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This business coaching lesson teaches about the high quality logo.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: The 12 Variables of a High Converting Website
  • Ample Example:
  • High Quality Website Variables: 1. High Quality Logo
  • Lesson Nugget: A. A quality logo helps to establish trust with potential customers. B. Consistent use of color & branding show that you are reliable, dependabled and have attention to detail. C. Simple & Clean.
  • Lesson Nugget: You cannot tell a story with your logo.

- All right, now we're jumping into the 12th variables of a high converting website. Clay, this is full of rich knowledge here, and I know that this content's going to be great for those that are watching here right now. So how do we do this? How do we do this as we're formulating our- and doing our website? - I really, really, really want to show an example of a company that we've helped, and then when I do that I feel bad, cause I don't ever want to compromise the individual personal information of a Thriver, so I will rip on myself. So what we're going to do is we're going to go back to that way-back machine tool, you know, just kind of google that thing, a way-back machine tool, and we're going to rip on myself, okay? So it's going to be a deal where you'll feel better about you after looking at me. So go up to the djconnection.com, old school bro, we're going back old school, now, old school back in the day, now old school, it was a time back in the day, old school, when you would go out roller skating, you get those quad skates on. Disco balls, you get those disco ball, you have the black light going, and you would ask your parents for like a dollar. So you'd go to that snack bar, and maybe get yourself a coke or a Dr. Pepper, something like that. - [Stew] Tootsie Roll. - And maybe you bring some quarters that you find, so you can play some video games with that girl you liked in 8th grade. That's how you did it. That was kind of what you did back in the day. And this is what I'm talking about, this was that time. This was our website, back in the day, so "DJConnection." We've got to go back to, like, 2002 though, bro. We've got to go back- see, that's too hot. You're going to the too hot- there you go, that was it. - [Stew] Oh, man. Look at that. - That was hot. - [Stew] CDs. - Well, that was, I mean that was- - [CD Track, Deep voice] Holy cow! - That's what it was. And so seriously, that's where we started. And the other day I talked to a Thriver, I won't mention where she's from, in fact I'll just change the location so it's confusing. Anyway, this person's on one of the coasts, and I'm talking to her, she's up in New York. And we'll say it's New York, but it's not. And I'm looking at her site, and this is what I saw. I looked, and I was like, "Holy.. Oh no." Because I knew that that site, her site, I felt bad, where it's like, because you want to cry. But she's working so hard, so you want to be like "Oh, I want to hold you like a- just want to hug ya." You know, and so- the thing is, you have to start with the logo. Your logo has to be high quality. So, a quality logo helps to establish trust with potential customers. You want to use that consistent use of color, and branding, that shows that you're reliable and dependable and you have attention to detail, and you want it to be simple, clean. So if you pull up a new tab and type in "best logos in the world," you know, best logos in the world, assuming that there's not other places that- notice, none of these logos are from the communist countries. Notice that there's no North Korean logos up here. There's no Russian logos up here. - No Cuba. - [Clay] But anyway, if you look at some of the best logos in the world, FedEx: it's what, simple. Stew, if you look at- go to the one at the top right there. Starbucks, simple. IBM, simple. Shell, simple. Nike, simple. I looked at this person's logo, and I said, "I feel like it is a comic, and not a logo." And she said "What?" And I said, "I'm just telling you, I care. You're asking me how to help you. It looks as though it is an in-depth comic strip communicating a very in-depth idea. It might be explaining the nuances of the conversations that were going on while signing the Magna Carta. It's that- You know what I mean? It's a lot going on there. It's like trying to explain the Star Wars, and the Senate, and how they're fighting, and how that all worked- It's like, wow. We just communicate a simple idea. - [Stew] Yeah. - So Stew, I'm going to turn it over to you, cause you're like the logo wizard. You've done some huge projects for huge world class companies. How would you advise anybody to go about making- what tips would you have to make a great logo? - Man, there's more "do not do's." - [Clay] Go for it. Just go off. Just do it. - Like you're saying, you cannot tell a story with your logo; a lot of people think that it's going to tell the story of the company and the product; it's just not going to happen. You're putting too much responsibility on the logo. That's not it's job. - [Clay] The logo says "I'm pretty tired" - The logo is kind of like that first handshake you give someone; that's all it is, it's that punch of color, right? It just says "hey, I'm interesting. Look at me, keep looking at me," because you're going to go from the logo into the photography, into whatever it is you have on your packaging or website or whatever it is.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Keep your log design clean and simple.
  • Action Step: Rate your logo on a scale of 1-10, 10 being AMAZING and 1 being it needs help.
  • Action Step: Email your logo to: info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Your logo should target your ideal and likely buyers.

- Logo, you can't put too much responsibility on a logo. Just simple, clean. Often times, like Warby Parker-- - [Clay] Yes. - is a good example. Harry's Razors, Toms. - Can we pull up Warby Parker? And then let's also pull up Harry's Razors. And then let's also pull up Toms, and let's also pull up The Honest Company, you know, the women's cleaning products. - You know that's the hot deal right now. It's hot, hot. You know people love that thing. Also, yeah, okay so let's look at these brands. - [Man On Right] Man, that's so simple, just text. Warby Parker, just text. - [Clay] What's going on with the logo, it's so many things going on, with it. - [Man In Middle] There's no picture. - [Clay] It's just text. - [Man On Right] And this is a billion dollar company. You know? - [Man In Middle] Wow. - Real quick, I'm talking to this lady, and I felt bad, 'cause she's a nice lady, she has this bridal store out there in New York, I felt horrible, but I'm like, we gotta stop, we gotta stop doing what you're doing, your logo is so complex, so step one, if you're listening right now, rate your own logo, on a scale of one to 10, and I want you just right now, I want you to do it right now, everyone do it with me. Take the pledge, do it, seriously. Email your logo, to info@thrive15.com. - Email it to us, and the thing is, we have two moves for you. One, we can look at it and just go, oh Billy. But we can also, we have a team of people that we have, as a service, for people who want us to design them, we can do it, or you need to go find a friend or family member, somewhere who's a logo pro. I say, just find a logo pro. So you got two options here. You can email us, we can help you do it, or two, find a professional graphic designer, somebody who's awesome. Hopefully, you know somebody. If you don't, you have to do it, but don't die on the hill, of a crazy complex logo. Stewart, let's look at The Honest Company-- - [Man In Middle] Keep it simple, super simple. - Look at that. - [Man In Middle] Yeah. - [Clay] Look at that, very simple. Look at the Toms logo. Toms, very simple. - [Clay] Harry's. - [Man On Right] Harry's, super simple, text only. - [Man In Middle] Just text. - [Man On Right] Same thing with Warby Parker. Can I point out too. - [Clay] Yeah. - We were just talking about gender on the previous episode, - [Clay] Yeah. - Right? In terms of ideal likely buyers. Same thing applies here. These principles apply across this whole training, website, logo, everything, so if you look at Warby Parker, this is gender neutral. It's men and women. - [Clay] Yeah. - [Man On Right] Harry's, well, probably a man's brand, I would assume, right?. - [Clay] Yep, yep. - [Man On Right] Toms, gender neutral, same thing, but it's gonna skew towards women. - [Clay] I always kind of look at you, and I think of gender neutrality.

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