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This business coaching lesson teaches about the HTML sitemap.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 12. HTML Site Map
  • Definition Magician: A sitemap (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Webpage that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.
  • Definition Magician: It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Webpage that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.
  • Editor's Note: Feel free to dance as Jason keeps scrolling!
  • Lesson Nugget: A sitemap acts like a table of contents listing everything on the website written in a link format.

- Okay so the next thing that we're getting into is the html sitemap. So we just covered the xml or as Clay likes to call it, the "ixmul" sitemap and now we're getting in to the html sitemap. So Clay, tell us the difference, what are we really getting into? - First off, if you want to mispronounce it, it'd be, and that's how you say incorrectly. So anyway, html sitemap definition. A sitemap is a list of pages that are accessible to crawlers or users. Check it out, you can see it. Xml if you're human and you're not bizarre, you can't see it just by looking at it. But, html, you can see the actual sitemap. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for web design or a webpage that lists the pages on a website. Typically, organized again in that, hieratical fashion. Because the word hieratical is so easy to say, we have to say it in every training. Anyway, hierarchy, hieratical. Boom. Botz. Okay, moving on here. So we're going to show you an example of a sitemap. Now we're going to show an example. So we're going to makeyourlifehip.com That's my PR firm. If you scroll on down. Where is the sitemap Stuart? - [Stuart] Clay, right here, sitemap. - The word sitemap gave it away. - [Stuart] It gave it away. - [Clay] Bing, bing, bing, bing. Bing, bing, bing, bing. That's bing, bing. Okay, nice. So now, let's look at how many pages of content we have here. - Oh, man. - Ready, "every other way we go." - Carpal tunnel "- Every other way we roll. No matter where I scroll. I see the same stuff. Every other way..." Keep going down, keep scrolling. - My wrist hurts Clay. - Keep going. Oh nice. Keep going, keep scrolling. Keep scrolling. - Oh man. - Oh yes. - And these all have like a thousand words? - Yeah. H-to-the-izzo bro. - [Marshall] So Jason, what I think I understand is xml is one language and html is a different language. - [Stuart] They're like evil twins of each other, exactly. - Like R2D2 and C3PO. - Keep on going. Now this is the content that we have written Thrivers. This is why I'm not a survivor. This is why I'm a Thriver. This is why our company wins. This is how you're going to win too. This is how you make the Benjamins, by writing this amount of content. Okay, we're going to go ahead and stop the money and the thing. But I tell you what, that is one of the better Jermaine Dupree songs. You know what I mean? Back before I changed my world view and I used to listen to awful music filled with curse words Marshall. - So Jason, you go down to the bottom of the page and you get to the html sitemap. You click on that sitemap and the sitemap basically is a single page with all of the links to the entire website on it or it's a way to navigate to every part of the website, or how do I understand that? - Think about it this way. Go back to the term paper idea or paper idea. It's like the table of contents is what that is. It's everything on the website listed in a link. - Check it, check it, check it Thrivers. I know a Thriver out there is trying to do this right now because "I did it, I did it back in the day. I shouldn't have done it, but I did it. What I did is I wrote the biggest bunch of crap in the whole world. I put it at the bottom of the site and I made the text color, the same color as the background." So we scroll all the way down real quick. Let's go back to the homepage real quick. "Because there's a Thriver doing this right now. This is sneaking, this is black hat," And that's not, you can't do it. Black hat means bad, bad. You can't do it. Black hat means a dirty search engine optimization move. But I made the word sitemap the same color as the background so people couldn't see it and Google calls that, not good. So you actually drop like a rock to the bottom of search engines if you do that move. So, in order to keep yourself from having issues with Google, you have to show them the whole site. If you start hiding stuff and it's becoming the norm where you're hiding stuff. Google is going what are you hiding?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Recommended Resources: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-seo-html-sitemap
  • Lesson Nugget: Creating an XML Sitemap from Wordpress: 1. Click "Plugins" 2. Click "Add New" 3. Search for "WP SEO HTML SITEMAP" 4. Click "Install Now" 5. Click "Activate Plugin"

