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This business coaching lesson teaches about the heading tag.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 8. Heading Tag Compliance
  • Fun Factoid: Heading tags are part of the HTML coding for a Web page. Headings are defined with H1 to H6 tags. The H1 tag defines the most important heading on the page (usually the largest or boldest, too), whereas H6 indicates the lowest-level heading.
  • Lesson Nugget: A H1 tag is a semantic HTML tag used to mark the importance of a heading text on a webpage. The H1 to H6 tags are used to define HTML headings.
  • Lesson Nugget: It’s the large text that is a heading on a website.
  • Lesson Nugget: You can only have one H1 tag on your page. However, you can have multiple H2, H3, etc.
  • Lesson Nugget: Be sure the H1 text is relevant to your page.

- [Voiceover] Break it down. - Okay, so the next thing that we have is heading tag compliance, okay? So we're going to begin getting into what this heading tag compliance really is. Clay, what is a heading tag? - Well, a heading tag, this is sort of a, it's sort of a interesting thing, because Google-- Google basically, they organize your website like it's a research paper, okay? So, if you go back to college, I know some people watch this didn't go to college, some people like me weren't allowed to graduate from the college they wanted to go to, but the thing is that H1 text, it's just nerd-speak for, it's like, the first words that are findable on the page. So, let's do an example. Let's go ahead and go and Google the word dogs. So, it's going to search for the word dogs. So, if I search for the word dog, and I click on it there, Wikipedia comes up, right? Well, their H1 text, you see that big word dog right there? Where it says dog? That is the biggest text, that's the header text, that's the number one header text. Stew, does that classify as an H1? - [Jason] That would, I would think that would be an H1. - So Google is searching. Now, if you had a page that you optimized for the word dog, and the word dog wasn't at the top of it, Google says weird. Now, here's what I say to you, Thrivers. Why aren't you doing it? You see what I'm saying? They just wrote the word dog. We go out to Wikipedia, they just wrote the word dog. Just put the word Tulsa PR Firm, right there. And what happened, put it in big font. And the reason why is because Google searches and goes it's not logical for you to have written a paper, if we're going back to that analogy of a research paper, about dogs and not to have said the word dog in the first, in the actual subject line, it doesn't make any sense. It's not relevant. So, Google is searching, if you can almost imagine, they have like a checklist, and they're going, this robot's crawling your website and it's going, H1 text, I'm looking for it, looking for it, bam, there it is! And if you, thump, find it right on the top, that's how it works, okay? So, H1 tag is, it's an HTML tag that's used to mark the importance of the heading on the webpage. So there's like all the way from an H1 down to an H6. Can you break that down a little bit and talk about that? - Absolutely, so in your paper example, there, so, you're going to have subheaders. That would be like an H2, H3, all the way to H6. - [Clay] Can you show us up here what the subheader might be? - Sure, let's scroll down here. So, see this, Etymology, Taxonomy, these are probably going to be H2s, okay? So, then I'm going to blow up your brain for a second here. So, you're supposed to only have one H1 on the page. Google does not want you to get spammy and have multiple H1s. That's bad news. But, you can have multiple H2s, multiple H3s, you know, however you want to break that down. - [Clay] I own one H2. - That's true, that's true. - [Clay] I do, it's a Humma, you can drive tha Humma, I get eight miles a gallon. - It runs on Eskimo children, I think. - See, the thing is, he is so environmentally friendly that any time that I mention I'm driving tha Humma and it gets four miles a gallon, he like sends these complaint emails, where he's like, "Dear Whoever Needs to Talk to the Founder "of Thrive15.com, I am upset about it, signed, Jason," and then he hits Send, and then he denies it's him. - [Jason] Yeah, Al Gore, I mean, no. - There we go, back to you. - H1s, lots of H1s. - You've got to do it, though. This has to happen, Thrivers. So, let's go back to the Make Your Life Epic page, and Stew, if you can show us where to put the magical H1, that would be awesome. - Okay, so I'm going to show you first on the website here. See this About Us at the top? That's your H1, okay? So, when I am in WordPress-- Ohhhh, guess what? - [Clay] Chicken butt. - [Jason]Let me edit that page there. - If anyone didn't think that was funny, I'll have more of those coming later. So, here's the deal, Thrivers, is that you've got it, you've got to make your H1 text relevant, okay? That's very important, so he's going to change it right now to be, what do you say, Tulsa PR Firms. - [Jason] Let's do it. So, folks, I'm going to show you. This is in WordPress-- - [Clay] And make it live, buddy, just fix that right now. That's a disaster. - [Jason] This is the title right here, see this, at the very top? That's what they want you to do first, Clay. When you're creating a new page in WordPress, they want you to define that title. So, it's important to have that research done first. - [Clay] This is embarrassing. - [Jason] Create the page. Oh, my goodness. I'm going to click Update-- - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] And then I'm going to Preview this page here. - [Clay] Unbelievable. - [Jason] Okay, so, right there, that's the H1.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Jargonization Translation: A permalink, or slug, is the part of the link to an individual web page
  • Noah's Ark Replica:
  • Lesson Nugget: Your content has to be original on every page. You cannot copy and paste. Duplicate content is not allowed!
  • Lesson Nugget: Two sentences maximum is the rule for meta description.

