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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about holding employees accountable.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Clay Clark:
    -Jose Miranda
    (Host & Content Creator, Thrive15.com)
  • “What is the best, simplist way to have employees re-fuel (our) service vehicle?”
  • Notable Quotable: “Only the paranoid survive.”
    -Andy Grove
    (Co-founder and former CEO of Intel)
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:
  • Action Steps for holding employees accountable: 1. Set up daily checklists.
  • Lesson Nugget: Anything that is casual will cause casualties.
  • Ample Example:
  • Truth Cannon:
  • Mystic Statistic: 75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.
  • Mystic Statistic: The number of people who now admit to wasting time at work every day has reached a whopping 89%.
  • Action Steps for holding employees accountable: 2. Install a verification loop.
  • Story Time:
  • Action Steps for holding employees accountable: 3. Install merit-based pay.
  • Notable Quotable: “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”
    -Andrew Carnegie
    (Scottish-American industrialist who led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century.)
  • Editor's Note: Eric Chupp
  • Firehose Of Knowledge:
  • Editor's Note: If you have any questions, email us at: info@thrive15.com

- Hello and welcome. Thank you for joining us. I'm joined here by Mr. Clay Clark. Clay, how are you doing this morning? - I am doing awesome and I am pumped up here to talk about holding employees accountable. - There you go. There you go. Well we got this mail back question from Curtis. Curtis is saying and he's asking, what is the best simple way to have employees refuel the service vehicle. Now before you jump into it, Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel said this, "Only the paranaid." Paranoid, that's my Spanish accent, "Only the paranoid survive." Clay, how do we hold employees accountable? - Okay, well here is the deal. You go two questions. The first question is, what's the most simple way to have employees refuel the service vehicle. I would say, what you want to do is you want to pull up the gas station, you want to open that... - Click the clicker on the car. - Yeah, it depends, you want to unscrew the thing or you got the clicker, and then you put the gas in and typically they'll just pay and then you-- - And leave the cell phone in the car. - Yes and then you have to run inside and give the guy cash. But anyway, that's the mechanics, obviously, but the true issue is how do you get your people to do it. Its a simple task but they're just not doing it. So you have really two things that are going on here. One is they're choosing not do it they know, they are choosing not to do it or, one, they don't know how to do it. I choose to believe they would know how to do it but maybe they don't so I would walk them through the process and, hey, this is the corporate card we use, this is what you need to do. Now we're passed that. Now we need to know to do I get them to do it. - Because it can be a very frustrating experience for the business owner or the people in that company. - Yeah and I would just say, this is a problem that thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs are in the world that we talk to have. So we're gonna go into the action steps. - Okay, let's do it. Awesome. - We're here for you. So one, is you want to set up the daily checklist, okay? The daily checklist. You want to have a specific checklist that says, at the end of the day, you need to put all your tools up, check, you need to verify that this tool's here, check, you need to verify that tool's here, check, you need to go ahead and submit all your invoices, check, whatever your end of the day process is, you need to refuel the vehicle with gas, check. - I can just see our driver saying, "Clay, do you really have to be that specific?" - Yes, anything that is casual will cause casualties. Casualness causes casualties. - Say that again, slow it down. - If you're casual, its gonna cause a casualty. So as an example we had a young dude in our company, in our photography company about two years ago. After the wedding, you have to take the wedding photos of the girl, photos we took of the bride and the groom, and you take them on a digital camera, and you take the images when your done and you load them onto the server. Why do you load the photos on the server Jose. - Well number one, you don't want to lose your pictures. Number two, you have to edit the pictures. - There we go, so what happens was is that he took the checklist and he just did this move. This is the move, this is the death move, I'm gonna teach all the entrepreneurs, this is the move of death, this is the move you want to fire someone for doing this. - Oh oh. - So I'm going to show you. What he did was you have this little box where you put in your initials. Let me pull it up. This is the box with your initials, okay? - Yeah. - An he does this. He just draws a line down and he just draws a line. - Oh no. - So I, because I have read Andy Grove, and I understand only the paranoid survive, I walked in and I said, "Hey, homes, "did you put the photos on the server?" He goes, "Absolutely." I said, "Really? "Did you put them in the