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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Ask Yourself: What commitments am I involved in that are pulling me away from my goals?
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't let guilt determine whether or not you should be involved in any given activity.
  • Ask Yourself: Am I involved in activities that are distracting me from accomplishing my goals?
  • Lesson Nugget: Blocking people who bombard you with senseless emails will enable you to be more productive.
  • Mystic Statistic: 60% of Social Media involvement is done on mobile media. - Businessinsider.com - 4/14
  • Ask Yourself: Is social media controlling my life?

[MUSIC PLAYING] dealing with distractions like watching netflix, business education

-Moving on to the fifth one here in this business education training, the fifth one-- ridiculous commitments. Ridiculous commitments. Commitments. Ridiculous commitments. It could be Boy Scouts. What's another ridiculous commitment? Have you ever had a ridiculous commitment that you've found yourself in? Right now, can you think of one right now that you're committed to?

-I'm telling you-- all I do is my business right now.

CLAY CLARK: OK. Here's an example, though.

DENNIS MEADER: But I've had stuff, don't get me wrong.

-Here's a ridiculous commitment I have. And for your business, it's different, because you have a social media company, so it's different. But for my business, responding to LinkedIn.


-I'm going to ask this right now. If you're watching this business education training, who cares? Maybe you don't care. Maybe you should care. I'm just asking who cares. For me, I don't care. I have more clients than I could ever possibly work with. I don't care to meet anyone new, because I want to spend more time with my wife and my own five kids. If I just spent eight hours a week with each kid, that would be 40 hours.

So if you're like, hey, we should connect, I'm like [SHRUGS]. For some reason I felt the need to respond to every LinkedIn message quickly. So I'm like running home like [GRUNTS], responding, trying to log into them. And then I get [INAUDIBLE] so I can respond to them all at the same time. Then I'm trying to login. Then I got synced to my phone, where they're pingin'.

So now I got tweets and LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube comin' in, and I'm just feeling like a real champion, because I've responded to every social media inquiry by noon. But I haven't gotten anything done. So again, ridiculous commitments.

Another one would be like-- I met a guy who was a member of an association. It was the Rotary. And the Rotary-- if you're watching this and you're in the Rotary, again, I'm sure there's a lot of things you guys do well. You probably help a lot of people, and I know there's some great things that come out of that.

But this particular guy would go to the Rotary every week, and he would sit there as the secretary of the Rotary. He would literally take notes. That was his job. Take the notes, and they would go [CLAPS]. Someone would get up and talk. Somebody would do the flag. Someone would do the pledge.

He would take notes, and then he would sit in the back, and then he would file those notes. He would get back to his office. He would type up the notes, send those minutes to the president.

And I said, dude, why do you go to that thing? Well, I think it's my duty. Have you ever raised any money for the Rotary? Nope. You ever generated a business deal from the Rotary? Nope. Do you like the quality of the lunch? Can I ask why you're in the Rotary? My dad was always in the Rotary. Why? It's these sorts of questions. It's a sort of like, why, why, why? So I'm just asking you why. OK?

So we're moving onto the next one here. This is the sixth one. This is the sixth one. This one will get you. Chuck Norris email jokes. Now, this right here deserves its own category, because again, I see people who are entrepreneurs who tell me, I don't have time to get to my goals. I don't have time.

But when I add up the Negative Nancys, the television, the acquaintances-- and you asked don't you schedule time for downtime? In my mind, hanging out with Negative Nancy, watching television, and acquaintances are not downtime.


CLAY CLARK: For me, downtime is basketball. For me, downtime is with my kids. But everyone has a different definition. I'm not going to judge that. But the emails-- there's an endless email distraction thing going on. And we've got to just decide.

So I just block emails. And so people always ask like, bro. Did you get that email? I sent you an email like six seconds ago. No, bro, because I'm actually doing something else. I don't just check emails every two seconds. It's that whole time blocking thing.