- [Clay] Now, I want to go through because while we're here I want to really just dive into because we've talked about some great stuff on some previous portions of this training series. And I want to do is I want to just fix everything right everything right now. One, because I have OCD and two because I think Thrivers are going this is embarrassing. And I mean this guy is teaching us and yet, he on his own site has screw ups. I'll tell you this Thrivers, we have a PR firm, and the PR firm does great. And so, we have more people that reach out to us than we can really fulfill. So, part of building Thrive15 is so that I can just get out of the conference room really. But the thing is is that, you know, you only want to do your search engine optimization to the extent that you need to. So our business we've done really great with search engines results. But at the same time, let's make it better. So, let's go ahead and do it. So we start at the top. Let's fix that permalink. So Thrivers, I ask you the question. What should this permalink be? Well, it's edited up there. I mean if it's about Tulsa PR firms, let's go ahead and change the permalink. Let's hit the edit button there. - [Stu] Let's do it, so I'm going to WordPress again. I'm going to click edit right here. This is the permalink. Edit, look at that, it's a box I can type in. I can make changes, what do you want to do here? - [Clay] Let's just change it to say Tulsa PR firms. So, Tulsa, dash. - [Stu] Can I share some magic? - [Clay] Yeah, show some magic. - [Stu] Let's do some Tulsa, let's not do dashes, let's do Tulsa PR firms. Is that, is that what you want to do? - [Clay] Yep, and then put, yeah, that's good. - [Stu] That's good, so watch this folks, magic, I hit OK. It takes those space and turns them into dashes. Oh, my goodness. - [Clay] Oh, wow. - [Stu] Oh my goodness. - [Clay] That's probably how Noah felt when the first guys with the power tools showed up to help. - [Stu] Probably so. - [Clay] Alright, so we're scrolling down. Scrolling down here. Those of you who do view the Bible to be literal as myself, I know that might be offensive. But, I offended myself. That was pretty funny. So sitting at the top here we have. Thrivers, what should we have? We should have the word PR firms right away up here in those first couple of lines. So instead of playing the Clay Clarks, Let's keep that. Let's say as told by the USSBA Entrepreneur of the Year. And founder of the Make Your Life Epic Tulsa PR firm. - [Stu] Oh yes. The Make Your Life Epic - [Clay] Tulsa PR firm. - [Stu] Tulsa PR firm. - [Clay] Yeah, I know public typing is brutal but let's go ahead and say and founder. And you have and found-- - [Stu] Oh yes. - [Clay] No stress, no stress. We're scrolling down here. So we've updated that. We've got our permalink done. We've got our h1 going on. Let's keep on going down. Where can we get to our key words in our description there? - [Stu] Let's get on down here. - [Clay] I"m having total OCD. I have to have everything perfect or I freak out. This is a great opportunity for you guys to see what life is like behind the scenes here. Okay, so meta keywords, let's go ahead and type in Tulsa PR firm. Comma, PR firm Tulsa and Thrivers what would you type in? PR firms in Tulsa? Find the PR firms Tulsa? Marshall enjoys this. Tulsa public relations firms? And say public relations Tulsa, right? So you pop it in there. Now Thrivers you can't just copy this. It has to be original every time. You can't have the same permalink on every page. You can't have the same h1 on every page. You can't have, duplicate content is a no-no. Do not do it. Do not do it. Do not make it happen. You can't because if you get off your game and you start copying content, you will go to the bottom of Google like an anchor. So we scroll on down. Where can we fix our description? - [Stu] We've got it right here Clay. In WordPress I'm going to click edit snippet. - [Clay] Ah, back to the snippet tool again. So Thrivers, what should my slug, AKA description be? Or AKA permalink. - [Stu] The title. - [Clay] We've got that, title, let's change that Let's say, Tulsa PR firms. - [Stu] You've got to wipe all this out. - [Clay] Yeah, let's do it. - [Stu] Tulsa, folks, watch the orange bar. See the orange bar as I type Tulsa PR firms. - [Clay] Yeah, let's do a vertical bar AKA the pipe. - [Stu] Folks, I'm on a Mac, I'm on a Mac. And so, you're going to have to look at your keyboard. But mine is shift and it's this key under the delete key. It's going to be different on Windows and PC. But that's a vertical bar. So Tulsa PR firms space vertical bar, space. - [Clay] Let's do then, let's do, Make Your Life Epic. And let's put the phone number, vertical bar. So, 918-851 6920. - [Stu] So you see how Clay, that turned from orange to green? Now, you're kind of in that acceptable zone for the title. You've got a little bit of room if you want. - [Clay] No, we're good, I like it. I'm good, that's good right there. And that's how it's going to look in Google. That's how it's going to look in Google right? - [Stu] Exactly, right there with that blue text folks, that gives you the Google preview. That's how it's going to look. So you're not going to have, it's not cut off. Do you know what I'm saying? It's just the right length right now. - [Clay] Let's change the meta description to say grow your business, grow your business with the help of Tulsa PR firm comma Make Your Life Epic period we're going to keep going now one more sentence. Two sentence Thrivers, why? Because that's the rules. Okay, call 918 851-6920 to begin growing your business in a scaleable and duplicable way. Bam, oh sick drivers. - [Stu] Look at that green bar, oh man. - [Clay] Now, what is this key word focus down here all about? Do we know what this is all about? - [Stu] Key word focus. This is kind of a unique thing for Yoast. - [Clay] You just put PR firms in there? - [Stu] They want kind of your top key word. - [Clay] Nah, Tulsa PR firm. Going for blood, trying to dominate the term - [Stu] So we've covered the title, the permalink, right? We've got content in there that repeats that phrase that you're going for. You've got your description, you've got your title. So Clay, it looks like the, from what I'm hearing, the algorithm of Google is going to look for the combination of all that stuff altogether. And that's what it's going to rank you on. It's looking for all those things. - [Clay] This is unbelievable. I love this. This is great stuff. So Thrivers, hopefully that is a brass-tacks example of how to do it all right there. Marshall, did that pump you up? - I'm pumped. - Now Marshall keeps wanting to talk about Sam Smith and George Michael and I told him we'll have the debate about who is a better singer at the end of this series so stay tuned.

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