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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


-So what advice would you give to somebody who's watching this, who is burning the candle at both ends? They're getting up early. They're staying up late. They're doing everything to make their idea happen. What advice would you give, maybe, to a younger version of yourself? What advice would you have now give to yourself as you were launching this product?

-I wouldn't have had another choice. There's a period where there's no "off" switch, and this is the danger zone. I'm hitting 60. So we're going back, rewind 30 years. And it's easy to look back at these 30 years and say, well 30 years later this is where I'm at.

But in actual fact, looking at those 30 years and possibly if you're in your 30s, your 20s, late 20s, late 30s, and you're starting off on your own in this new business endeavor-- I was completely out of balance. I was "on the rivet." I was in a place of what I believe to be my zone. This was the place of indomitable spirit. I was re-wired. I was more powerful than I could of ever dreamed.

I knew everything clearer then clear. I was on the path. I had a mission, and there was nothing in the world that was going to stop me. What I didn't realize at the time was that I didn't have structure, balance. And I was slightly off target.

It wasn't about making the money. It wasn't about turning people on. But from the years that started to evolve from that point, I made a lot of sacrifices that in retrospect, looking at the part, the way it unfolded over the 20 years, I would have made adjustments.

The first thing I would have done, I would have slowed down with myself. I would have been a bit more gentle on myself. I would have looked for a mentor or a coach. I didn't have a mentor at that time, and I didn't have a coach. I was the coach. I was the mentor.

I had sanity. My wife was my sanity. She was my barometer. But being young and aggressive, and on the push for success, I wasn't always conscious. And I wasn't always listening to my partner. My partner had the ability to look in. When she looked in, she could see the things that would not only promote my career, but the things that could actually hurt my career. I took that as fear, and the fear is a fine line.

I felt that, at the time, that balance was a weakness, that finding this little box was not going to work. And it took me years to realize that the endurance path-- not too high, not too low, but this middle path of being patient-- would be far better serving as I got older.

So patience became something that I realized looking back on that I didn't have. I was compulsive. I was "on the rivet." I was "on the rivet" so hard that I would hear my friends in my head, my training partners, and I was not as conscious of my own family.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

JOHNNY G: You want to look at yourself in the mirror and you've got to weigh this up. Weighing it all up, I'm blessed to be where I am. And what made this blessing real is that I had the perspective today that I have evolved from the early years of looking at the negative side and looking at the positive side. The negative side was I was too hard on myself. The negative side was that I had no off switch. The negative side was that I was relentless. The negative side was I pushed myself so hard that I dissolved teeth in my mouth during the race across America. I had nose bleeds.

Was I excessive? Of course I was excessive. Did I want to make it more than anybody I knew in my pack that wanted to make it? Absolutely. Was I balanced at the time? This was the big question. Was I courageous? Absolutely. And I think that in this big picture that we face, balance and harmony is more important than these huge endeavors. I wasn't blessed and gifted where I was a trust fund child. I wasn't blessed and had my father and family funding my endeavors. These endeavors came from that Ginsu knife on the street.

CLAY CLARK: I have two final questions for you. One, why did your spinning movement gain traction in your mind when so many other businesses did not for other people? I mean a lot of people have a business idea that never gains traction. Why do you think the spinning class did? And the second question is, tell us a little bit about this next project you're working on, this next phase, and some of the traction you're starting to see with that.

JOHNNY G: People love the experience and the feeling and they can relate to the bicycle. The bicycle is a universal tool. So the sensation you had on a bicycle when you were young was the same sensation that you could have on a bicycle relived as you got older. It was safe. No cars. No dogs. No potholes. Very social. Music. It didn't matter that how old you were and what your conditioning was. On a stationary bike, the bike didn't move. You had your own resistance. So you could be stronger than somebody else, you could be older than somebody else, but everybody finished the 40 minutes like a champion.

CLAY CLARK: That's right.

JOHNNY G: It was empowering. And it still is. Spinning and indoor cycling is one of the hardest categories in exercise today. Why? People are empowered. It's social.

CLAY CLARK: So with this next product, tell us what the product is. Tell us it why you're excited about it and why you think Thrivers should check it out.

