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This business coaching course explains four mindsets that are needed for funding for the business.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: If you do not schedule a specific time for tasks, they will not happen. Make time to work on your business by blocking out times on your calendar for certain responsibilities.
  • Ask Yourself: Do I have this mentality when I am working? What areas can I improve upon?
  • Action Step: Look at the areas in your life you want to improve, and schedule time to diligently work on those areas.
  • Action Step: Remember! Be intense and diligent about prioritizing and time blocking your schedule, this is how you will succeed!

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-I would encourage you to go, OK, call to action. When are you going to do it? So I guess, with your schedule, when would you take an hour a day or four or five minutes a day to call these people?

-I would do it in the morning--


- --probably from 9 to 10 or somewhere in there. [MUSIC PLAYING]

-OK. So the biggest thing is, you're going to have to schedule it. So the big aha I hope you're getting, is you're going to have to schedule it because things that aren't scheduled don't happen, so you're going to have to schedule it. So things that aren't scheduled will not happen. So I'm just telling you, you've got to schedule that beast. I mean, you've got to say, look, I care enough about this I've got enough pig-headed determination, I've got enough-- I believe this sincerely is-- I mean, if this is your kid, and you're trying to put your-- you have-- did you kids go to college?

-They did already. They're past that.

-OK. Well, you know, as a parent, like, if your kids want to go to college, a lot of parents do anything they need to do to put their kid through college. Or a lot of parents will say, you know what? I going to-- I'm going to put you through college, but I'm going to take care of you while you're in the house. I'm going to do whatever I have to do to feed you. I'm going to do whatever I have to do to put a roof over her head and feed you and provide for you. You're going to have that same kind of mentality about your business. It can't be like a sideshow. It's got to be, like, the thing. Right?


-So, a lot of entrepreneurs who start a business, though, they watch this they might say, well, gosh, you know, I mean-- I don't want to ruin my life here. I-- this is how I do it, is I recommend you put your faith absolutely-- your faith is, like, a big thing, you know? Your family is a big thing, you know. Your finances are a big thing. And I would encourage you, instead of looking at it like this, where, like, your-- people feel like, gosh, if I have my finances in order, then I'm going to start taking care of my family, and then I'm going to attack my faith. I encourage people to realign it so they end up going here and they say, the first thing that's going to happen for me, is I'm going to have my faith together, then I'm going to have my family together, and then I'm going to do my finances, but you could do all of them, you just have to prioritize them.

So, you know, if someone's watching this, and they really struggle with finding time to develop their faith, they need to schedule time. What time are you going to go to that, you know, to that place. What time are you going to study the Bible, or whatever religious, you know, whatever religion you're into. What time are you going to do? And then family. You can't have a good family if you don't schedule time for the family, so when are you going to do it?

So yesterday I had a lot going on, but yesterday was dad day. I take my kids out for seven hours of power. We have a good time. And then finances. When are we going to do it? But you have to schedule that stuff. Make sense?


-And as an entrepreneur, a lot of us have worked for a boss, and that boss, he wants you there right at nine, or whatever time you're supposed to be there, and he wants you to be there until you're done. But as an entrepreneur, we tend to be loosey goosey with our schedule, so we've got to have that diligence and that intensity about our schedule. That make sense?


-Awesome. Well, my friend, does that clarify for you those mindsets? Does that kind of help you get--

-Absolutely. I mean, that's-- yeah. Those are good examples, yeah.

-Because I'm going to-- in just a minute, I'm going to teach you specifically how to make the presentation, but I just want to make sure that you've got that right mindset going into it, OK? Awesome. Thank you my friend.


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