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This business coaching course teaches about offering a free trial.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • High Quality Website Variables: 10. Offer a Free Trial
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Let customers try your product or service. Get them hooked.
  • Editor's Note: http://www.pssl.com
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Be sure to ask for an email address or contact info so you can market to them in the future.

- All right Thrivers, now we're talking about offering a free trial. Offering a free trial. I'm excited about it. Get ready, get ready to take those notes, here we go! - Break it down baby. - Okay. Offering a free trial's never been more exciting. People all over the world right now, are learning how to offer free trials. We have Thrivers in over 70 countries right now. And rumor has it we have aliens from other planets are now on the site. - [Voiceover] I wanna free trial, I wanna free trial! - Okay, here we go. Sorry. Wow. Sorry, I just, I digress. Let's move on here. So offering a free trial. You have to make, I'm gonna read off the two main principles here, okay? You have to let the customers try your product or service to get them hooked. - [Voiceover] Yeah. They're not gonna wanna buy from you if they've never tried it before, so quit trying to tell them about your revolutionary service and then charge them a premium price when they've never heard about it before, okay? You can do this thing called price anchoring, which we have additional training on as well. The price anchoring is where you say "Our normal price is this much, "however right now it's at a discount." Okay, price anchoring. Stewart, can we go up to pssl.com real fast? - [Stewart] Yeah. - Pssl.com is one of my favorite price anchoring websites in the whole world, probably 'cause I'm a dude, and I'm always trying to buy sound gear. But if we click on, let's just click on any of these products, yeah click on one of the products there. And just notice on the product they have what, it's like the regular price, click on it, yeah. So scroll down, there it is. See the right column there, by the truck. Let's see, the right column by the truck, they have, the list price is $1,069, that's what it should normally be. - [Stewart] Yep. - [Voiceover] According to the suggested list, this magical list. Some guy's like, "Use my list. "On my list I have the actual honest prices. "This is the list that I have "conjured up by myself" You know? "But then there's the discount for you, "I mean for you 'cause you're special. "It's a limited-time offer. "It is only $699.99 which is awesome because "the list price is normally $1,069." You know? "It seems too much" "No! "You will refer to me as Gandalf henceforth "and I made the list" I mean it's like, who makes this list? "I am Gandalf "and I make the list. "And I will henceforth, "$1,069 is the fair price." "Can we offer the people a discount, Gandalf?" "Okay, this one time, for $699 I decree." It's a bunch of, but that's what happens is, right? So we start to feel like it's a good deal, therefore we wanna take action so - [Stewart] Right. - we gotta do that. The second thing, let's be sure to ask for the email address or contact info so you can actually market to these people in the future. Don't go like, "Download a sample of my book." "For what?" "Eh, just, you know, just something to do" You know, "Get a, come on in for a free haircut." Get their phone number and their name. I mean, at least, just come. If you're the person out there who's at the State Fair like, "I just pass out samples, " I just pass out samples, "I just pass the samples." It's like samples and you're just going, you're going to the German American Festival. And you're going "Hey everybody, we got samples, "free samples, free samples, - [Voiceover] Yee-haw! "free cookies, free hands-free cookies." - Sombreros. - "Come on in here, hey, hey, hey, "hey no seriously, seriously, "no, free samples, come back up. "Hey come back up here, you guys, "you guys, you guys, "look it slices, it dices, it does everything "here's a free sample! "Come on in "We're doing free samples, we got free," and then you come back home from the show, and your wife, you and just your wife 'cause men, men we do these things. Your wife will come home and go "Babe, did you get any customers at the show?" And you're like, "Baby I got my name out there." And you're mentally flashing back to "Hey everybody, "come on by "and get the samples." And your wife's going, "How are we going to "pay the bills?" - [Voiceover] Yeah. - And you're like, "We're... "what?" You know, like you didn't hear. 'Cause that's what, as a man, what we do. - [Voiceover] What? - If the wife says to you, like, you know what I mean. The wife will ask you a question and you know the answer, and you know what she said. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - But, to create more time, it's kind of like our NBA, like professional athletes will call a timeout. - [Voiceover] Yeah. - We'll go, "What?" Like that You know what I'm saying? Have you ever done that before? - Ugh, What? - I do it like once a week, where my wife will go, I'm going, "It was awesome! "We were passing out samples. "It was crazy, there was German beer there, "there was a small guy, he was a small guy, "he was like a leprechaun but he wasn't 'cause "it was a German American Festival. "I was eating so many bratwurst, "we had a huge barrier, you should've seen it." And she goes, "Babe, how are you going to pay the bills?"

