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This business coaching session will teach you how to conclude a meeting.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Super Move #8: Conclude
  • Lesson Nugget: To conclude means: 1. Recap To-Do Lists 2. Discuss Cascading Messages (any messages that need to be discussed with the entire team)

- Super Move number eight: conclude. Okay, we want to spend about five minutes on this. Clay, what is contained in this Conclude super move for the level ten meeting agenda? - We want to recap the to-do list. So you want to go over what needs to be done. You recap what needs to be done. - [Voiceover] Sure. - And then you discuss. It's called cascading messages, is what Gina Wickman calls it, and I have no disagreement with that. But it's any messages that need to be discussed with the entire team as a result of the decision. As an example, if Jose is in charge of a department of our company, we don't need to bring his entire department to the meeting, but if the decision's been made that affects the entire department, that's a cascading message. So now you need to walk out and tell all ten people, twenty people, thousand people, whatever it is, what needs to be. So as an example, you have a big company right now, and you're in the meeting, and Marshall's in charge of one department. You're in charge of a department, and I'm in charge of a department. We made three decisions that affect a total of 3,000 people. 2,000 are in your department, 500 in mine, and 500 in his. We all need to go tell our people and make sure that everyone clearly understands the new directive. That's what it means. - So Conclude: recap the to-do list, what is going to get done this week, then discuss what cascading messages need to be communicated. - Yep. - Okay.

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