, who, this is after the book's done, but the top publishers, or the top bloggers, or the top authors, top magazines that would be willing to write a review for me, and I'm reaching out to them. And you go, you're gonna reach out to them this week? You look at your timeline and go, no, I'm just gonna define them this week, and I guess next week I'm gonna make all the print pieces I'm gonna send out, and the next week I'll contact them, and then based off of what I've read, I can expect three percent of them to respond favorably, and then I'm going to, it becomes a timeline, it's a step by step. And so many times when you start an idea, the idea can be overwhelming. So you gotta break it into a timeline. Does that help? - Oh, yeah. - So I would make a timeline. I love to put it on a posterboard, where I can see it. Because anything that's not visual, Tony Robbins writes all about visualization, usually goes into the junk drawer of life, where it's just intentions and doesn't get done. You run around being a happy hoper, where you're like well I hope it works, I hope it works. But you actually want to be a doer. To be a diligent doer, that's different from a happy hoper, diligent doers write things down. - So as an action step for all the Thrivers out there, you want to make a timeline, whether it's a big posterboard, or if you have some graphic design and you do it digitally, we suggest a posterboard because it's right there. - And I would encourage you to post a picture of it in the Community section, maybe send a link to it or something? Because accountability is awesome. We have Thrivers out there all around the world right now who are cheering for each other. We had one lady, who's a Thriver out on the West Coast, and she's being encouraged right now by a person who's not even in the country, and they're just like cheering for each other, rooting for each other, their families have gotten to know each other, it's kinda fun. Because the Thrive community is probably like your biking community, where you might see a big old boy, who just finished up an Atwoods, maybe, and he's buying some brisket, some of that mesquite wood to make some brisket, he's probably not gonna join your biker club right now. You know what I mean? So It's kinda hard to connect about biking, but on the Thrive community we have a lot of people who share similar interests and passions, and this desire for self-improvement, and it's a neat way to kinda build that accountability. - Yeah, I hear from Thrivers all the time, it's like, everybody in the community is kinda like me, I personally am not passionate about going out and biking 50 miles or anything like that, so that's beyond me, I don't get it. But that's how everybody in the community feels. Like, people don't get why I want to start a business. Go down this crazy... face all kinds of rejection, and wake up at three in the morning. So it's really a cool environment.

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