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Super Move:
  • Lesson Nugget: Ideas for the "free trial" move: 1. Free Samples 2. Free E-book
  • Lesson Nugget: Ideas for the "free trial" move: 3. Offer special discounts for first time customers.
  • Editor's Note: For further information to save on your mobile service plan, ask Jose Miranda at: info@thrive15.com
  • Story Time:

- I remember that with the DJ business. I went to the, I'm not even exaggerating. I went to the German-American festival. I'm serious, I did these things. So, you're passing out free cake samples, 'cause you're a DJ and you're trying to somehow connect to wedding cakes, to music. And, you're not collecting their information. So you leave poor, even though mentally you feel like we connected with so many people at the fair. It was so great. Jose-- - That is so true. - We used to have at the mall, I know you had some mall kiosk experience. - I did. - When we had the mall kiosk there, we had a, where you could, like, take samples, like, we could take, like, your photos and stuff, so we could show you our wedding photography service. We're like, hey, free head shots, and free whatever. And, if you don't collect their information, you might feel good, but you're not making any money. So, Stewart, can you kind of walk me through, kind of like the top three low-lying fruit that you've seen the work pretty well here as far as, you know, doing the free trial offer? - Yeah, samples, a good example. So, if you sell cookies, come in for a free cookie. - [Voiceover] But you gotta give me your name, phone number, and email to get it. - There's an exchange there, yeah. Give me your contact info, I give you a free cookie. - [Voiceover] No big deal. - That's awesome. Second one's an ebook. Like, you're talking about authority before. If you can write an ebook that shows that you're the expert, right, and that's a free downloadable, right. - When people get the chance to download the book, they're like, "Okay, I get the book, I gave you my email, "I get that there was a value exchange." - The only people who don't get this idea, It's true. Are our good friends in, there's like, three people still in the former Communist Russia area, see, the USSR, who believe it's still going on. And these people are saying, "We're gonna beat the Americans. "We're gonna beat," In Rocky IV, they edited it wrong, because he definitely beat Rocky. And, the thing is, in these communist countries, they don't really worry about these things. But, in American capitalism, I'm telling you, people, they get it, it's a value exchange. Okay, and if a customer's, like, "I don't want to "give you my email for a free cookie, I just want "a free cookie," then get 'em the freak outta your booth. Get 'em outta here. Push 'em outta the store. Next one, Stew. - [Voiceover] There you go, there you go. - Offer some kind of a discount for the first time customer. - Ah, now that right there. Now, let's talk about cell phones. You ever bought a cell phone? Anybody here? What about, you ever gone to, like, a Verizon store? - Yeah. - Let's see, could we go up, real quick, to the website for Verizon? And then, let's up to the website for, who do I have mine through, I think it's Sprint. Who am I with? I don't even know who I'm with. - T-Mobile. - T-Mobile, yeah. How do you know and I don't know? All right, so T-Mobile, they're like, hey, trade in your old phone, right? So, look they have a buy one, get one free. They have, go back to the other one real quick there. They got the whole trade in your phone. They're always trying to get you in the game. Get you in the system, get you in the mood, - [Stewart] Massive value. - Massive value. Switch to Verizon. 20 gigabytes on four lines, $80 per month. Switch. - [Stewart] That's a good deal. - [Voiceover] So, look at that. - [Voiceover] I got something better than that. - [Voiceover] You do? - [Voiceover] Oh, yeah, I got everything unlimited for like 70 bucks. You can email me, and I'll give you the info. - [Voiceover] You got a secret connection? - I do. - Okay, you give the email info at thrive15.com, and if he-- - I do. - This is the deal about Jose. If he says, this is what'll happen, if he says "You meet me behind the Thrive15 offices. "You meet me back there, we got this Tiki village, "and, right before, like at about 6:20, I'll be there, "and there'll be a guy whose name is Murphy, "we call him Murph. "He's got a big brown bag. "Don't look him in the eye. "Pat, reach out to, reach out to him, and he'll give "you the bag, and then just slip a 20 under the mat." - Yes. - "The mat right there, by the--" - And get everything unlimited for 75 bucks. - Are you? - Everything unlimited. - Are you calling from an unmarked phone number? No, no, no, no. I just hit star 67 so you can't see who, what number I'm calling from. - Hey, on the serious note, if there's a Thriver watching and you want a heck of a deal, everything unlimited, it's now about 75 bucks for GLTE. - Let me tell you this. He's a credible man, but if I, if I let a situation like that go without a slight jab, then I'm not doing my job. - [Jose] You're gonna get me, sorry about that. - Back to you, Stew. - That's good, man. Discount, man. Just get 'em in the door, right? - [Voiceover] Get 'em in the door. - Massive value. - [Voiceover] Get it moving, massive value. Massive value. - Get that email, get that contact info, yeah.

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