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This business coaching course teaches how to have a Google compliant website.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: Step #4 - Creating A Google and User Compliant Website
  • Fun Factoid: Google has 1.17 billion users, as opposed to 293 million users of Baidu and 292 million users of Yahoo's search.
  • Fun Factoid: Google claims 100 billion searches per month!
  • Recommended Resource: https://www.SEMrush.com
  • Action Step: Send us a link to your website and we will let you know if you are following the Google rules! info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Make pages user friendly, not just friendly to search engines, or you will not convert any of the traffic that you receive.

(upbeat music) Okay, step number four. Creating a Google and user-compliant website. Okay, so this is super important because the Google compliancy issues are always changing so Clay, we're getting into some of the specifics that don't change and is consistent for everybody's Google website. So, Clay, begin walking us through this and why this is important. Okay, here's the deal. Google is the search engine that's used by the majority of the human race. Somebody watching this, you're on Bing, you're on Outlook, you... Luke Dickenson is not on Bing. No he's not and I'll tell you what. You work at Microsoft and you're using a Surface right now to watch this episode, okay? And you're using your, what's the ATC phone or something? And you're playing your XBOX while you're watching this somehow. I mean, you're that guy. You've got your Bill Gates t-shirt on and that's what you're doing. That's fine. But most people are using Google, okay? So the Google has certain rules that they have laid out over the years. They kind of have laid out, this is how you do it, you know? And there's a tool in Thrivers. We have the tool. We have the secret sauce. We have the moves, okay? But there's a tool called semrush.com that you can pay for to run a report on your website and it will tell you what you're doing that's wrong with your website. semrush.com However, I challenge you, send us a link to your website right now. You mean, me? Buddy, I'm talking to you. I want you, I dare you, send us a link to your website right now and we will tell you if you are following the Google rules right now. Luke Dickenson. Luke Dickenson. I want your website. I want your website. www.lukeswindowcleaning.com.au I want that. Yeah, send it to us, buddy. We're giving you a back link right now. How much more kind can we be? Here's the deal, what I want you to do is you need to make sure you follow these rules, okay? So one, one. You have to have a site that is Google and user-compliant. So look at our diagram. And Marshall, where do they get this diagram? They can email us at info@thrive15.com. They can get download it on the site. But we are more than happy to send it on over to them so they can review it and print it themselves. So, Stuart, I want to go ahead and go to my remote control move here, where I can draw. It's kind of a new move, they've given me liberty here. Let's say we go into a bookstore and this bookstore is called Google. So we go here and the bookstore, it's called Google. We go in there and we're trying to find a book, right? So you go into this bookstore. And over here is the Sports section, the Sports section, right? And over here is the History section. And over here is where you talk about chickens, you know? And over here is the Starbucks. There's always a Starbucks in the bookstore, right? And then over here, this is a guy who stands here, this is a man. He wears his glasses like this. And you say, "Excuse me, sir. Where are the sports books?" And he's like... "In the Sports section" That's what I'm talking about. That's the bookstore. So you go in there. If you don't follow these rules, it's like you've written a best-selling book about sports, and you've put it in the History section where nobody can find it. Or better yet, it's a great book about Sports and it's out here. What's out here? This right here? This is a tree. Look at this, this is a tree. This is awesome, this is a tree. Drawing a tree. Happy trees, just happy trees everywhere. What's this? This is a road. Your books on the road. Noone can find it on the road, you know? Every once in awhile, people drive by, vroom... "Excuse me sir, your book. I found this on the road". I mean, you're not going to get the traffic, okay? So going back to our point, you have to follow every single one of those rules. So let's go back here to our... You have to follow every one of them so at the top, point number one, you have to have the title tagged properly. You have to do it. What do you mean, properly? Guys, Marshall, I wanna make sure we put this on the good book. We're gonna have a training, Thrivers, specifically just about title tags. The whole training is about a title tag, how to do it right, okay? Then, the description. The description. Specifically, we're gonna have trainings just on the description, writing the meta description. You have to follow those rules. The third move here, point number three, the red dot here, you have to have your social proof. Why? For Google? No. For humans. You have to be Google compliant but it also has to be super user-friendly, okay? If the users don't want to use it, it doesn't matter, right? So then you have number five, you have to have some interactivity there. Ask a question, a call to action of some kind. Number six there, you've got to have a testimony. Why? For Google? No. Because consumers want to use it. Number seven, you want a video testimonial. Well, why do you want a video testimonial? Because humans would rather watch a video. Scroll on up a little bit there, Stuart. Scroll on up. (whispers)

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Creating a Google Compliant Website: B. Site must be Google Spider friendly
  • Lesson Nugget: If your website is not spider friendly, Google will not index it.
  • Creating a Google Compliant Website: C. Must be human and user friendly.