right folder?" "Absolutely." "Did you verify that they are on the server?" "Absolutely." - So you went down that checklist. - Oh I did this all the time. - Wow. - And so homie says, "Yeah, I did." And this is the second time we had this conversation. And I look at the photos were not uploaded on the server, and he was about ready to reformat the cards. - Your kidding. - So, because I can't reformat his face, I just said, "Hey, let's reformat your work life balance, "you have a ton of time now available for life. "'cause you're unemployed, you're freaking fired." - Wow. - "You're going to fire me "because I didn't do a checklist?" - "Yeah." Because the business is the golden goose, if you saw somebody attacking your goose, - Yeah. - You'd want to, you know, fight that person but also on behalf of the customer, I mean could you imagine if you were the bride and you lost your wedding photos because somebody drew a line through the checklist 'cause they're lazy cause they want to go home early? So I'm gonna be totally blunt with you. I mean this, I mean this, I'm totaling blunt with this. Little over half of all of the employees in the world don't have the integrity or mental fortitude needed to sustain a job. - Wow. - Are you saying the unemployment rate should be 51%? Hell yes. It should be 51%. So if you Google it, we'll add this stat to the screen, CBS did a news study. CBS teamed up with the US chamber, they did a study. They found that, what percentage of employees would you guess were found that steal at work, just guess. - I'm just gonna guess over 70%? - It's 75%. - Oh, almost. - Only because you're paranoid would you guess that. And we'll put this data. I'm just saying, how much time does the average employee waste at work, by the way? The average employee waste, we'll put the stats up on the screen, on social media, e-mail, things not related to work. - I'm guessing a little higher than what I said. - We'll put the stats up there. It'll freak people out, all I'm saying is you make the checklist, the second you want to install a verification loop. A verification loop says, I trust but I verify. On this checklist I just drew up here, you have a checklist where a person puts their initials. They put their initials right here but you have another column where you check so the next morning you go, is your gas tank full? Have you guys ever returned a rental car before? Have you ever returned-- - Ah, sure. - They go, "Um, sir, there wasn't a massive asteroid "size dent on the size of the car when you dropped it off. "When we picked it up." And most people are like, "No, it definitely had "a massive dent on the front of the hood. "You might have missed that. You might have missed "the fact that the front portion of the car is missing." - Right. - You know, and then, no seriously, that's why Enterprise rental car, they walk around the car, they inspect it, have you noticed that? - Yup. - They go, "Any dents. Do you see a dent?" They walk around with you, have you ever-- - Oh yeah. And I often hear you, you're one of the greatest mentors in my life. You said two things to me. Number one, Jose, it takes 15 to 20 years to build a reputation, it can take two minutes to destroy for life. - Yes. - Second, you said to me, Jose, when you're running a business and your doing business, you gotta inspect what you expect. - This is the issue. So when you return a car at Enterprise, they walk around the car. Why? Because they have hundreds and thousands of cars they rent out every day. - Why aren't you doing it? Curtis, you gotta walk around that car and you gotta check that stuff off the list. - Because he's expecting that for his company. - That's right. So why does Southwest Airlines, every single time you're on a flight, "Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be coming around in "bababoom bangbangbang bangbangbang "make sure you sit in the center, "we have two seats available, "its gonna be a full flight today, "make sure you find your seats and we'll be" and then the person walks up and down the row and goes, "Did you put on your seat belt?" - Yeah. - And their looking around like a rooster, just, "Sir, could you put your seat belt on? "Boboboom. Boomboom," and then they walk up to you if you're on that row with the extra leg room, which is the row that I always go to. You sit A class, you get to sit where-- - Yeah. Exit row. - Exit row, yeah, and they go, "Sir, if this plane were to have an emergency, "would you be willing to open that door?" and I'm thinking, "I'm not opening that door "if there's an emergency." But then I'd say, "Yes. Uh, yes." You know what I mean? - But then if it really happens, would you take it? - What he's saying - Pick the other way. - If we're falling out of the air, I don't know if I'm going to go, - "Honey, open the." - Open the window. - I'm just gonna sit there, I'm not gonna go, "Just get it together man." There's gonna be like some large man and some sweet woman that will have to slap me repeatedly. - I was in a Southwest flight and the thing that landed, and the lady, God is my witness, with her hip hit it, and deployed the... - No. - Yes, she did. - Not good. - Five hour layover in Puerto Rico. - Beautiful. See, that's, that is, fun factoid right there. - Sorry, we're off the trail. - No but here's the thing is, Travis, I want to walk through