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This business coaching episode explains how to get promoted right now.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: Create a list of the things you have been avoiding or putting off.
  • Success Principles: 1. Understand Why Your Career Is Stuck
  • Success Principles: 2.Determine Your Grade
  • Success Principles: 3. Four Steps of Action to Gain Career Traction
  • Action Step: 1. Begin to wow, now. 2. Bring well-researched ideas for improvement and increased profitability to the table. 3. Build bridges, not enemies. 4. Do the hard stuff.

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-So I say this is because that's a hard thing. Caleb, You know. We flew in last night. We got home at like 9 or 10. I went to hit on my wife, I wanted to marinate in an ethical way for hours, and then you have to also get up and prepare your outlines. You've got to get ready for-- we had to be here today at what-- six?

-Yeah, it started at six.

-Yeah, I got up at three and went to bed-- that's a hard thing, but you do it because you want the result. You want to help people. You want to do some big things.

-So what does that look like? What is this action item number four, do hard stuff, look like in this business education training?

-Go ahead and make a list of all the things you're procrastinating to do. The things you're not wanting to do, the things that you've been putting off that you need to do. I can be personal and business. Write a list of all those things.

Maybe you're supposed to get your office organized but you're not. Maybe you're supposed to go and make that work flow tighter, but you didn't. Maybe you're supposed to go ahead and fix that script, but you didn't. Maybe you're going, you know, I really need to sit down and organize my finances, but you're not.

Maybe you really need to call your mom and repair that relationship, but you didn't. Maybe you need to tell Greg, hey, Greg, Arani said that I wanted you to off yourself I didn't actually mean it. What I meant to say is I want to take you out to eat.

-OK, so you've got to write down exactly those things you've been putting off that need to get done. The hard things.


-I love it. I want you to know there are some things that they've made the shortcuts for that are very helpful, like tanning. I know the natural, long, hard way is to sit out in the sun, which scares you a little bit, but you could just go to a tanning salon and--

-OK, I want to get real. I want to get personal for just a second--

-Oh, whoa.

- --because you need to hear this. You need to hear my heart.

-OK, speak to me.

-I go out and I put on SPF four million. They have one's for the people who are, hello, my name's Fabio. I want to get in great shape, so I'm naked and I'm just running around the beach with my man thong on. That guy, he's wearing like SPF five. He's dark, he's just, hello, how are you? And all the women are like, oh my gosh, he's like--

And then, there's the next level with the guy who puts on like SPF 30, and he can tan. He gets kind of a-- you know, that kind of guy? And then there is me. When I go outside I can put on SPF 90, 900-- the stuff for babies.


-Look at the cute little baby. Look at the baby. And I put it, I put it on, and I literally just turn red.


-When I'm out there in the sun my skin turns red and then it peels off, so I want you, on behalf of all the pale people around the world-- all the gingers, all the people out there who are playing basketball for the Mavericks named Dirk Nowitzki, all the people named Kevin McHale, all the Ukrainians, all the Russian, all of us that don't have pigment-- I want to take you out to eat.


-I feel like you want to touch a sensitive topic there.


-I hear you. I hear you and I respectfully-- I would like to go out to dinner. Absolutely let's do that. Let's do that in a little bit though. What we talked about today, just in summary. I know that you just-- phew, that was big. In summary, what we talked about is understand why your career is stuck. That's the first part. Understand why. Second is determine your grade. Figure out what your grade is and then own that grade. Live in reality.

The third is the four steps of action to gain career traction, which was one, begin to wow, now. Two-- you rhymed for us. I didn't write that down, but you've got the rhyming version which was bring well-researched ideas of improvement to increase profitability to the table. Three, build bridges, not enemies. And then four, do the hard stuff.

You've given us action items everywhere in this lesson. Now it's just time to actually apply those to our life. What's the last thing you'd say to the Thrivers as we're wrapping this up? As you're saying, the capstone thought here to make sure that you're not forgotten and you're not stuck in your career?

-If you've ever been tempted to call a friend whitey, Spackle, Kevin McHale, Casper


--the Ghost, the snowman--


-Have you ever been tempted to call someone that? Don't, because it hurts. It hurts, and I own it--

-Yeah, you do.

- --and I just take it, and I know where I'm at, and I thank you for reminding me of that everyday.

-I appreciate you and your pale skin, my friend.

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