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This business coaching session teaches about Google analytics.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Testing with analytics
  • Ask Yourself: Where do I want people to click on my website?
  • Lesson Nugget: Looking at analytics can tell you where people get frustrated with your site so you can improve it.
  • Lesson Nugget: You need to have a well thought out funnel and track it so you can improve it.

- Testing with Analytics. We're talking about testing with analytics, which means, this is a tool, that gives you an anal-y-sis, like a statistics merged with anal-y-sis, is analytics. It's statistics, mixed with anal-y-sis, and it becomes analytics. Now here's the thing. You can have paralysis by analysis. So, what does that mean? What is paralysis. Some people here have got some paralysis, from analysis. Some people here are just, they are lookin at too much data, and their minds are about ready to explode, and I'm here to say today, oh you want me to, okay, I will, No, Okay, okay. The thing is, analytics, it's so important that you have the data, but you act on it, it's actionable data. You just wanna, you don't wanna, just a bunch of data. So let's hop into the specifics, so first off. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a web analytics service, that allows you to track the number of people visiting your site. What is Google? It is a thing that people use to find websites. If you don't know what Google is, you're probably not on the training right now, so we're probably talking about nothing. Isn't that right Mr. Squirrel? Okay, so movin on. Next part is, Google Analytics allows you to set up a tracking funnel to show where people fail along your desired conversion path. So you're sayin, I want people to click here, and then they click here, and they click here. So let's go to Learnvest, I love Learnvest. Learnvest, a great website to learn about your financial future. They're not a sponsor. So, start making progress with your money, so let's click on it. Oh, here we go. I'm on the site. The desired path. Thrivers, where do they want us to click? Ask yourself. Talk to yourself. Talk to someone. Where do I-- They want us to click where Stu? - Get started now or sign up. - How do you know? - Well, that's where the money is, for one thing. Right? - Shameless capitalist. - I'm telling you. - Okay, here's the deal. The buttons are blue. They are the biggest buttons. They are the priority, they have the number one amount of real estate, thus when we click Get Started. Now what do they want us to do? Oh, ho, ho, time to make progress, but first let's set up your account. They want me to put that email in. So let's go ahead and put in my true email address. Claybert, c-l-a-y. Bert. One of my friends will say hey, hey what's up Claybert? Nothing much Ernie, Sup Bert? Hey Bert. So Claybert at gmail, don't-- gmail. No, no, no, not .com G-male, like m-a-l-e, gmale. Don't judge. It's a very sophisticated new platform. And then the password, I always use the password, very manly is, pink. Now, as-vee-ate, - Nope, nope. - Now one thing, you didn't listen, you went ahead and just hit pink, you weren't listening. It's pink 1234. This guy, he just he, there's no respect. It's absolutely, it's one of those deals where you just, you have to laugh because he just doesn't-- - Doesn't resp-- Sorry. Whoo. Okay so, go and put in my first name, Claybert. Last name, my actual name is Tib--, my last name is Tiberius. Now, I may look 47, but I'm 25. Gender. I'm not telling. I wanna go in whatever bathroom I want. So go ahead and just put it in there. Why, I don't understand, this guy just laughs at me, doesn't take me seriously. How do you think a Learnvest planner can best help you? Organize my finances, put that in there. And then, what managing my-- when managing my money, I feel overwhelmed, and no idea where to start. Okay, so you put it in here. Now this is the path, as you go through the path, they're wanting you to follow the path. Now, at some point I'm like, I'm tired of it. I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired of being tired. I'm, I'm done. I am really, I'm to a point where I'm goin, No. I ain't doin it. I'm done. I ain't, I ain't got time for that. I'm done. So when I punt out, analytics can say this is where they punted out. And then they go back and they go, we need to fix it, so they fix it up, now I go, I'm come back to the website tomorrow. I come back to it and I go, I love this website. Oh wow. What's my household income? Let's just put it in there. This site's great. Ah... 125, let's put that in there. How did I, how's does your...How, how, who does your income, me and my spouse and me. I wanna put all my information in here. Do you have any savings? I have fifty thousand or more. And do I have any debt, I don't have any debt at all, and I feel totally comfortable sharing all the personal information about me, I just, I don't even... oh my gosh, this is so great. Do I pay it in full? I do, I do, I pay it, well, actually sometimes, I wanna be honest, and my financial priority, it's just budgeting. And how'd I hear about it, I heard about it from a dear friend. Can I type his name somewhere, or put his social security in? No, I'll just put that. Generate my plan. Oh my gosh, this is so great news! I qualify! oh my! It worked! See, that's the funnel, that's how it works. But, if it doesn't, if you don't track it, you won't know where they're punting. - Right, So you're talking about if the process is too long, too many questions, right, that kinda thing? - Yeah. And Learnvest does a very good job, in all do respect. Ya know what I mean? In all do, I mean. I don't mean to slap their baby, but... It's avery good job so... So, alright now. You like that, kinda... I'm starting to use the word slap my, the phrase slap my baby, instead of with all do respect. Cuz I think it says how I feel. - That's true, you need a sound for that. - I don't mean, I don't mean to slap your baby butt you know how you can say like with all do respect you can go, hey, with all do respect and you can kinda say whatever after that? - Right. - My thing is I don't wanna slap your baby butt. And people are like what in the world? It's gone over pretty well today, I've been tryin it most of the day. - Ya know okay, mainly now, but okay.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: How long is the average person spending on your homepage or other pages? “Time on site” is an SEO factor.
  • Lesson Nugget: People spending time on your website makes your site look credible to search engines.
  • Ask Yourself: What percentage of your visitors are mobile?
  • Lesson Nugget: Design your website for mobile first, then design for computer users.
  • Editor's Note: LuckyOrange - https://luckyorange.com/
  • Lesson Nugget: What search terms are visitors typing to visit your website?
  • Lesson Nugget: Make changes to your site until it is what your customers want it to be.

