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This business coaching episode explains ways to get ahead.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic: Finding Time To Get Get Ahead | 4 Action Steps To Get Into A Sustainable Groove
  • Fun Factoid: More than half of U.S. employees feel overwhelmed. According to a national study 70 percent say they often dream of having a different job.
  • Notable Quotable: “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”
    -Steve Jobs
    (Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers with Steve Wozniak. Under Jobs' guidance, the company pioneered a series of revolutionary technologies, including the iPhone and iPad. www.biography.com)
  • Notable Quotable: “The successful leader must plan his work and work his plan. A leader who moves by guesswork, without practical, definite plans is comparable to a ship without a rudder; sooner or later he will land on the rocks.”
    -Napoleon Hill
    (Bestselling author of Think & Grow Rich and a man who sold over 70 million copies of his self-help books.)
  • Editor's Note: All workshops and downloads are included in your subscription! Email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Coach JC: www.coachjc.com

- [Voiceover] Three, two, one. ♫ Help me make the most of freedom ♫ And of pleasure ♫ - Recommend that every person watching this, you need to find a sacred place, and a sacred time to take, here we go, one hour minimum a day to plan out your day. ♫ Everybody wants to rule the world ♫ - Thrivers we are back. We are so excited to have you guys here with us today. We are broadcasting live to 45 countries now worldwide. We have Jose Miranda, Thrive15 host, and the US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark. Clay, what is up? Good to have ya today. - Hey, man, I am excited to talk about this topic because I know a lot of people feel overwhelmed and like they can't get out of that cycle of just feeling like they just don't ever have enough time to get it done and I couldn't be joined with any more beautiful humans than you two, so I'm excited, it's gonna be great. - [Voiceover] Thank you, Clay. Thank you so much. - Yeah, absolutely, sorry, I got kinda personal there. - So, Thrivers today we are talking about finding time to get ahead, okay, so we're gonna be giving you guys four action steps to get into a sustainable groove. We're gonna be talkin' about these different things, but Clay, just from your experience, what percentage of people feel overwhelmed at work? Just in your experience working with a bunch of different companies. - Well, I mean, this week I'm specifically in our office. We're working with orthodontists and a chiropractor and a cosmetic surgeon. We had a Thriverwho has some sort of air conditioning business, and I mean there's just hundreds of Thrivers we talk to, and I don't wanna speak on their behalf, but I would say that all of them with an exception of two, seemed overwhelmed this week. So, whatever percentage that is, I mean, all but two out of hundreds, so I mean that's what I see all the time. And there might be people who have a different actual feeling, but when they call us it seems like people maybe it's a little skewed because people call us when they tend to have business problems. - [Voiceover] Right, right. - But, I mean I'd say the vast majority of people feel overwhelmed. - Okay, so the vast majority is feeling overwhelmed. What would you say that overwhelming feeling comes from? Is it stemming from not having something organized, or what's-- - Well, it's the inability to focus on what matters in a digital world where everything is now urgent. So I guess as an example, Jose, I mean, I'll pick on you for a second. I bet you, we have our phones on silent right now, but I bet you you're probably gonna get a text during the course of this training. - Clay, it's insane with a sight and sound generation social media, it's you're echoing it. Everybody has something happening and even the notion you guys are thinking to get ahead. It's unheard of, I barely have time people think to just have my own time, but yeah, I'll probably get about a hundred texts right now. - Yeah, I mean you get the texts, the Facebook, you got the so it's an example. I mean, just because somebody sent you a Facebook message doesn't mean you need to respond. You know what I'm saying? So, it's the inability to focus on what matters verses what doesn't matter. - I have to turn my notifications off on my Facebook. I have no notifications, I turn 'em all off. - I wanna make sure as program observer we put this on the screen, Jose. I wanna make sure we put this on here, but Steve Jobs has a quote about focusing is really about saying no. It's really what it comes down to. We're gonna get into the specifics but I'm excited about it. - Okay, and I wanna kick this off with a notable quotable from Napoleon Hill. Do you know who Napoleon Hill is, Clay? - Well, I named my son after the guy, so I have this sort of vague, inkling of who he was, and I was like, "Ah, we might only have one son, "let's just name him after the guy." But Aubrey's name is Aubrey Napoleon Hill Clark, yes, I'm very familiar in his book, Think and Grow Rich, absolutely changed my life. It was awesome. - [Jose] That's a powerhouse name. - Yeah, Aubrey Napoleon Hill Clark, he's sort of a big deal. People know him. - So the notable quotable goes, "The successful leader must plan his work, "and work his plan. "A leader who moves by guess work without practical "definite plans is comparable to a ship without a rudder. "Sooner or later he will land on the rocks." Clay, what is he really mean by this? - Well, let's just get into yesterday. This would be a good example for the Thrivers. Yesterday I had it in my list I had a workshop that we were leading, and by the way Thrivers, it doesn't cost you anything extra to come to a workshop, you just book a time. Seriously, just book a time, it's free. Well, is it included in your 19.99 a month, so I'm sure it's seven cents is what it costs you, but whatever, so we had a workshop. The first one it was six AM with a tutor. And then at eight AM we had another workshop. Then we had a workshop at 11, I'm sorry, 11:30. We had another one at 12:30. And then one of my clients, one of the clients I work with, Coach JC, is know as Donald Trump's new hype man. He was able to-- JC was able to make it happen, and he was able to be the actual guy who introduced Donald Trump for one of his rallies here.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Finding time to get get ahead requires you to focus on the important tasks.
  • Lesson Nugget: Make your plan and work your plan. It's ok to say "no."
  • Lesson Nugget: One of the best ways to begin getting ahead is to use your time more effectively in your business.
  • Lesson Nugget: Everyone's opinions do not matter. The only ones that matter are the ones from your ideal and likely buyers.
  • Editor's Note: Don't get feedback from this guy.
  • Lesson Nugget: Get feedback from people that have a valid opinion based on their expertise.
  • 4 Action Steps To Get Into A Sustainable Groove: 1. Determine Your Ideal Geography and Environment For Your Daily Planning. 2. Determine Your Ideal Time For Your Daily Planning. 3. Determine How Long It Will Take To Do Your Daily Planning. 4. Achieving Big Goals Requires An Obsession and Mastery of the Smallest Details.

