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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches how to manage a google trail.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Steps To Finding A Job: : 10. Clean up your Google trail
  • Ask Yourself:: What is my online reputation?
  • Editor’s Note:: Potential clients, employers and other people are going to Google search you to verify your reputation.

-Step number 10, clean up your Google trail.

-Oh, see that. Now here, we're getting weird. Now we're getting into that weird, that dark-- you know that final Star Wars? It's episode three, but it was actually the sixth movie they made. But it was the episode three. Kind of weird, but it's the one where Anakin Skywalker-- if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's mainly there's a young boy who ends up freaking out and killing everybody. He becomes Darth Vader. So he went from a good guy to a bad. He freaks out and kills everybody.

Well, if you're Anakin Skywalker and somebody goes on Google-- and I know there's like six of you on Bing, so I'll put Bing up here. And then there's a guy on Yahoo. He like, hey, man, don't forget Yahoo! Cool. Marissa Mayer and you guys, that's awesome. But the point is, you Google, you check it out on a search engine. You type in the name.

Well, if you typed in your name, ask yourself what's going to come up. Well, in this case, if you googled Anakin Skywalker-- and let's pretend this was a real situation-- and you discover, yeah, I mass murdered a bunch of kids. You know, kind of lost my mind for a little bit there. Might have gone on the dark side a little bit. That's not good.

Well, there was a girl who applied for a job. And I remember this story very vividly. She went to a major state school. She had a four-point-whatever GPA, unbelievable resume. Resume, no practical education, no reputation, wanted a lot of compensation. Comes into my office. I remember, she came in dressing sharp. And I remember going, OK, could be a good fit. Nobody has anything to say about you. There's no reputation. There is no real practical skills. You have a degree from a nice university. So I'm going to Google you.

And I Google. And I saw almost pornographic pictures of a person on the Google Images. And I'm going, surely, that's not the same. So you look. Not too long, but you look. And you go, oh, was it? Because I'm a troll, right? Because I'm a black helicopter, big brother kind of guy, I go on to Facebook. And I notice that she's on there, too, and being crazy. She's on there going, woo! You know the videos that come up? It's like, woo, let's get naked! And that's her Google trail.

Then you see her writing comments about her previous boss on Google, on Facebook. She's writing on Facebook like, LOL. What is it, LMAO, laughing my __ off. You know, LMAO or whatever. Just left my place of work. I was able to sneak beer out of there. And this is like a 24-year-old person. And you go, well, that's weird.

Well, then I had another guy apply for a job who straight up, during the process of the interview actually posted a picture of him smoking pot, saying, I'm so excited to join the team, so high, ready to join the Thrive team. And you're like, you're fired.

I mean, that's just how it is. So your Google trail can't be a mess. Don't act like the digital world somehow is separate. I mean, you've got to Google yourself and make sure you're finding some good stuff there. I mean, clean that mess up. Get that crap off of Facebook. If you have to be naked and take a picture of yourself, don't put it on Facebook. I mean, there's got to be a rule for that, Marshall.

Do you have any advice, Marshall, for anybody who's a streaker who wants to post pictures of themselves. is there a hidden platform, Marshall, that they--

-You should not do it.


-That's the rule.

-You strike me as the kind of guy who's caught into that underworld of streaking.

-Oh, the underworld of streaking. I don't--

-Well, Marshall, if you Google the YouTube. You type in the Golden Palace diver, the nude diver. Wasn't there a guy who painted his body?

MARSHALL: The Olympics.

-He wrote goldenpalace.com on his body with a marker. And then in the Olympics, he jumps off the diving board naked to get media attention. Was that you?

-Yeah, it was not me. It was not me.

-OK, you were in Costa Rica at the time.

-I was in Costa Rica at that time.

-Interesting how no one can verify that.

-So the importance of cleaning up your Google trail is because employers are going to Google you. It's just the fact of the matter. If they are an employer and your resume is one of many, you've got to stand out and you've got to stand out in a good way. So you can't have all the Facebook. Facebook's made it available for employers now to go on there and check and do their due diligence.

-You interview people.


-Have you been amazed at the kind of crap that you'll see sometimes?

-It is very impressive. For some people that want to create a resume that wows them, a great resume, well put together, they know how to format using Microsoft Word, but for whatever reason, all these crazy things are coming up on Google, coming up on Facebook, you've got to do your due diligence.

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