- So how long is the average person spending on your homepage? You wanna know how long they're spending on there? One, is because the amount of time people spend on the website does help your Google rank. - [Stu] Yeah. It does. - Real quickly, not getting too nerdy into it, but why does Google care if all the sites that came up top on Google that say, no one, let's say that you Googled the term, so let's go ahead and Google "tulsa haircuts", and if every site that came up was a site that nobody spent any on. So as soon as they click it, they does this, they go, they click it, and they go, "Oh snap!" And they click back. - [Stu] Yeah - [Clay] Get out of here. Get out. In the next site, "Oh snap". Why would Google not want only to have sites like that where you click, click it again, and you go, "Oh it's adult content, "get out of here! Oh Stewart, "come on, you're sick! "There's kids everywhere! There's kids!" Like why would Google care? - Well they're, it's all about trust and credibility, so if you're not delivering, if that website is not credible, then people aren't going to spend any, if it's not what they were looking for or not credible, they're not gonna spend time on it. And Google knows. - So you want people to spend a large amount of time on the website. - Yeah, but like watching a video or something like that. You know, there's different ways to do that, but. - Absolutely. Have you ever had a deal where your nose itches a lot because you're 35 and you've started to grow a rug inside your nose? It's just, unbelievable. I'm upset about it. Anyway, so what percentage of your visitors are mobile? Why do you want to know that? - [Stu] Oh yeah. - Why do you want to know that? Why is it helpful? - Yeah. Cause you have to design your site for it. You have to talk about those major calls to actions, right. What you want people to do. - I want to say this. - Yeah. - You need to design your site for mobile, and then see, and then go back and design it for the PC or the computer or the laptop. Why is that? - We have officially topped that 50% mark on most websites. On Thrive on particular, we are at, kind of, 60% or somewhere in there. So you have to design for the majority first. - I literally sat down with a lady this week, you were in the meeting. 97% of her traffic is on a mobile phone. - That's amazing. - That's sick. That's crazy. So, you have to design for mobile first, and you have to track that data, and there's a great tool, Smitty, you've gotta find, you've gotta do this tool. One of our producer's, you've gotta see this tool. Marshall now knows the tool. It's awesome. What's the one that orange, orange, what was it, orange? We have a training coming up on this, here, but it's orange, something, I want to make sure that we, it's a crazy tool, but it allows you to see so much data. Very, very specific, and it allows you to track where people are clicking on the site. We'll have, we'll put it up on the screen. We'll put it up on the screen. But you can track where people are clicking, what they're doing. It's great stuff. Next item here. You want to figure out what terms the visitors are typing in to find your website. Why do you want to know what terms people have put in to find you? - So you can, if you are going to run a campaign, or if you're confirming that your SEO is working. Right? There's all kinds of reasons why you would do that. - We've noticed that a lot of people are typing in jerk face. They're like, jerk, jerk, they're like man bear pig. - [Stu] Nice. - Google man bear pig for me. Now you'll notice they keep finding me, and I just, it's like, Wow, we should click on that picture. We've noticed that people, when they type in man bear pig. That second image. That's what they're finding, is they're finding that a lot, and they're, or they're finding me. And we've noticed that all our web traffic is exclusively related to man bear pig. - [Stu] Wow. - Yeah. And so it's just sort of a deal where I'm now embracing how people view me. And I'll tell you what, the white moose is on the loose. I know, but seriously. That's how you do it. That's how you track it. That's how you make it happen. Am I missing anything about Google analytics on kind of a high level, then we'll have more, you know, screen by screen training. - Yeah, it's a whole training in and of itself, but you need Google analytics, you need to pivot. You need to make changes to that site until it's what your customers want it to be. - Now Thrivers, I want to go ahead and end with something that is powerful, a great way to take us out of here, and so Stewart, I want to hit the air horn and then we're done. - [Stu] Cool. - They're be a sudden, sudden, it's all over. - [Stu] Boom. - Black screen, it's done.

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