JOHNNY G: OK, so, In-Trinity is a philosophy. It's the engagement of three parts. And initially I thought it was the engagement between my crank cycle, my upper body spinning bike, and the spinning bike, and the In-Trinity board. These three parts. And then I realized it was a little bit deeper than that. People were looking for energy in. People started saying, I want balance. I'm working too hard, and life is throwing too much at me. I need to slow down. I need to get rest. I need to re-nourish. I need to elevate myself in a way that I can start to nurture. I can start to rebuild. I can start to connect with myself in a way that I haven't been connecting.

See, my entire career was leading up to this moment. Everything I'd ever done.

CLAY CLARK: Leading up to right now.

JOHNNY G: Right now. See this conversation and trying to find myself. Confucius said it. He said that, "Through confusion, you'll find the way." He didn't say find the way and then get confused. He said that through confusion, you'll find the way. So my entire career and the path, everything that I've ever learned about putting energy out, was really the beginning prototype for what I'm dealing with right now.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3


CLAY: And what is that?

-It's a very special movement that's done on an incline board. So with In-Trinity you look at this board and piece of wood. And you say, well it's just movement on an elevated platform.

But in actual fact, it's not. You see, people have been training on a flat surface for a lifetime. The floor. We've been training on a flat surface. We do aerobics on a flat surface. We put our bicycles on a flat surface. You go outside. You go up a hill, you go down a hill. But you're basically on a surface.

There's space below the floor. Gymnasts feel it. It's called negative space.

In-Trinity training board and In-Trinity training system allows you to go deeper than you ever imagined, or it allows you to access what you couldn't access.

-And you have people all over the world doing this now.

-The first boards are available in October. We have 60 master instructors around the world. And we've been showing the preview to the movie.

So we just finished our seventh showing of the In-Trinity around the world. And the world is very excited. And what's happening is the same sensation I had when I saw people on the bicycle, and I saw people finding this rhythm that was so natural, is exactly the same as what's happening with In-Trinity.

-You can feel it.

-Now I can taste this. I can feel it. I've seen it.

People have understood movements for so many years. What this has done is it's created a new environment like a jungle gym to take the movements that you've been playing with and to transfer them onto another platform.

-Now one thing, Thrivers, I want to encourage you to just to marinate on here-- and I mean this in the most positive way possible. Years ago when I had a chance to work with Maurice Kanbar. He's the guy who invented SKYY Vodka. And he's the guy who invented the modern traffic light. It's the strobing traffic light that's used at all the stoplights across the country. He invented the needle protector that nurses used to keep themselves from being stung.

There's a certain white hot passion that he has for his ideas. And I just want to encourage you if you haven't seen the other episodes that Johnny G does where he talks about the importance of belief, I encourage you to watch that. Because you can just sense it's a contagious amount of passion.

And so I just wanted to see if you could end with a final, final thought here. If you could talk directly to the Thrivers at home who are watching right now, and just maybe share with them why you feel so strongly that you have to be passionate about your own ideas, just like you are about your idea. If you could just as a parting thought, share with the Thrivers why you think it's so important to be passionate about your own ideas and dreams.

-This is such a good one. Can you imagine within yourself right now in this moment, you're sitting there and you're reading, you're watching, you're learning, you're feeling that your whole life has come to a place that you've got something, that light bulb went off. There's something that's just happened in your mind.

You have this. You've tasted it. You've smelled it. You have it right here.

And this thing is like a baby. And you're sitting there with it like a child. And you are totally, totally aware that you have something that nobody has. That they're gonna appreciate.

This passion, this thing that you have within yourself to bring this to life, is possibly the most important quest that you can ever, ever embark on. It's an extension of who you as a human being.

This idea, this concept, is possibly unique within all of the world. You don't know and you can't judge what it is until you've tried, until you've worked on it, until you've put it out there. You've got to believe in what you believe in.

You've really got to believe in what you believe in. If in the beginning, nobody believes, nobody trusts, and nobody understands, or nobody can see what you can see, don't worry about that. Long day at the office.

-I appreciate you being here and letting us come into your Dojo and harass you for the afternoon.

-So, so welcome.

-And it has been so energizing. It has been just so-- to me personally, it's just phenomenal. Because this is what we envisioned Thrive would be like. This is somebody just passionately sharing specifically the lessons you've learned along the way. Because we can all learn from mistakes or mentors.

And so I just want to say on behalf of the Thrivers all over the planet, thank you for allowing us to be here, my friend.

-So welcome.

-And have a good one.

-And thank you so much.

-Thank you.

-Thank you.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 4

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