So if you're right now watching this and you're an email person-- kind of tying into that though is the social media fog. Now, if you weren't in the social media business, Dennis-- if you weren't in it, talk to me about how big of a fog it could be, if that wasn't your job.

-Oh, absolutely. I mean, the whole reason why I do what I do is because people just live there now. They don't work. I mean, they just literally live on Facebook. And so I provide an avenue and connect them to the businesses in the real world and get them to get off their phones long enough to go spend money with businesses.

-I had a really sad moment Thanksgiving. I was there, and neat family. We've got some neat family. We were staying with my uncle, who I just think the world of.

And I remember sitting down, watching four people, and if I'm not engaged, I just go to sleep. That's my move, right? I just go to sleep. So I just went to sleep. I watched four people, sitting next to each other, not conversing, and on social media, scrolling through Facebook feeds on Thanksgiving.

And I'm going, we've traveled from wherever to San Diego to all be here, and we are now sitting on a couch and scrolling through Facebook and looking at what other people are doing somewhere else. Why couldn't we just stay at home in Tulsa? So I'm just like, I'm going to sleep. You know what I mean?


-It's the thing where-- the social media fog. That's a huge thing. And if you're watching this, that might be something you have to tackle.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Carefully planning your day can save you time and allow you to be more productive throughout the day.
  • Lesson Nugget: Create a carefully thought out plan for your business with specific steps in order to ensure its success.


-Eight-- failing to plan. Now how is this a distraction? Well, I have to pick up my dry cleaning at 105th and Memorial. I have a client I work with around that area. Then I have the bank that's about 125th and Memorial, and then I have another client at 131st and Memorial. If I plan it out, I can go from the dry cleaner to the bank, if I need to get more checks or something like that. Then I can meet with my client and another client, and just boom, boom, boom.

But if I don't plan out my day, I'll have to go here. And then I'll come back, and I'll go, gosh, didn't I forget to get my dry cleaning? Then I have to come back. And my whole day, I spend my day doing this sort of driving method. Not planning out your day is like leaving on a trip without Garmin. And I will give you an example here. My wife and I drove to Houston one time. Have you ever drive to Houston from Tulsa?

-Not from Tulsa, but I've been through Houston.

-Well, correct me if I'm wrong about the geography here, but I'm a big-- map making is my second--

-That's Oklahoma.

-That's Oklahoma, roughly. And this is Texas I think, right? Texas? Is that sort of Texas? So if you drive from here down to Houston, I believe the total trip is about eight hours. About eight hours. Is that right? Maybe it's more than that?

-I haven't driven from here.

-I think it's eight hours. Here's what I did, because I'm an idiot. I did not have a Garmin. I did-- well, I didn't have a Garmin. I chose not to use a Garmin, and I didn't have a map. But I'm awesome, right? Because I'm a dude. So I'm like, I'm going to go from Tulsa-- I'll just head down south. Highway 75, bam. Well, somehow, I end up going to Oklahoma City. Well that's probably step one that's wrong.

The whole time I'm driving-- Oklahoma City, by the way, if you're driving from Tulsa to Oklahoma City and you miss that exit, you can't turn around for a while. So I'm like, oh, man! So then I drive straight south. I'm driving ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. I somehow get to like Fort Worth. And I'm on-- I think it's Highway 35. Is that Highway 35? OK. So I'm on I-35. And then I'm driving, and I somehow end out like over here somehow.

And then I'm over here. My wife is like, honey, we were supposed to meet the Tunes for dinner. And I'm like, baby, I've got it! I've got it! I'm awesome. I'm just surrounded by perpetual awesomeness. How can you not be amazed at this? I'm this fog of awesomeness.

Then I'm driving, and I kind of get over here, and then I kind of get over here. Or then I'm like, well, I think it's over here, over there. And this is like old school cellphone time, where you had a cellphone, but you had limited minutes. Remember that?