(hip hop beat) Eight, you want to have your phone number. Why? Because you want people to able to call you. Nine, you want a horizontal navigational bar, so people can find the stuff they need, and Google likes it that way. Ten, you want to have a little form they can fill out. Why? Cause people tend to fill out forms, they're used to doing it, it's normal. Eleven, you want to have how many words of content Marshall? 1,000. Words of original content. So make sure, again, just reviewing this, creating a Google and user compliant, One, you have to follow the Google guidelines. But it also has to be user friendly. B, point #2, your site must be able to be Google spider friendly. Stewart, can you define what a spider is all about, how a spider works? Yeah, spider, Google is the main one that uses spiders. It's a piece of software that crawls the web, link for link, website to website, and it's looking for, for example the title or the description, it's trying to figure out what your website is all about, where you're linking to, who's linking to you, and it reports that information back to a database at the headquarters. So let me show you this little diagram I've been working on for several seconds here. I feel good about it, but here we go. What happens is, this is your website. And this over here is a website, and this over here is a website. This website right here has doors that are open because you understand the rules, you've watched this training. This one over here is just a brick. It's a brick, a website, somehow it's made of bricks. What happens is, Google, the spiders crawl and they're going "we're little spiders, we want "to get on your site and determine "if you're following the rules". And they climb up here and they're like, "we can't get in!, we can't get in"! So they come back and they go, "that's not cool." And they won't what? Index you. They won't pull you up in the search. They come in here and they go "ooh we got into that door!" "And there's fruit! Look at this, there's all this fruit." "It's all organic, tomatoes, it's gluten-free, "Clay's wife will let us buy it, it's so good." "Oh look at that, organic, it's gluten-free, it's healthy." They go, "hey, other spiders, look at this, "come on back here." "Look at all the organic fruit, "look at all the organic gluten-free stuff inside here." "We should all come back here". "look internet people, come on back." Everybody starts getting in here. Pretty soon, everybody knows about it, because it's top in Google. That's what happens. So are you going to have a brick wall website? Or are you going to have a Google compliant website? That is what we are talking about. Now, point #3, I'm underscore, I'm harping on this. Point #1, make it Google compliant, but it also has to be user compliant. Point #2, it has to have Google spider friendly. The third is, a human must want to actually be on the site. Now, there is a site, editors, I need you to edit out what im saying to you. So I'm going to say it on camera. I want you to put it in here, but I need you to put little blurry things on it, And I need to just, you know what i mean? So when I say this word, I want you to put in some sort of backwards sound effect. Like ninja? (fighting grunts) Ninja sound effects, like a Bruce lee movie. So that way I don't get myself in trouble. So here we go, I'm gonna try it. Go to (backwards speech) Hopefully you heard ninja sounds. Now, you go to this site, and I want you guys to put all sorts of black bars everywhere. (fake vomiting) This site is awful. So when you have someone, in my case, I taught people how to optimize websites. And some people took what we taught them, and made that. Why is that not pleasurable Marshall? For all kinds of reasons. Start from I can't read it. top left. What is that Well, is the top left Is that a logo? What is that? Is that one of he pictures where you look at the picture long enough and it becomes a witch or a woman? I think so. 3D, yeah yeah. That's one of those blob tests. Man I've been looking at that for like, a week. And I see like a frog with a perm. (laughing) Going into like a unicorn, and like a Trump protester, but he's also on the Trump campaign. You know what I'm sayin, man? It's true. You look at it long enough, anyway that's the, thrivers, look at the left column, what's wrong with that? Stew? You can't read it. What's wrong with that, left column Stew? It's hard to read. It doesn't inspire trust. If I'm a bride, or, am I allowed to say that? If I'm a bride, Well you know I'm not trusting this. [Matt] Well we're the editors are gonna put in ninja sounds. Everytime we say something, it could be misconstrued as specific, it's gonna be ninjas. Look at this, though. Thrivers, this is awful. This is bad (laughing) But it's top in Google! It was top in Google for years! And why are people loyal to disfunction? Why is it that somebody who has a nasty website would keep this, even when everyone points it out? I'll tell you why. Because their family member made it! Hmm, yeah. So if you're watching this right now, and you're going, (deep inhale) "that's me. I have made a horrible website." "I did my best". (rapid breathing) "I did my best. I did my best." "I did my best. I did my best." You gotta understand, no one cares. They're just not gonna buy from ya. (heavy bass whoosh)

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Editor's Note: Email your questions to: info@thrive15.com
  • Creating a Google Compliant Website: D. Deep dive into the entire diagram.
  • Lesson Nugget: Creating A Google and User Compliant Website: A. Your site must follow the Google guidelines. B. Site must be Google Spider friendly. C. Must be human and user friendly. D. Deep dive into the entire diagram.
  • Definition Magician: woo woo ‎(plural woo woos) (slang) - Is a person readily accepting supernatural, paranormal, or emotion-based beliefs and explanations.
  • Editor's Note: Thrivers, remember that all workshops are included in your monthly membership!

