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This business coaching lesson shares how to get it all done.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: Find a place where you specifically go to get away from people and get things done.
  • Action Step: Find a way to motivate yourself all the time.
  • Lesson Nugget: Make sure that the sounds, sights, and space where you work is conducive for you.

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-Then the next thing is, create the right geographical location when you want to grow your business. Everybody I know who's successful has a specific place where they do stuff. So what's your most productive place?

-My shop.

-Your shop?


-And that's an extension of your house? It's in your house?

-Off of the courtyard, before you get into our home, is like a little house. And I've converted that into my shop. So it's built out inside.

-Are you much more productive there than other places?


-OK, so I'm going to go ahead. I'm going to replace my picture of my angry army guy with my new picture.


-Your shop, is it a square? Is it a rectangle?


-OK, so this is a rectangle. Is there a certain kind of music that you want to listen to while you're working, where you're most productive, or do you prefer to have no music?

-I actually watch the Thrive 15 when I work.

-Oh, you do? You listen to it? OK. So let's just say let's put down your Thrive. And then for me, I listen to-- I'm just throwing it out for me-- for me, I only do R&B music, or if I'm writing, I do scores from movies, like epic scores. And if I'm just working on paperwork, I'll do R&B. Every single day, I do this. If you walk in this building, you're going to hear me jamming out to R&B, because that's what I do every single morning. Not during the work day, but in the morning.

Then, do you have like a magical chair? Do you have your own space there you already sit at, your magical chair? Do you have it decorated in a way that's positive for you?

-It's literally built out floor to ceiling, shelving filled with product, all the way around.

-Is there any phrase or thing that motivates you?

-Well, there are several.

-What if-- is there a movie that motivates you?

-Off the top of my head, no. I love listening to the Thrive 15, whenever I work. I love that.

-Well, here's the thing. You have got to find a way to motivate yourself all the time. Not that you're not motivated, but I have to. So this morning I woke up. I mean, that pisses me off, about this assclown. I'm frustrated. Like, why can't he just do his job and not do horrible things? I don't want to have to fire him. But I have to.

Well, to stay positive, I have got to either be unaware of what's going on, or I have to find a way to motivate myself. So what I've done is I surround myself with notable quotables everywhere. And almost every successful person I know does same thing. So David Robinson's place, it's a certain decor that works for him. And when he's working, he's working. Lee Cockerell, the Disney guy, has his own certain decor that he has, with Disney motif everywhere, things that motivate him. But we got to find a way to-- with the sounds, we got to make sure that our sounds, and our sights, and then our space is conducive for you working.

-Now, one thing that I did do, because I don't have wall space to do a blackboard was I took a picture frame, took out the little cheesy picture out of the back, put a piece of paper, and dry erase marker. So this way I have a desktop version.

-I love it.

-Maybe if I did two of those, one for to do's tasks, or things of that nature, and then another one for motivational.

-Absolutely. I'm just telling you that motivating yourself is so important. And I don't know what motivates you. I just know that for me, I get like-- and it's probably because I own businesses, and I deal with hundreds of people. I see people doing horrible stuff so much. I'm just like, gah! Or if you get sued, you know, you're just like, why am I getting sued? I've been doing everything the way I'm supposed to. I've been honoring my commitments, I've been paying my bills on time, and I'm getting sued? And you just start to like-- I mean, if you're not careful, you lose momentum. So it's really serious that we have a place.

And so the next thing is, you want to create the right ambiance to work in, and you got to time block. So if we're going to be working on our dream 100, we really need to work on our dream 100. So what I'm going to do is we're going to go ahead and role play. We're going to go ahead and take your day, and we're actually going to do this system and we're going to see how good we can do it. Because this has to happen every


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Ask Yourself: What are three things that I want to get done this week?
  • Definition Magician: Reactive - Acting in response to a situation rather than approaching or controlling it.
  • Definition Magician: Proactive - Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.
  • Lesson Nugget: Have a list of your proactive tasks so that you can accomplish them when you have down time in your schedule.

