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This business coaching lesson teaches about high quality photography for your website.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • High Quality Website Variables: 3. High Quality Photography
  • Ample Example:
  • Editor's Note: http://coreylackpictures.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Website photography needs to be high quality.

- Variable number 3 in having a high-converting website, and that variable is high quality photography. Now, Clay, we've talked about websites. I know that you shared your passion about pictures that are kinda cruddy and crummy in some websites. Now, tell us, 'cause I know you're also part of a photography company, one of the best in Oklahoma, if not the, I think it's the best, though. I just have to say that. Why is photography important in your website? - Well, I'm gonna rip on myself for a second. Just, you know, whatever. The photography thing is like, there are good photographers for different things. There are photographers who understand the dark arts of, like, wedding photography. I am one of those people, so I look at wedding photography, and I know it. I know what you want. I know you want a photo of you walking down the aisle. Oh, and you know you do, and you want it where you're walking down the aisle, and you're looking at your spouse for the first time, and you want that face like. - [Voiceover] Preach it, brother! - And then you want the other where, you know, she's looking at you, or you're looking at her, and you want that reaction where you see them for the first time, and it's. And then you want that toast where your dad's like, and then you want that first dance where you're hugging, and you're just like, "it's okay, baby, "you're gonna be married." "Dad, I don't wanna be married, but I wanna be married." "Oh, it's okay. I'll let you go." Then the fiance's like, "Hey, can we have some cake, or what?" - [Voiceover] And the ring bearer. Don't forget the flower girl falling asleep. - These are the things. The flower girl falling asleep. I know wedding photography, but commercial photography, that's a different game. Now, our team is getting better and better. We are actually, I would say, in maybe the top 20%, but there is a man. Oh, there is a man. There is a man, and I wanna google this man real quick. It's Corey Lack Photography. This man, he is like the, the best I've ever seen. He is so good, in fact, that I don't get paid anything. Corey was there through the beginning of Thrive15, been a key part of team, but if you look at his work. Let's just click on his portfolio here, on Commercial for a second. Yeah, Commercial. If you look at some of the stuff there, click that Defensive Training one, to the left. Yeah, click that. I mean it's just like, is this really a picture? It's so good, the stuff he does. Again, if it takes a minute to load, we're gonna go ahead and clear up that awkwardness by making sure there's some great music. Let's keep this kinda, click around here. We'll find something. Let's scroll down to the bottom, maybe. Okay, yeah, we'll find one. Scroll through the top there, Stewart. For some reason, it keeps taking us to that absolute ridiculous, click on the portfolio up there. Yup, and then right there at the top, click on Portraits, to the right. Right there, yes. Now, just, I mean look at the image there on the right, the top right. Click that thing and see if it'll work. Come on. Come on, baby. Let's work. Yes! Now, I would just say that photo is better than any photo that I have ever taken, or any photo that my team shall ever take. Let's go back one. Let's go back one. These are just real things, so let's go back. Yeah, Portraits. Let's go down a little bit. Let's go down, let's do the guy with the cigar right there. Bottom left. Perhaps you could take a photo that good. I mean, perhaps you're watching right now and you're like, "I take photos like that just with my iPhone "because I'm wicked awesome. "I don't even think I need to edit them. "It's natural light. I just see things." Well, if you do, you probably should be in the next Mel Gibson Sixth Sense kind of move or something, but seriously, that's awesome, is it not? - [Voiceover] Oh, yeah. It's a good angle. - [Voiceover] Knows his stuff. - So quit taking bad photos. I'm just telling you, you need to invest in good. I mean, if you're not in it to win it, if you're in it to lose, then don't take good photos, but if you're in it to win it, you've gotta take great photos. Now, Stewart, if we can't afford great photos, and by the way, I don't want to quote his prices because I don't know what he would charge for you're gonna do, but I'll just say, I grew up on where we didn't have a lot of financial resources, and when I was taking photos of the DJ business, they were so bad! Stewart, google back to the Wayback Machine so we could prove what I'm saying. They're so bad, and it wasn't that I'm a bad guy. I'm probably a bad guy, but the thing is, I just, I tried my best, but the customer doesn't give a crap. They're not going, "This guy is probably doing his best, "Mom, we should buy it. He's doing his best." They're like, "He's so weird." So what you've gotta do is you have to look at, oh, no! Move forward in the future a little bit. - [Voiceover] It's amazing how people will immediately judge you by the quality of your pictures. - Oh, yeah, just yeah. It's terrible. And the thing is, - [Voiceover] But it's true! - We shouldn't, but we do. So go to 2007, that was a good year. 2007, I felt like I was high, I was on fire that year. I was feeling good. Still taking freaking photos with my phone, you know what I mean? Taking photos of, there's Braxton the photo god. You see him dancing right there? - [Voiceover] Oh, yeah. - In the white shirt.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. Quality photography should cause your customers to desire your product.
  • Lesson Nugget: 2. Stage your photography to show your product in the most appealing way possible.
  • Lesson Nugget: 3. Photography should be attractive and relatable to your core demographic.
  • Lesson Nugget: 4. Look at the BEST brands and compare them to you. Examples: Apple, Starbucks, Harry’s Razors.