-And you're like, I have 62 minutes left this week. I can only make-- she's like, you need to call. I'm not going to call. I have 62 minutes. You should call. I'm not going to call. I'm not-- it's that whole wife thing where you're being a bad husband, and you're getting your wife mad, that whole thing I do.

This trip took me a total of 17 hours, and we arrived at like 3:00 in the morning. And then, once we got to town, we were so tired that we lost the whole first day we were there. And then when I got there, I went into my mobile office, which other people might call a van. And I proceeded to make sales calls from my van for the entirety of that trip, until one of our cameraman's fathers came down and said, hey, hey, hey. Hey, how many weddings a week do you book?

And if he had not built a million dollar business, I wouldn't have listened to him ever. But he had said-- I said, well I book about six weddings a week. I book six weddings a week. And he says, well that's pretty-- that's a lot. I'm like, yeah. He's like, well, unless you build duplicatable systems, you probably won't make any more than that. And I'm like, whatever!

And so I go downstairs. I tell my wife, that jerk upstairs? That uncle of yours? That jerk? Uncle Clint, if you're watching, you jerk. So I told Uncle Clint. I said, that guy, he's judging me. He's telling me I'm wasting my time. I'm trying to work in the mobile office. I'm trying to provide for the family. She's like, honey, you know he built a million dollar business, right? And I'm like, OK, I'm going back upstairs. I'm going to go see Uncle Clint. Love that Uncle Clint. Uncle Clint, come here. We talk, and I'm like, how do you do it? And he teaches me these principles and that sort of thing. And he had a plan. He laid out a plan for my life.

But without a plan, it's just this constant distraction. And my business career looked like this trip to Houston. I'm just going everywhere. But you have to have that specific plan. So filling the plan is like a huge deal.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Ask Yourself: In what area of my life do I procrastinate the most?
  • Lesson Nugget: Working from home brings many distractions that ultimately waste your time and lower your productivity.
  • Ask Yourself: What are the distractions that are inhibiting me from reaching my vision?
  • Lesson Nugget: Don't confuse productivity with activity.


-Moving on to our next one is procrastination. Now, I can honestly say I have whipped procrastination a long time ago. I don't deal with it anymore. I can just, bam. Whatever I've got, just [INAUDIBLE]. Because for me, I'm like, if I don't want to do it, I do it first now. But I wasn't always that way.

I used to have-- like for me, my kryptonite is I hate email.



-Hate your email. Did you email me?

-I hate email. I hate-- I don't want your email. Especially if you write email in a paragraph form. It gets me irritated. If you write me a paragraph that has questions mixed with statements, I want to fight you. So I used to just be like, oh man, I'm not going to check it. And so I would get just massive. But procrastination can totally-- and do you ever deal with that in your business?


-Like what's an area where for you, for procrastination, could be like the worst-- what's the area in your business where you say procrastination gets you the most.

-Well, for example, I have to be in this mindset to design websites. So before, it was real easy to get in that mindset, because I had had more higher end clients. But now with the kind of social media constant going, it's hard to get in that mindset. So I keep putting them off. And it's just--

-It's tough.

-Yeah. And again, scheduling that specific time would help. You know what I mean? If you had just said, man, you know what? That mindset, it takes me about two hours to wind up. For me, I cannot do email during the day. I have to wind up to it. So I do it first thing after I've-- I mean, I say first thing. After I've done my reading, after I've built my to-do list, I just plunge into it. Because it requires me going into that nerd mode, for me.

And I'm not saying you're a nerd if you email. I'm just saying, for me, it's like my inner nerd has to be fully developed.

-I call web geek mode.

-Web geek. You're getting in that fog where you walk out of the room like, hey. Hey, man. I've just been doing a lot of email. I'm fine. You know, that kind of thing.

Now, the number 10 here-- unsustainable home office. This is a distraction. You've worked out of your home. What kind of things can happen in your home that can just totally decimate your efficiency?