-Let's say, what are some things that you want to get done immediately when you go back home to Vegas? Just give me three things. They can be personal or work. Let's just say work just for the sake of this one. -OK. I need to answer any business-related emails, check my listings, ship orders. CLAY CLARK: Now in your mind, if you had to choose a category, is that proactive or a reactive activity? WOMAN: Reactive. -See these are all things that you have to do. These are-- well, nope. We're going to skip a step. These are all reactive things. These are things that we have to do. But the proactive is we've got to make a Dream 100 list, right? We have got to make our mastermind group. And we've probably got to find a guy to make an awesome website for us. WOMAN: Correct. These are all-- we've got-- so every day, we pull stuff out of our proactive list, and we schedule a time for it. So let's go ahead and look at my schedule for today, because I've got some crazy reactive stuff in here today. So let's scroll up real quick of the top of-- let's look on Monday. Let's just make Monday big. OK. So scroll up to the top. So this morning, looks like it says, 4 o'clock, think and plan. So I got up at 4-- I got before that today, but-- 4 o'clock, I'm planning. You know, I'm doing stuff. Now here's the deal. Is I have to be here and ready for you at 7 AM. I can't be just showing up and be like, what's going on? I can't look like I'm waking up. I've got to have a plan. So to make this plan, it's about three hours for me to make this plan we're doing today to help you. That's how long it takes me. WOMAN: Thank you. -It's not a problem. You're awesome. So the preparation thing is huge for me. So I have to prep. Now some people can wing it, but I don't know those people. So most people just look stupid and pretend like they know what they're doing. But I have a plan for today. I'm going to let you leave, you're going to be like, man, I know what to do now. That's a plan. But I have to plan. Now then I'm meeting with you. So I'm meeting with you from 7 until 2 I blocked it off. Say maybe we finish early, maybe we finish later. But the point is, now what's the next thing to happen is, Bloomberg add to that call with Bloomberg at what time? 12:30? MAN: Yeah. -OK, and then after that what's the next thing? MAN: Greenleaf. -Well, I got-- there are 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock, I've got a VC call. I've got to call guys who've invested and thrived and talk to them. Then I got a Greenleaf at what time? MAN: 3:00. -3:00. Then I have what? MAN: Mix [INAUDIBLE]. But then what happens in gray over there. Look at that gray. MAN: Oh, there's sales training. -Oh geez, I've got to go to ORU and run the call center till 10:30 tonight. Know what I mean? So I've got a boom, boom, boom boom, boom-- those are all, what I would call reactive. None of those things are proactive. Now proactively-- I'll get my list. Let's go through this stuff that's highlighted on page one. This is my stuff. I've got to make sure that Rebecca gets her job requirement duties merged-- which means something to me and no one else-- and I've got to make sure she gets scheduled. Two, I've got a call Bob to verify all the times for the call center. Three, I've got to get Elephant In The Room payment today. Four, I've got to get payment from Greenleaf. Five, I've got to get Dropbox copied. Six, I've got to write a one-sheet for [INAUDIBLE]. What am I even talking about? I mean, there's a lot of crap I have to do today. So everyone's got that. Now when am I going to do it? Well if one of my meetings end early, I can do it. Or if I have a little bit of down time-- there's little pockets of time. But I've already ordained-- you see I've put a number there-- one, two, three, four, five-- I've already determined what's the most important. So if I have even 10 minutes of a downtime today, first thing I'm doing is I'm calling Bob. I'll call Bob while I'm driving. Hands free, not going to text while driving, I only email while driving. OK next thing is second, Elephant In The Room payment. If I have any more time I'm going to do that. So every day, look at how many things I have. I only plan on getting six of those done though. Now the biggest problem I have-- and on the Thrive we're going to build this app which is going to be kick butt coming out soon, where there will be a delegation station where you can actually add things to do list real time, and it'll sync with your calendar, and it is going to be sick. But in the mean time we don't have that yet. I'm trying to build my own technology here. But I have to literally talk to these people now. Now thou shall not have more than six direct reports. That's the plan. Every once in a while you have 10 or 20. I know I talked to Lee Cockerell at one point. He had 20 at Disney World. But you are going to have six to 10.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Lesson Nugget: Know exactly what you have to do in your schedule so that you will be prepared and have everything you need to do it.
  • Notable Quotable: "Saying 'yes' to success requires saying 'no' to noise."
  • Notable Quotable: "Poor people have big TV's. Rich people have big libraries." - Jim Rohn (Award winning motivational speaker)
  • Lesson Nugget: Delegating is getting someone else to do the job right while you follow up and verify.