- So a lot of spam sites, a lot data mining sites, a lot of phishing sites where you go on there, they're trying to steal your credit card, they're trying to take your stuff, that's what they do. They try to hide stuff and it's all bad stuff, so, really important. Now, Stewart, how do I make an HTML sitemap? How do I do that, buddy? - Let's go, let's talk about WordPress. - [Clay] Let's do it. - We're gonna keep coming back to WordPress. So WordPress has these plugins, okay? And there's literally thousands of plugins and this is just one of them, kind of a strange looking dude here. But this is an example of a plugin that I-- - [Clay] Is that Marshall? - I think it is. - [Clay] Marshall? - [Jason] Is that your Sam Smith outfit? No? - [Clay] No? Okay - [Jason] Okay, so I can Google HTML sitemap WordPress, for example. And this is an example plugin that I can download and it's a little bit nerdy, but basically what we did is create a page in WordPress. - [Clay] Can we make this link available for Thrivers? - Absolutely. - [Clay] How much does it cost? - [Jason] It is free, Clay. - [Clay] What percentage of that do you make as a commission? - Zero. - [Clay] Okay, back to you. - So HTML sitemap, what this is gonna do is let me take any page on the website, I'm gonna create a new page in Wordpress, - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] I'm gonna put a little code in there, it's a little bit nerdy, folks. - [Clay] Little bit nerdy. - But you put the code in there and it automatically generates this for you, just like the XML sitemap we talked about? - [Clay] Yep. - As you add new pages to the website, this will automatically update. Same kind of idea. - And Thrivers, if you're struggling to find it we will send you a link. We'll make this link available for you. We are here to help you, okay, so Stewart go ahead and make it, or show us how to make it or show us where to get it. Just walk me through, give me a little more a little more, if I'm watching going, "I just don't get it," just give me a little more. - [Jason] Okay, this is super in-depth here. So I'm gonna go back to your WordPress page here, okay? - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] So I'm gonna click plugins, - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] And I'm gonna come up here to the Add New button at the top, folks and I click Add New. - [Clay] Add new. - [Jason] And I'm gonna search right here, I'm gonna search for, it's called W-P S-E-O HTML sitemap. - [Clay] That's where you do it. - [Jason] That's what it's called, and by the way, folks, there's a ton of these out there, this is just one-- - [Clay] But this is the one that we recommend. - [Jason] This is one we recommend, you notice here, folks we've got-- - [Clay] You see how he waffled on that? Stewart, just so we're clear, Stewart's trying to run right now for election, and we've got the whole, what do you have coming up right now? It seems like it's a super Tuesday every week right now? - [Jason] It's true. - [Clay] There's Trump. You got, it's Trump and Cruz are kind of going at it, is Kasich gonna make a comeback or no or is he? - [Marshall] I don't know, he won Ohio. - [Clay] He won Ohio? Yeah. And then so did Johnny Manziel. And then also, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in there, and Jason's kind of a sleeper, so he's not giving you any real definitive. But seriously, is this the one we want to use? - [Jason] This is a good one, Clay. - Do you see that? It's like, "Do you support Israel?" And he's like, "Well, you know, I'll try to "take both sides equally." - [Jason] It's true, go Israel. - [Marshall] Go Israel. - So Clay, all you gotta do - [Clay] I supported their parade. - All you gotta do it is click the Install Now, this is how easy it is. Install Now. - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] And if you notice before it goes, there's stars, people rate these on how good they are. That's why I say, there's a couple good ones out there. - [Clay] But this is a good one. - This is a good one. - [Clay] You're not misleading people. I don't want Thrivers to go on here and then to call us and say, "Which one should I use?" I want them to go, "This is the one "you should use." - [Jason] It's true, yes. - Are you prepared to do that right now, on the record? - [Jason] Let's do it. On the record. - [Clay] Okay, go. - [Jason] Okay, so I activated this plugin, - [Clay] Yep. - [Jason] okay. And so this plugin is installed right there. - [Clay] Do you ever say "plooguine" just to kind of mix it up? - [Jason] I have never done that, but I, should I start doing that, maybe? - [Clay] No. - [Jason] Okay, I won't do that. - [Clay] 'K. - Okay, so in this case if I create this sitemap, it's gonna conflict with your sitemap, so-- - [Clay] Okay, we're not gonna do it. - [Jason] We'll call it done there, but there's one more step that we can go into depth later when we talk about website development. - Okay, so I want Marshall to put this on the record here, I want to make sure that we're gonna make an episode just specifically how to create the HTML sitemap. - [Jason] Exactly. - [Marshall] Boom. - Boom.

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