-Your kids. Just period, just--

-Like, Dad! I'm--

-I wanted to watch this show, but--

-Yeah. A lot of these questions are like, Dad? Dad? Scarlet ate all of the pie! You know? And you're like, why are you telling me? I'm trying to make a sales call here. Dad! Dad! Somebody pooped on the floor. And you're like, what? Why would you poop on the-- and so it's hard to talk to a customer about a serious thing when someone's pooping on the floor. But yet, I know people who office out of their home, because they say it saves them time.


-I was one of those people. So I would be like, well, I just work out of my house. You see, I can save time. I don't have to commute.

-I usually coffee shop when my kids are home.

-Coffee shop. So again, maybe you're watching this, and you're being absolutely beat up by the home office thing. Now moving on to principle number 11. All right? This is traffic. This could be a distraction. I have found, no matter what city I've ever been in, 4:00 AM, there's no traffic. Am I talking to you right now? Yes.

Now, if I lived in San Diego, I'd probably get to work about 4:00 AM. Because nobody's there. And if I lived in San Diego, I'd probably leave about 3:00. That's what I'd try to do. In Tulsa-- I've done work in Dallas. I've done work in Chicago. I've done work in New York City. You ever been up in New York City at 3:00 am? It's a miraculous thing. It's just you.

When I was a New York City, I'm at speaking events, I can set the alarm for 4:00 or whatever. I get access to all the workout equipment. I can go grab breakfast. The city never sleeps, really. But it's a deal where it's a lot quieter. I mean, you can actually drive around. So again, if the traffic's killing you-- and so I'm just asking, if you're watching this right now, what are the areas that are causing you to distractions? What are the distractions that are causing you to avoid your vision? What are the things that are road blocking your vision? Do you have anything else that just, for you perpetually-- because you're an entrepreneur. Do any of those things perpetually distract you?

-I think one of the things I'm coming up against is because-- like the last three out of four weeks, I've had some event that I put on that really doesn't make me any money. And it's not that it's a bad thing. They're actually really good things, and they help people. But I'm really not in a position to help those people yet.

-OK. I'm going to say this. I'm going to say this. This is the one-- and you might be guilty of this. God, this is a good one. I can't believe I didn't have this on my list right here. Getting the name out there. This is what entrepreneurs, what we say. We're like, well, I got the name out there. Got my name out there. Got a name out there. Now, let me show you how to get the name out there. We go outside of our building, and we say, hello! I am Clayvis. That's how we get our name out there. That doesn't cost you money, nor does it take time. Getting our name out there is streaking.

You want to go streaking? You'll get on the news. You'll get your name out there. Out there. You know? But you're not making any money.


-So I would just challenge--

-Like for example, last week, it was to help someone, like a fundraiser. But I'm not a fundraiser. Or like this week-- don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that I'm doing this thing with Arthur. But I'm not an event planner. Like I'm a social media dude who's supposed to be-- does that make sense?

-And that's why we said earlier, that acquaintance thing. Because anything seems like-- if you're a nice guy, everything seems like a good thing. Because everybody has something they're going through. And I will tell you this. It is just a huge thing we have to be careful of that we do not confuse productivity with activity.

All of us are distracted. And that distraction gets in the way of the action. And the action is what we need to take if we want to actually make any money. And so, if you're watching this right now, I encourage you to think about three or four things that are just eating away your time, and then stop doing them. And watch how little you miss them. Like watch how, when you quit watching that stupid show, how it doesn't affect you financially, or mentally. Or when you quit showing up at the downhill super slope inverted smelting group of downhill racing things, it's not going to affect your quality of life.

I can tell you, since I've stopped going to the downhill car racing group, I haven't lost a single friend. I don't even know when the events are. And I don't care. And no one misses me. And finally, the negative business guy is gone from the downhill racing club. So they're probably happy I'm not there, too. But again, hey, I appreciate your time. Hopefully, you got some good ideas out of that.

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