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Here's what's going to happen. So these action items. We got it scheduled. So let's look at your schedule. So let's say your schedule's Monday. When are you going to go ahead and do your business email checklist and ship orders? When in the day? -Business emails would be in the morning. CLAY: What time? -Between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. CLAY: 8:00 to 9:00, emails. Next one. -Check-listings I'll also do between the same time. CLAY: OK Next one. -Ship orders. CLAY: Maybe 9:00 to 10:00? -No. 11:00 to 1:00, sometimes 2:00. CLAY: In the afternoon? -Yeah. Depends on how the day is going. CLAY: OK. So next one. So now moving on the proactive. When are we going to build our Dream 100? What time did we say at night? -7:00 PM. CLAY: 7:00 PM. Next thing. -Mastermind. CLAY: OK. So when would we do that? Got to build that list. Now maybe we say, we're going to that task. And then from 9:00 to 10:00 we do this task. JULIE: Yeah. That'll work. -But you get the point. JULIE: Yeah. -So what I'm saying though is let's talk about this. To do this-- you ever sat down to do a task, and you're not prepared because you don't have all your crap you need. And so you can't get started. Like you want to do it, but you don't have the stuff, or you don't have the things. You don't have the computer with you. You don't have the markers. You're not set up right. You can't get started. We want to make sure that you know with a sense of confidence, here's what I'm going to do. Now, saying yes to your own success, saying yes-- I'm going to write this down here for you. Saying yes to success requires saying no to noise. So I get people all the time-- and I love people. But, I mean, here's the difference between-- there's a guy named Logan in Oklahoma City. He's a Thriver. That's the kind of guy who's like is diligent, and he wants help, and I want to help him. Very big difference between that and homeboy who keeps setting appointments and not showing up. Hey, I want to meet you. Can we meet for coffee? These people say. Hey, Julie, I wanted to talk to you. Can you get together? It's somebody who for some reason has this gift for making you angry. Like every time you get together, they just gossip and they're negative, and they're just-- You go to say no to that. Or maybe no is watching some TV show that doesn't enrich your life, and it doesn't help you, and it's just sort of stupid. Maybe saying no is-- I don't know what you need to say no to. I just know in my life, my biggest things I had to say no to is just got rid of TV. I don't watch TV at all, ever. Never. Don't even have it. Don't even, no, don't do it. Now, what I do now is like I'll watch a specific game. But I'm never channel surfing. I remember being a business, and I'm asking Clifton. I'm like, when do you find time like relax and watch TV? He's like, I don't watch TV. Never? He's like, no, no. Poor people have huge TVs, and rich people have big libraries. I'm like, oh. So, just that kind of stuff. And then I'm like-- and then I'm remember the next thing I had to say no to is idiots. So I had a bunch of people who I thought were friends, but were actually just people who were borrowing money and my car and my gas. Leeches. I had to like to call them and say, Jose can no go moving forward. So you have to start to say no to time wasting activities and still schedule times for-- I mean, going on a walk's not a waste. Or spending time with your kids isn't a waste, or your husband. But you just got like schedule it. And if you don't schedule it-- What happens right here when you schedule it and you're so scheduled you have no more time. What do you do? -Wave the white flag. -Well, you got two options. -Clone myself. -Either one is you decrease your ambition. Or two you got to hire someone you can delegate to. -Right. -Now I want to teach you delegation because nobody in the world is delegating properly except for the really successful people. There's all these studies that show like 5% of Americans have 95% percent of the money. Why is it that 5% of the Americans have 95% of the money. I believe only 5% of people are doing things the right way. But delegating is it's not just giving someone else a task. Delegating is what you're doing is someone else is getting it done right. And then you follow up to verify. So if I put something on Ted's list, and I don't have time in my schedule to follow up, it won't get done right. Because he maybe doesn't know what I'm talking about. Maybe I gave him the wrong information. I have to schedule time to follow up. So I've got to delegate it. And then I've got to follow up. Most entrepreneurs are so busy, all they do is they just give people tasks, and they don't follow up.

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