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This is a business coaching episode explaining how and why it's important to hire quality people.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: You have to have a clear, inspiring vision. People will buy you and your job opportunity based on that vision.
  • "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasms
  • Steps To Finding Quality People Quickly: 7. Fire The Uninspired Quickly
  • "Massachusetts workers rand being appreciated, being part of something meaningful, and confidence in their future as key factors that determine how they feel about their jobs. The least important? Pay, benefits, and work-life balance." - Boston Globe (11/17/13)

[MUSIC PLAYING] udemy for human resources, management training

-For instance, Thrive right now. We're trying to mentor millions by providing gamified edutainment for entrepreneurs.


-So if it's not a game, if it's not entertaining education, we don't want to make it.

-And I'll tell you, everybody in this office would articulate that exact sentence to you because we understand it. We understand what our mission is.

-Gamified edutainment for entrepreneurs.

-Step number six we got here, offering training perks and a check. Clay, dive into this for us.

-Well, one is training.


-God, I don't want to make up a stat for you other than the Gallup--


- --stat we go back to.


-13% of employees are engaged, and I'm going to take the side of the employee here. I worked at Target, which is a great company. I've worked at Applebee's, which is a great company. But I can tell you this. I've worked for a good boss and a bad boss at each of those places.

One of the places I worked at, my boss was so inspiring that I wanted to do everything I needed to do because I knew that if I did my job right, he would pull me aside and give me an extra five minutes of his time and teach me, empower me, train me, coach me, guide me, lead me. It was awesome. And I was totally willing to do that, because that training was powerful.

One guy in particular, Ron Hood-- if you're watching Ron Hood-- Ron Hood, he used to say, why don't you put up some numbers and then we can talk? Why don't you actually show that you're serious about this job, and then we'll talk?

Like, I had to, like, prove myself to even earn 30 minutes of his time. And I used to sit down with him. I would take him out to eat. And I'm like, Ron, how can I improve my sales? And he would teach me these lyrical miracles, these epiphanies--

-That's awesome.

- --that would help me dramatically grow my income. The second is perks.


-Perks are just unexpected things you can do nice for people that sort of add to the corporate culture. So at Thrive, I mean, I've looked at the different options. Right now, we're buying a ton of equipment and things, but I've looked into things. And I'll give you some examples.

One thing you could do is you could hire a masseuse to come into your office. One of the clients I've worked with, we actually did that. We set it up so there's a masseuse that comes in the office one day a week. Everyone on the staff can sign up for a time slot. Well, money in, money out. It's the whole deal.

-I get you.

-But the thing is that they did that. Another company I worked with, they said it's casual Fridays. Another company says, you know what? Anybody who works here gets a free fitness membership.


-So the perks are things that are added little bonuses.


-And then the final, the least important, is the check.

-OK so in this management training. Why is that the least important?

-Because employees that are surveyed, there's all sorts of data that shows employees that are surveyed and they're asked to rate the most important things in the company, the pay is somewhere in the middle or near the bottom. Pay is going to be there if you're a good employee, but you really want to focus on the training and the perks.

-And the training you schedule. I mean, is this something that often happens on a regular basis for your companies?

-Yeah. I this week, I spent about two hours devoted directly to training with a young man and a young woman who are developing as leaders, and they needed that time. And as we're growing Thrive, the team, I mean, there's more and more time scheduled for training all the time. I think Dan, one of our production managers, probably meets with our production staff every day, two or three times a day. I say two or three. I think it's three times every single day.

-And it's vital. I mean, it's important for the growth of your company.


-All right. Let's do step number seven. Fire the uninspired quickly.

-Now, this is something that's offensive to a younger me, if I was younger me watching this, I would have been all worked up. I would have been like, whatever. You don't understand about people's families. People have families, and they-- yeah, OK. Here's the deal. Nobody's going to be blindsided by firing.


-We're never going to fire somebody. We're never going to say, hey, you're fired without telling them.


-Everyone's going to know where they stand because we go back to step five. We do accountability and expectations. So I'm just making up an example.

But if I said to you, hey, did you book any appointments today? And you said, nope. And I'm like, well, the expectation is that you will. You need to fix that. I say it to you day two. Did you book any of them? Day three-- about day five, you should start to feel like man, I am not hitting the expectations that they want.