(record scratching) So you have got to get serious. Now we can help you Thrivers, we can help you. We can run reports, we can do some stuff. We now have tools available that are super low cost or you gotta find a web guy. But don't let that happen to you. Cause if you're toppin' Google. Have you guys ever had a birthday cake? For a birthday, someone surprised you with a birthday cake? Yes. Yes. A really nice birthday cake? Sure. Yeah. And have you ever had like a little kid, a little kid at the party? Mmhmm. And the little kid, you see the kid sneak over and go and lick the icing? Oh yeah, oh yeah. But the kid wasn't your kid. Yep. Did you want any more cake? Uh no, no. Yeah so what this is guys is this is like if you're topping Google and you are the cake, but you have little kids that are licking on it, no one wants to buy that stuff. Another example, which I want to help get this into your mind okay? What if you are a piece of corn? A kernel of corn. But you're in a sea of vomit. Wow. (laughing) Who wants it? Who wants it right? What if you're a pool? You're like I'm in the pool, hop in the pool guys, I'm at the pool, I'm at a resort. You go, Marshall get in the pool. And you're like, I would but you're definitely urinating in the pool. I'm like no I'm not, oh. And you can just see it. I'm giving you examples we can all relate to. That's what a nasty website's, that's what it's doing for ya. Yeah. People don't want to say anything. They're like, Marshall your site is awful, cause they know you made it. They know (whispering) you did your best. So they're just telling you. Thrivers, we want to help you, but don't let that mess happen to you, okay? We talked to a Thriver like three months ago whose site was so awful. I tried to help her, I'm like, you're site it's it's, you need to fix it. I love you, you're a good person, you're a great person. Great person, bad site. And she was accepting. And she says, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna fix it, I'm gonna make that change like Michael Jackson. Today I'm gonna make that change. I'm looking at the man in the mirror and I'm gonna make that change. Woman in the mirror. Okay, point number four okay? You gotta just deep dive into this diagram and have it on your desk. At your office when you're making your site. You have to have printed off, own it, have it, put it up, and compare your site to it. You have to do this Thrivers. So we're gonna review the four real quick okay? One, your site must follow whose guidelines? The Google guidelines. Why? Because Google is in charge. The next, your site must be spider what Marshall? Spider-- Friendly. That's right. The spiders have to like it. Well come on back into this site, it's awesome, it's got everything. The next thing is, it has to be human, human friendly. Why? Because otherwise humans won't interact with it. Are you saying that if my site isn't enjoyable by humans that my site won't get a lot of traffic? Yes. What if I'm a Woo Woo Thriver and I'm going, (whispering) what if other aliens, other planets are on our site? How do we really know that we're the only ones out there? I'm still trying to figure out what a Woo Woo Thriver is. Yeah I don't know, I don't know what to make of that. A Woo Woo Thriver, this is what it is. If you're worried about currency. So you're now using the Bit Coin. Ohhh, okay. But you're worried about the Bit Coin. So now you're trading with trading with intergalactic currencies, you're a woo woo. A woo woo is somebody who goes to a retreat and at the retreat at no point is anything practical learned. It's just about (whispering) let's discover how we feel about how we feel about how they fell about how you feel. (normal volume) In times. I get it. Okay, moving on. So you gotta deep dive into the entire diagram. Okay, so you have this printed out so you can compare. Why do you, even if you're not a web designer, why do you as a Thriver want to have the diagram? Because you gotta be able to hold your web designer accountable to doing these things and making these changes. And J Stew, what percentage of web designers that you've met over the years have any idea how to optimize a website? Oh very few. And let's just, and let's be blunt. As a designer, what do you know about it? What was your focus when you started designing? As a designer, I wanna make it look good. I wanna make it appealing. Yeah. But in the original days I didn't really care what Google thought about it. And now, this is like a big part of what we do. It's huge, absolutely. And we have to design sites that look good visually, but also look good with Google. Of course, yeah. They're not mutually exclusive ideas. True. I wanna give one more shout out and then we'll hop into our next portion here. There's a Thriver with American Title Loans. A guy by the name of Harry. Home boy's in Joplin Missouri. And he literally, literally, is building a site, getting up top in Google, getting reviews, doing online adds, starting to get lots of. He's always had a great business, but he's starting to get lots of deals online. And Thrivers, this is within like a 40 day window of time. Learning this knowledge, implementing it, learning it at a workshop, a face to face workshop. Which, by the way, is included in your membership. Implementing it, 45 days later he's in the game, making money online.

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