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This business coaching session teaches about free gifts in exchange for contact information.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • High Quality Website Variables: 12. Free Gifts / Downloads in Exchange for Contact Info
  • Lesson Nugget: Use the Law of Reciprocity as a marketing mechanism. Give away something of value and customers are more likely to buy from you in the future.
  • Firehose Of Knowledge:
  • Lesson Nugget: Create a drip marketing and communications plan to reach out to these potential customers in the future.
  • Editor's Note: All Thrive15 workshops are included in your monthly membership!

- All right, we're here with our final variable, free gifts, downloads in exchange for contact info. - Man, this one has me excited, this right here. I know that thrivers are like, you get excited about everything. - - It's true, I'm a complete homer. But the thing is I'm very excited about this one here, OK? And by the way, in Spanish, how do you say 12? - Doce. - Dulce? - Doce, it's not dulce, but doce. - That was my nickname in high school, dulce. - Yeah, that means sweet, or candy. - Oooh - Doce doesn't have an L in the middle - Really? - Doce. -That attempt at humor just got not funny. ' - - All right, here we go, Couple rules on this, is one, you want to use the law of reciprocity as a marketing mechanism. You're giving away something of value that customers are more likely to buy from you in the future. So again, we talked about that briefly a little bit before. But you really want to dive into that. You want go, hey, I will do a free report for you in exchange for your information. I'll do a free consultation with you in exchange for your information. We will do free, I did this for a cosmetic business, cosmetic surgery business, and it rocked it. Free Botox , it'd be like, oh hey, This is what a lot of women hear when they hear Botox. Oh yeah, free Botox. And they have this thing called cavitation. It's body cavitation. You heard about this? - What? - Oh, sounds terrible. - What, what? - Sounds terrible. - Cavitation? - Guys, I know so much about so many things it's so scary. - OK, you gotta explain what that is. - Cavitation is a non-invasive, non-surgical way to reduce body fat. - Liposuction? - It melts your body fat and then you excrete it through your butt. - What? - They shake, you're shaking? - No, they put like an electrode on you and it's like. - Wow. - And then all of a sudden I don't as fat anymore. - Is that like a free offer? - No, but I had this deal, we did free body cavitation, the first time guaranteed to lose two inches and it was two weeks. - Wow. - So people were like. Aw yeah. -lose two inches in the toilet. - And you can almost tell people all you have to do is give us your Social Security number. They're like. Aw. yeah. - - They got free Botox, I got free cavitation, OK, OK. What happens is people are down with that. Free first drinks for the ladies tonight. Free first drinks for the ladies. Ladies are like, let's go, let's do it. It could be the shadiest, dirtiest, nastiest bar on some resort destination, Let's do it, free drinks. - - Next thing you know you wake up there with a 90 dollar hotel bill, 90 dollar tab. But the thing is when you offer something of value, people usually want to reach out to it. And they feel like they should reciprocate if what you gave them was something really good. Really important. The next thing is you want to create a drip-marketing and communication plan to reach out to these potential customers in the future A drip, meaning. - Is that like creating a funnel-type of thing? - Yeah, it's a consistent boop, boop, boop. It's not a googoogoogoo. It's a, so I signed up, I went and got your e-book. Now Tuesday you sent me an email with more tips. I download your e-book on financial advice. - Yeah. - Now I got a tip on how to save more money. Next week I get a tip on budgeting. - Yeah. - The next time a I get a little invitation, hey, by the way, we're having a big event in Cancún, you might want to come to learn about financial advice, and I'm going. You, me, I've saved so far 17 dollars since using this program. I can see the logic of spending 17,000 to go out to his resort to learn how to save money. OK and that's what. - And they do it. - And they do it. - - By the way, our workshops are 100% included in your subscription. There's no upsale there, so calm down. - - Examples of this I could think of would be like, If you go to the four-hour workweek podcast again Stu. Those are the people who might have skipped ahead, or maybe haven't seen this. You need to watch the whole training, Some of you guys are squirreling around, trying to watch part of the training. That's fine, that's fine but you're missing out on some stuff. You're kind of skipping, you want just the desert. You don't want to eat the whole meal. Right there, Tim Ferris. Stuart, will you fill that up for me right quick? - This right here? - Yeah, so put founder at Thrive15.com, yep.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Story Time:
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:
  • Editor's Note: This is how we have fun at Thrive15!
  • Lesson Nugget: Examples: 1. White Papers & Reports. Top 10 Ways to… 2. Evaluations. Evaluate your business by filling out this form. 3. Downloadable. Infographics, helpful info sheets...
  • Editor's Note: info@thrive15.com
  • Editor's Note: 1-800-594-4457