it, you do, I want to make sure we get on this, you do, you absolutely do have to inspect what you expect. So that's item number one, make the checklist, but two install a verification loop, just like Southwest Airlines. They make sure that every single flight, they ask you if you're willing to do it. - Right. - Every single time they read the airplane safety, every single time they say, you can't smoke on the plane. Who smoking on planes? - Yeah, yeah. - "Hey, buddy, could you not smoke?" "What!? "I love smoking. It's good for me. "I love smoking on the plane." I mean, who does that? But I guess that was a thing. - checklist. - I guess people who flew in the sixties, do you remember flying on a plane in the sixties, Curtis? Do you remember that, it was awesome. Smoking everywhere. Then the third, is you want to install a merit based pay program which means you pay people for the work they do, not for what they say they're gonna do. And so to quote Andrew Carnegie, paraphrase, we'll put the quote on the screen here. - Absolutely. - He says, "The older I get, "the less I listen to what people say, "and the more I watch what they do." - Okay. - So, it's an unfortunate thing, it's an unfortunate circumstance, but, you know, we own businesses and I wish I could tell you that every week, we don't have to fire somebody, but this week, I had to whack somebody. It's not fun, but I explain, "hey listen, "there's a program called Copyscape.com "and I ran the search engine articles your writing, "through the program and it was discovered "that you copied the text." And this is exactly what was said, I cannot make this up. - Wow. - He looks right at me and goes, "What had happened was I got myself in a bind. "and so what had happened was I didn't know how much you could copy or how much you can't." I'm like, "Let's review. "On the training, you can't copy any of it." You see, that's the thing is like, "if you're in that room writing and you're just like, "constantly writing a search engine, "eventually you're going to say the same thing. "Well actually, it's scientifically not possible "for you to have repeated yourself "or somebody else, specifically word by word, "for a thousand words." - Verbatim. - "Now, so, what you saying, "what you, so what, what do I need to do, "I mean, I didn't really know." And I just go, "Hey homie, I think you're a great guy, "you're just no longer an employed guy." So, shhp, and then I go home and hang out with my chickens. So I'm just saying, Curtis, never nervous Curtis, never nervous Curtis, this is for you. One, you gotta makes sure, you gotta make sure to set up a checklist, okay? Two, you gotta install a verification loop, and three, you have to install merit based pay programs because, also yesterday, I caught somebody doing something good. - Tell me, tell me. - Well specifically, Eric, one of our producer guys, Eric, do you see how fast that computer's going? - Come on, somebody. - I'm like, and did I not come in there and say, "Good job?" And did you not get a bonus for cleaning up the studio here? Yes, because he did the right thing and so he got a reward for doing it and as a business owner, the reason why you started a business, come on, let's be honest. We didn't start a business owner to, "I want to help the community and employ people. "I just love making the world green. "That's why I did it because I love people and green." No, you start a business because you want to make copious amount of coinage so you can buy super expensive-- - Chickens. Chickens. Ducks. - Most people who bought, you want to buy a flat screen. - Yeah. - "I'm not into materialistic--" Whatever, you want a flat screen, you want to go on a trip, you want to live on an island, you want to live on a boat, you want to go on Netflix and not see your cards decline, you want to fill your car up with gas. "I don't need anything. I'm just all about people." Bogus! You need to buy things. - I feel like you need some church music after that, brother. - Yeah, well this is a-- - Or something. - I'm just gonna say this. - Just say it. - And unless you are-- - Oh oh, here we... Communist. - A member of the Communist regime you are in business to make money and so you need to set up a system so the people on your team who get their jobs done well can make money. - There you go. - But if you don't, just get over there, get on a plane, move out to Spain, those guys haven't invented anything in like a thousand years, they never made a profit, go to Spain, go to Greece, those guys would love to have you and if you just do anything that's mildly productive, the people of Spain will name a holiday after you so they can have one day off of work, and they can have another siesta. - Siesta at two thirty. - There it is. - Yeah, there we go. Well if you want a siesta, you know where to move, and that's how you can keep your employees accountable and like always, if you have further questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@thrive15.com there's a button there at the right bottom of your screen, right hand side of your screen, you can press that, ask us any questions. Again, we're here to see you succeed, this has been a great fun training. Clay, mail back question. Can't wait to see you next time. Thanks for tuning in. Baboom! - Poof.

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