- Okay, now let's go ahead and go to djconnection.com now, you know, and you just see a night and day difference. And if you don't, perhaps we need to send you some Thrive glasses, courtesy of Dr. Zellner's Optometry. But you see the difference now? I mean, it's just getting better and better. Is it perfect? No, it's always better, it's getting better. But we got it right now, in the photography. It has to be great. So I want to go ahead and go through kind of a little checklist here, okay? One, quality photography will cause your customers to desire your product. So go back to that photo of that dude with the cigar. I don't even smoke cigars. I value my lung health. But I'm like, I could see that. I guess I should buy that right now. - [Stewart] Well check it, Harry's? Perfect example. I mean, look at that, you just want to reach out and grab that razor, you know? - [Clay] You do, it's a -- - [Jose] We want to shave your beard. - [Stewart] Yeah, no, I won't allow it, I'm so sorry. - [Clay] It's an orange-handled razor, but we want it. - [Stewart] You see the textures, I mean it's well light. Oh, man. - It's so good, now the next thing here, okay, is you want to stage your photography to show your product in the most appealing way possible. Which is what you're pointing to here. - [Stewart] Yeah, and Warby Parker's another example. Here's, whoa, because there's actually people wearing the eyeglasses. - [Jose] The product. - [Stewart] What? - [Man on Recording] Holy Cow. - [Jose] And they're eating colorful Popsicles. - Yeah, you want to be in that environment, you know? That may be if, you know, key demographic, but you want to be there. Those are fun people, I want to be those people. - Now if you're in Communist Russia, these rules don't apply. So, if you're, for the rest of this, I want to make sure, if you're in Communist Russia right now, I know Communist Russia, the USSR doesn't still exist. However, a former KGB member, Mr. Putin, is charge of the country, so I would argue that he is trying to annex the world, and so, if you are in the part world that's been annexed by him, perhaps parts of Ukraine. We'll continue. - [Jose] That you threw their airplane's by there. - So the next part, yeah, true story. So the next thing here, you want to stage your photography to show your product in the most appealing way possible, yes. Your photography should be attractive and relatable to your core demographic. So, their core demographic is kinda young people. - [Stewart] Right, Warby Parker, yeah. - Yeah, so why are we, why does that make sense? - Well, you know, if you're a 60 year old man, that's, what does that mean to you? That may not mean anything to you. - Now if you're in Communist Russia, does it matter, because one, you're like the last holdout, because it doesn't exist anymore, but you're going whatever, whatever Gorbachev wants me to buy I'm going to have that. - Old Gorby. - You know, and you're going, he's not in charge anymore. Well, I just buy what Gorbachev wants me to buy. I will share everything. I will not judge things based off their quality, I will buy the government-issued everything. Communism has gone so well in every country. Okay, anyway, the fourth step here, the next one is that you want to have, you want to look at the best brands and compare them to you. So you want to go to like the Starbucks, let's go to Starbucks, let's look at Starbucks. I want to go back to Cory's website, because it's just so, it's so not Communist. And you know, in the Communist countries, no one is good as photography because you don't need to be. Who cares, it's all the same, right? So, anyway, but look how good that is. I mean, that's so good. Look at Starbucks, look at their little products here. Just look at, just kind of scroll on down. Just looking for some coffee. Look at that, oh, look at the beans. - [Stewart] Yeah, makes you want it, doesn't it? - [Clay] I mean, we're talking about beans. - [Jose] Makes you want to go smell some espresso. - [Clay] Let's go back to Cory's website before I just have an absolute meltdown of just, I'm just I'm so fascinated. Go back to portraits one more time, I just, one more, just let me see one more. Keep going down, a little more, a little more, little more. I mean, look at Jared, that's Jared right there. Look at Jared. Jared's a guy we worked with, I mean how great is this image of Jared? - [Stewart] Yeah. - [Clay] He's a guy who helps companies raise capital, kind of like blue collar companies raise capital. So there he is, corporate executive guy mixing it up with middle America. - [Stewart] Roll up the sleeves, man. - [Clay] Roll up the sleeves, got dirt all over him. - [Stewart] Dirt on your shirt. Yeah. - [Clay] Doesn't that tell a story? I'm sorry about the profundity. I honestly am excited about that in an unhealthy way. - [Stewart] Beautiful image. - Unbelievable, now speaking of beautiful images, Jose, back to you, keep going. - This is great training and insightful, and entertainment is just phenomenal here. So, we've talked about the 12 variables, we're talking about 12 variables of having a high-converting website and specifically we just gave you why having high-quality photography on your website will help you get conversion and get sales for your business. So, there you have it.

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