- By the way. I did this to my friend one year. Where I signed him up for every ... - Yes. - No, I mean this is what I did to him. I do not feel bad at all. But, I want you guys to hear this story. Because this is, honestly is an example of freemium at work. This is so good. Can you go to freestuff.com just go to freestuff.com. - Oh my God. - Oh, let's do it right now. - You're giving our Thriver's some ideas. - No, when we edited this, I don't want my e-mail address and/or the e-mail address of my friend being used here. But we're going to go ahead and do it. So, go ahead and go to free samples. Yes. Okay, this is so good. - No. - No, this is true and so like let's do it right here. Free sample of premium organic stevia right there. Yeah, he wants that. - Oh my God. - Now I had a weekend where something was going on where I had like … Something happened where I was stuck somewhere. And I had like a day, I am not kidding. I went through … Yeah, go ahead and put it in there. Put his name, his name, it happens to be … Let's edit all this out please. His name is - Oh no - We'll just call him - And go ahead and put in his e-mail address there, just real fast. I'm sure you know it. But, we got to edit this out, okay. Cover it up, don't let 'em see it. - Eric, you're listening? - Yeah, Eric, make sure you edit this out. Yeah, yeah at Gmail, yep, then go ahead and just put inyour part up and say you want all the stevia they'll give you. And I'm not kidding, my buddy, he got back and he's military and I was messing with him, he's a very good friend of mine, and, you know we used to screw with each other a lot. So, he gets back from vacation, because he had served, he got back from vacation. He comes home, after serving, he went on this vacation and then he comes home, and I'm not exaggerating, I seriously believe he had probably 1,000 ... - No. - Catalogs. - I'm that kind of guy I'm like all in. - No. - So he had like a subscription to like Big Women Fitness and the other one, hmm okay, he had one for like, how to raise your own goat. He had one for installing like your own gutters. They're, so then they're mailing like huge boxes of samples. - No. - Didn't you have to put their address somewhere? - No, you just through, and there's company's there's all different restrictions, but some company's know that this works. So, they just will give you, I'm not kidding. I had a thousand boxes of just … And I spent like the whole day, and I'm calling my buddies going, dudes, dudes, we love Joe. Right? And they're like, yeah like, What better way to show that we appreciate him, then, do you remember what he did to us in High School? Yeah. Let's sign up, so my buddies are getting and, it started off as like a pretty decent, but then we started crossing boundaries, and we just started sending over anything. So, here's where the story got not funny, okay. Is that, he calls me and is like, "Hey dude, I know you did it, so don't deny it." I'm like, "What?" He's like, "Who else would sign someone up for 1,000 free things." And I'm like, "I don't know what you're talking about." He was like, "You did it." I'm like, "Okay." He's like, "I no longer live at that address." - Oh no. - So his Mom lives there. - Oh no. - Oh my gosh. - His Mom, his Mom's getting all this stuff even to this day. - Does him Mom know it's you? - To this day, to this day. - That's horrible. - Every time I see her, I think of this. And she hates me. She is so, to this day, she is so mad, she's still mad, and I just thing it's so funny. - Is it time for round two? - Go ahead and submit that, we need to send him one free something, just to kinda … black out that e-mail address but anyway Thriver's. This system does work, there are examples of this, you can do white papers and reports. There's evaluations you could do. There's downloadables you can do. You can really do it all, but I'm just telling you, like, that I've actually done that. - Get him toilet paper. - I'm just, I can't tell you how awesome it was at the time and then I re ... I hadn't thought about it in years, but that is so good. That was so good, such a good time in American History. - That's awesome. - You know, so I want to .. - Don't try this at home, if you're watching children. - Yeah absolutely, so Thriver's, I'll tell you what, we appreciate you being here, and that's the kind of thing you couldn't do in communist countries. So, Jose as you take us out, I'm going to key up the communist national anthem and you can just take us out. - For friends and family, we are so thankful that you have joined us for these 12 variables. Of, how to have a high converting website, and bring you revenue in how to make your website make money for you. Remember, we're always here. Not only to have a great time, but to see you succeed, info@thrive15.com is our e-mail. Feel free to shoot us an e-mail, get our free downloadables. I feel so patriotic right now. I feel like I need to stand up or something. - Only in free countries can you do this model. - Remember, one second here - Let it happen, let it flow. - The workshops are included in your membership and if you don't want to email us, call us 1-800-594-4457 stand up. - Jason, Clay, it's been a great training, We'll see you again Thriver's. Buenos noches - Sorry, sorry Miss Casey. - Amen

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