- ♫ Break it down down down ♫ - And so all these things matter, so it mattered yesterday was making sure that we helped JC get into the news cycle on MSN and Huffington Post and that kind of thing. It made what mattered was taking care of those clients who had already booked the time. Mid-thrivers like you who had booked the time to come to Tulsa, Oklahoma, birthplace of capitalism, and it mattered that we were physically and mentally present with each of those things. Now with this morning when I got to work, or this morning when I woke up and I checked my emails after making my plan, I had, I'm not exaggerating, probably 115, 120 LinkedIn messages, and probably, I don't want to make up the number but probably 150 emails. Probably 45 text messages, and you know what I did? I didn't respond to any of 'em yesterday because it didn't matter, it wasn't the focus. The focus was helping the Thrivers who are here, and helping Coach JC Make sure we get his awesome news story into the news cycle, so if you're watching this right now, go ahead and Google Trump's new hype man, and you can see-- - [Voiceover] It's all over. - It's over the place, so these are the things that mattered there. - So you're talking about self-discipline, 'cause some people I know they found the value when that phone is buzzing. Oh my gosh, I feel important. What do you do there? - Here's all the things I said no to yesterday. We had a person who showed up at the office randomly. No issue, I mean I'm not mad if you show up at the office, but they showed up at the office. We had all the LinkedIn messages, all the Facebook messages, all the text messages. We had one gentleman who's super, super passionate that I was gonna come to watch him speak yesterday morning, and I didn't do any of those things because I got the things done that I focused on, so I had to make my plan and work my plan. And that requires you saying, no, now, somebody watching this goes, might say, "Well you are horrible person because you said no, "I mean don't you feel bad?" And you know what? I used to feel bad, but now I feel good because I'm focusing on those things. Now today, my twins we're gonna plan their party. We're gonna play my kids' party. We're gonna pick up some up lights for the office. We're gonna plan a big celebration for my dad. We're gonna help design my man room, and we're gonna figure out the addition that we're gonna add on to the house for my mom and dad-- - [Voiceover] Wait, wait, that's just today? - That's today. - [Voiceover] That's just today? - Yeah, and so, but the thing is, we have to say no to everything, we made this plan this morning before I saw anybody, and now I'm gonna execute that plan and it becomes just being able to say no. Just imagine you're a boat, and you have just enough gas to get from point A to point B. You could, I guess, pull over here, and look over there, and pull over there, and pull into this cove, and pull over there, but you never get anywhere and you run out of gas first. And as a human we only have a certain amount of gas AKA a certain amount of life, and we need to make sure we get things done during that time. We all only have a certain amount of time, and you can't get distracted. You must focus. - And so that's what we're talkin' about, Thrivers, is finding a sustainable groove, so that you're not just trying to use up all of your energy and then you're unproductive the rest of the day. - And the key work, Marshall, is also getting ahead. - Yeah. - The final thing I wanna give ya an example. I had one Thriver I talked to yesterday, and if this is you, work with me, I care. They literally had said they have a logo, and they put it on social media for everyone to review. Why would you do that? Everyone's opinion doesn't matter! The only opinion that matters is ideal and likely buyers. So this person's entire day was spent dealing with feedback, now I'm just bein' real. Some of the people who had the most strong opinions aren't employed and don't buy anything anyway. So, you can't treat everyone's feedback equally, you can't do that. Now if you wanna get feedback on your logo get feedback from experts, but don't get feedback from the village idiot. You know what I'm sayin'? I mean if you're Peyton Manning you're not running into the crowd going, "Hey, hey, guys? "What play do you think I should run? "What do ya think?" I mean, no! You just gotta get feedback from experts, okay? So little, little, little nugget for ya, don't get feedback from everybody, just get feedback from the people who have a valid opinion based on their expertise. Back to you, Marshall. - So we have four action steps to get into a sustainable groove, the first one is determine your ideal geography and environment for your daily planning. The second is determine your ideal time for your daily planning. The third step is determine how long it will take to do your daily planning, and then the fourth step is achieving big goals requires an obsession and mastery of the smallest details, so we're gonna get into all four of these things, okay? - Sure, I'm ready.

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