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This business coaching lesson teaches about the house rules in your business.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Lesson Nugget: House Rules
  • Editor's Note: For all FREE downloads email us at: info@thrive15.com
  • House Rule Example #1: 1. How you feel and what you say doesn’t matter. It’s what you do.
  • Lesson Nugget: You must have an unconditional willingness to do what needs to be done whether you feel like it or not. IDFLIDS - "I Don’t Feel Like It Days" come for everyone, but only weak people let their feelings dictate their actions
  • House Rule Example #2: Never negative on the floor.
  • Lesson Nugget: Talking about negative, dirty, off-color, offensive, political, or racist things while on the floor is simply unacceptable. Don’t ever tell any co-worker how you feel unless it’s “great.”
  • Editor's Note: Mrs. Tulsa County Vanessa Clark

- Okay, so the next thing that you're going to want to include in you operations manual are the house rules. These are super important because this is going to give you an area to specify the specifics of what goes and what doesn't go in the place of business. - I'd like you to read us just three examples of house rules maybe two or three, just so that the thrivers can hear a couple. All of this, thrivers, this is available for download. You just email intel@thrive15.com. Bang, you can download it, but let's go ahead and go through a few, and we've already made a template for you, so you'll be able to just put your stuff in there. - Oh yeah, that sounds good. - Okay, so one of the examples is how you feel and what you say doesn't matter. It's what you do. Okay, that's the first house rule. - So, at our elephant in the room business, I don't care how you feel and I don't care what you say, I care what you do, so what happens, I see a lot of people, there's one guy in the office, I was especially proud of him this week. He looked like crap. He looked like he was not physically sick, but you could tell he hadn't slept, and I knew in his life he had a very personal situation that he was dealing with, and he turned it on when the customers walked in, and he had an awesome day. It didn't matter how he felt, but he just got it done. I didn't really, and he didn't come to me and say, "I'm going to get it done." He just got it done. Now, also, this week, a really bad situation. We had somebody who's kind of like their own hype man. This person, she's a lady in the business, and she's like, "I tell you what this is the day that "I'm going to bring it, I'm going to bring that in energy. "I'm going to make it happen. "Customers, they're going to leave so pumped up, so excited. "They're going to be, I'm just telling you I am pumped." And by like two hours into the shift, she dealt with her first angry customer of the day, you know, the first guy, you're cutting their hair and they're kind of negative, and she was like, literally, like it was just like Eeyore, okay. I don't care what she said. I don't care how she feels. I just care what she did. Next point. - The second example could be never negative on the floor. Okay, so never negative, that's a house rule. - So, as example, last night, my wife and I, we're one and a half, well, it be seven days now, seven days away from her running for Mrs. Oklahoma. So, she's been training, physical fitness. She's been practicing her talk. She's been talking to like a coach. She's practiced the walking and then the swimsuit deal, and it's this whole like thing. And she is excited, you know what I mean? She is excited, but for me it's been so stressful. I honestly have felt like I am having a baby because my wife is planning this and is like "What are you thinking?" She gets this awesome outfit "What do you think?" And I am like, "I love it" "I don't know, it just doesn't look very good I don't feel like you're listening." "Okay, I don't like it" "Why don't you like it?!" - That's just a no win - Yeah, so now I watch her and I'm like "I feel how you feel, right now" She's like, "Thank you "I love that you feel how I feel" "This person is very encouraging about my campaign, "this whole pageant. This person is very negative." I'm like, for me personally if someone was negative I would just take action, but I can't. Because it is her thing, you know. How I feel doesn't really matter during my daily basis. I just need to focus on what I am doing You know what I am saying? I can't ever say anything negative in front of my customers. Does that make sense? - Yeah, absolutely and by the way I appreciate the addition of the relationship tips being added in for free into the Thrive15 memberships. - Well, I tell you what When your beautiful wife and you guys start this ultra successful company. You guys are going to be in it together. You'll be working together on this; nights, weekends,. You're grinding Sometimes we don't talk about those things. I know as a business owner, you might feel bad, on a day. We just put it into our operations manual. We just don't talk about it on the floor. You might have your own ethics there but I am just giving you a great headstart here with the operations manual downloadable.

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