Now, if I show you applying effort and trying to do better, I'm going to try to find maybe another position for you at the company that you can take. But if I don't show you showing any inspiration--

-Right, any effort.

- --then I'm going to fire you as quickly as possible. And to quote my main man Vince Lombardi, the NFL Hall of Fame coach-- I love this quote, it makes me just, ooh, it makes me excited.

-Share with us.

-"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm--


- --you will be fired with enthusiasm."

-See what he did there? OK, let me do my TD Jakes.


"If you aren't fired with enthusiasm"-- ha-- "you will be fired with enthusiasm." Ha!

-There you go.

-Unbelievable. You have to do this, though.


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: For your business to succeed, you have to train or fire the B and C employees on your team, because if you don't you won't attract any A employees.
  • "It's too easy, as a team grows, to put up with a few B players, and they then attract a few more B players, and soon you will even have some C players. A players like to work only with other A players, which means you can't indulge B players." - Steve Jobs
  • Steps To Finding Quality People Quickly: 1. Casting a big vision 2. Consistently post job opportunities even when you are fully staffed 3. Conduct group interviews twice per week 4. Conduct group interviews twice per week 4. Offer trial period employment to vet candidate's 5. Create a step by step onboarding process 6. Offer training, perks, and checks 7. Fire the uninspired quickly


-Why is this is so hard sometimes for-- I mean, it goes back to the training period like we talked about. It's uncomfortable to fire people, right?

-Yeah, it's more comfortable to not be able to provide your wife. And for those of you by into the Judeo-Christian philosophy, just Google "providing for your family," and see some of the verses the come up. But in the Judeo-Christian worldview, there's verses that say it's worse to be a unbeliever than it is to not provide for your own family. It's a little, harsh. And I was like--

-But that's a real responsibility.

-(UNDER BREATH) I probably need to provide for her. Yeah, so I realized quickly. I had to choose either dealing with that un-inspired person--

- --who's bringing the business down.

-Unless you have a church, a ministry, or some sort of college where you're just trying to mentor America for the betterment of the world, fire people who are not inspired. You're not there to just--

-Well, and if you continue to collect these uninspired people, these B players they've been called, they continue to grow, that number of people.

-And here's a little Steve jobs quote that just tops it off. Steve Jobs says, "It's too easy, as a team grows, to put up with a few B players, and then attract a few more B players, and soon you will even have some C players. A players like to work only with other A players, which means you can't indulge B players."

So this morning, I had a conversation with somebody who's a B player. And we have some conversations about some B player activity. And he's like, well, the reason why I'm doing this is because I need this and that. And I'm like, hey, you know what? God has an awesome plan for your life, it just doesn't involve me paying you. So I'll help you find another job, but you just aren't a good fit here.

And if you're on a basketball team right now, and you're a really good player. You'll be frustrated if I'm on your team. Because I'm not going to be able to keep up if you're very, very good. And you wouldn't want to be on that team where your an awesome player and then you're surrounded by people that can't really perform at the same level. If you're on a-- does ultimate Frisbee have a team?

-I've heard of, yeah, it's very big--

-Well, ultimate Frisbee has a team-- well, apparently, if you're on an ultimate Frisbee team, you might not want to have a C player on your ultimate Frisbee team. All right, so maybe you do. Maybe you do. Maybe it's a weird challenge. I'm not sure the rules of the game. Maybe it's something you do-- you're like, put a C player and try to dodge them or something.

-For your business, you've got to protect it, so you've got the best players there at all times.


-And so, we've gone through it, right? We've gone through all these steps-- casting the vision-- the importance of that, posting, hiring, how to create that smooth on board transition for your employees. We've touched on each one of these, and we ended it with that one of getting rid of the uninspired quickly. Because that often limits businesses. If your hanging onto those B players, you will not grow and achieve that next level of goals.

-This limits almost all businesses.

-This is huge. So you have to implement. Remember, we say it all the time. Knowledge without application is pointless. We're dropping knowledge on you.


-You got to apply it.

-Boom. Hey, real quick, for anybody out there watching, if your name is Karen Taylor I want to tell you that your son is a beautiful man. But I think he's had some plastic surgery.

-No, no this is-- none of that-- paycheck's not big enough.

-(QUIETLY) He's had some plastic-- paychecks are too big.

-Thank you, Clay, for your time. I really appreciate it.

-(QUIETLY) Yep. Karen, I'm worried.

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