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This business coaching episode will teach the importance of the horizontal navigation bar.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 4. A logical horizontal navigational bar
  • Lesson Nugget: If people cannot relate and understand the language and functionality of your website, they will not stay.
  • Lesson Nugget: Both users and Google like this structure.
  • Lesson Nugget: All of your horizontal navigation items need to make sense with your main topic.

- Variable number four, okay. A logical horizontal navigational bar. This is super important in so many different ways. Clay, Jason, can you guys help us out in understanding why a logical horizontal navigational bar is so crucial? - I'm just going to kick it over to my main man, Jason to let him kinda tee it off a little bit here and then I'll get into it. - Let's do it, so you said logical? That's one of the words you used. And so I'm going to go back to above the fold for a little bit here. So what you're trying to do is get people into your content. You're trying to tell them about what service or product you provide, right? And so logical, you're gonna see things like About Us, Contact Us, Services, Products, those are kind of normal. And what that builds is an expectation in a customer that if I go to a website and I don't understand what the navigation says, what are these things at the top? They've chosen really weird words. Then, they're probably not going to stay on your website. If you can't relate to them and speak their language and get them to the information that you want to provide, they're going to bail out on you. And so that's one thing is logical. - Okay, logical. I want to make sure that I'm communicating this. Thrivers, we have a Thriver out there named Mykola. You can find him in the community section, this guy's awesome, Mykola. He's thought of the business idea, found Thrive15, learned how to turn his idea into a business. Now he has a real business and it's called American Hybrid Homes with, I think, four dudes. He's hiring the fourth dude. His business is growing. It's awesome. Things are going great. Look how good his website looks now. Isn't that pretty cool? It's got the About Us, the How it Works the Drywall Install, the Insulation, Job Videos, Testimonials. All that stuff is logical. It's a logical, horizontal navigation. It just makes sense, okay? So I want to walk you through this. One, is both the users and Google like the structure. People are familiar with it. Don't struggle with jackassery and put it at the bottom of your website just to be fun. Don't be the guy who's like, why isn't it on the right column? We literally had a client a few years ago who put everything on the right side of the site, down, it was like a stacked column. Have a good one. Are you dealing with a lot of Mandarin speaking clients? I mean, literally, right? He's like, why? And I go, most people read left to right, top, down. What are you doing? Well I just feel like if I do a little different look it'll be something that they're not expecting. That's a lot like showing up naked to someone's wedding. It's unexpected, not appropriate, maybe it's appropriate, I'm not sure what kind of background you have. But the thing is its kinda weird. And the next thing is all of your horizontal items need to make sense with your main topic. So, insulation does it make sense to be on American Hybrid Homes? It's an insulation company. It helps your home be more energy efficient. Does it make sense, yeah. Job Videos, makes sense. Testimonials, makes sense. How it Works, makes sense. About Us, makes sense. Contact Us, it makes sense.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Make sure that everything on your website is world-class!
  • Editor's Note: We are here to help you succeed! Email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • Lesson Nugget: Be sure when users scroll on a mobile device, they can find the horizontal navigational bar easily on your website.
  • Lesson Nugget: Google "mobile nav icon"
  • Recommended Resources: http://www.flaticon.com
  • Recommended Resources: http://eleganthemes.com http://themeforest.net

- What doesn't make sense? Oh, man. There's a lot of websites you and I've worked on where we're going, "Why do you have the word 'soccer camps' "on your insulation website?" "I'm into soccer." "Okay. "Do customers have any idea of the connection?" "No, I'm just into soccer." And it's fun to do that, but that might mean it needs to be buried in About Us, and then under About Us, you put things I'm interested in and you write about soccer. But it just can't be random, okay? Also, also, also, okay. You've got to make sure that everything you're building here is world-class. It has to look, what are we doing if we're building a site and we're not trying to make it look world-class? So Thrivers, we can help you. If you're struggling right now, making a homepage, email us, info@thrive15.com. We are here for you, we're here to help you. We're like your brodas, we're like you. We are your brodas. Yoda kind of creepy, Dagobah swamp. Brodas. We're here in the center of the universe in Tulsa, Oklahoma helping you. So just email us, info@thrive15.com, we will help you through this. But, Marshall, Jas, anything I'm missing about this? I just wanna make sure that I'm making it super, duper, everybody walks with 100% clarity, you want the horizontal navigational bar at the top, anything I'm missing out on? - No, that covers it. I mean, it's about expectations. - I have one, I have one. - [Jason] Let's do it. - When you bring it in to mobile, so lets go back to scorebball.com, you've got to make it where people can find the horizontal navigational bar when they scroll it into mobile. So let's bring it into mobile. What kind of, what are those three horizontal bars that people are seeing there, what is that? - We always joke that it looks like a hamburger. That's kind of our cute little way of saying "navigation icons." But people are familiar with that kind of triple bar, and I click that and they have an expectation of what's gonna happen if I click that. - [Clay] Why not put a picture of a duck? - [Jason] That would be very weird. - [Clay] Why? - [Jason] Because I don't know what a duck-- - [Clay] A lot of people are doing this right now. Don't do that, I mean, so just do these little things, where can you get those three little horizontal bars if you're looking for those? Where can the kids at home get those? - Man, what I would do is Google "mobile nav icon," I mean there's any number of terms. - [Clay] Can we do that one time, just so they can find it? - [Jason] Let's do it. - [Clay] Mobile nav icon. Mobile nav, was the mobile nav icon like a very iconic Harley owner? - [Jason] Perhaps? - Okay, moving on. - [Jason] Perhaps. Yeah, so the web is full of graphics like this that I could download. - [Clay] Is there sites that you'd recommend you go to to buy said things or to get said things or what do you do? - Well, there is a website called flaticon.com, - [Clay] Really? - That you can get this, but you have to attribute the person who created it so they get their credit. - Flaticon.com? - [Jason] Yeah. - Where do most mobile web guys really get it though? - Well, if you are a photoshop guy, a design guy, you'll probably create it yourself, but for the average person out there, the nice, those themes we were talking about earlier, WordPress themes? A lot of those have these icons built into them. - [Clay] For people who maybe skipped ahead and didn't see that one, where can they find those themes? - You know, so two sites I'm gonna recommend: elegantthemes.com, and then ThemeForest. If you wanna Google that, you're gonna find just thousands of themes out there and a lot of those have icons built into it, you don't have to do anything to do it. You just install it and go. - Well I rest my case. I feel like we've tackled the difficult subject of horizontal, logical, horizontal navigational bars and up next we're gonna be talking about, what, Marshall? - Title tag compliance.

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