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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches that branding does not guarantee customers.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Fun Factoid: Rustic Cuff was created in the summer of 2011 by Jill Donovan. Jill’s lifelong obsession with cuffs and a need for a creative outlet turned into so much more.
  • Jonathan Barnett: Oxi Fresh is a revolutionary carpet cleaning company that is committed to being green.
  • Truth Cannon:
  • Lesson Nugget: Get the right branding first, then focus on the sales.
  • Lesson Nugget: Branding does not guarantee customers.
  • Story Time:

- Okay so the next thing that we're getting into is that branding does not guarantee customers. Clay, you mentioned this in the first episode here and I wanna get into it, okay? - [Clay] Yeah. - You said branding does not guarantee customers, so break that down for me. - I just feel like a lot of people say, "If you make a great product, it'll sell itself." And people have said it so long, so often, so much, "If you have a great product, it'll sell itself." And I have never met anybody ever, I've met millionaires, I've met billionaires, I've never met anybody who's ever told me that that actually happened. It's always like, "I built a great brand "and I worked tirelessly for seven years "to convince the world they needed it "and then finally I got my big break and boom." Then I've heard the other story, "I had a horrible brand and I worked on it forever "and forever and forever and then finally "I changed the branding and the world accepted it." And so the best example I can tell you of something that happened quick, as in over a period of years, was one of our mentors, and one of our good friends here, Jill Donovan, with Rustic Cuff. Her product is an internet sensation. She's selling these rustic cuffs, they're like decorative bracelets for women and her branding is awesome. It is world-class branding and world-class product. World-class lady, world-class vision. And she's got those congruent now, where the branding is just as good as the product. For a while, she'll probably tell you that her branding was better than the product or vice versa and it goes back and forth, like Elon Musk talked about, but now she's in step with both and it is awesome to see her succeed and if you get a chance to go to her new showroom that she just opened up in Tulsa, it's unbelievable and this lady is just growing and growing and growing and Marshall, you went there to try to get a gift for your mom, didn't you? - Oh, such a good story. - [Clay] Share the story about it, this is a branding story. - No, it was so great, I went to go get my mom a Mother's Day gift and turns out my dad is having the exact same idea. My dad beats me there, unbeknownst to me, he gets a bracelet for my mom, then he leaves, well he knows, after he has eSigned a eReceipt, he knows that he has to go catch the email before she reads it. Well my mom has hundreds and hundreds of emails in her inbox and he's like, "I have a window of at least 30 minutes, "if not four years," okay. So I get in there, my dad's deleting the email, well I'm in there buying the gift and my mom walks in. And she was convinced, she was convinced that A, my dad did not know about this company. It was just a, not a hole in the wall, but kind of an undiscovered gem. - Right. - To the males. But this brand has emanated through all the hospitals, through all of the different retail stores and it was packed, every single person, and that's why she's been having so much growth, is because she has such a cornerstone brand. - [Clay] It was packed! - It was packed out, shoulder to shoulder, couldn't find it, so I'm trying to hide in there and everything but no, this brand has really rippled out through the entire nation and now she's growing internationally and doing internationally sales and it's awesome. - And another example of a client that I know very well and a good friend of mine, actually a business partner of mine, is Oxifresh, O-X-I-F-R-E-S-H, that was a business that he launched out of his mind, just out of college, and Oxifresh now has hundreds of franchises all across the world, they've teamed up with Matt Damon's organization, Water.org, they've been featured on Fox Business and everything that John has done from day one is world quality brand, bottom line. He'll even say it, if you're around him for a couple days, you're gonna hear him say it at least once or twice, "The brand comes first, "the brand comes first." So people are like, "Well are the business cards good enough?" He's like, "No, the brand comes first, "world-class or nothing. "Brand comes first, brand comes first, brand comes first." He's just obsessed with branding because the branding allows everything else to work but if you just have great branding, it's not going to sell itself and John is an excellent salesperson, he's built a new excellent salesteam, but you've gotta start with the branding. Some people say, "Well, because it won't "actually translate into sales, is it a waste of time?" No, you have to get the branding, then we focus on the sales. - Okay, so John, do you understand that, how branding does not guarantee you new customers? It's not going to bring customers in the door. But, once their in the door, it does guarantee that you won't immediately kill them off. - [John] Yes, I got it. - Cool. - [Clay] Awesome.

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