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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about making an impact and profit.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Action Step: 2. Always contrast where you are versus where you want to be.
  • Editor's Note: Thom Clark
  • Ask Yourself: Where am I versus where I want to be?
  • Action Step: 3. Focus on 3 items that will make the biggest impact.
  • Editor's Note: The grooming lounge Clay is referring to can be seen at http://eitrlounge.com.
  • Ample Example:
  • Story Time:
  • Editor's Note: Robert Biggins
  • Super Move:
  • Feelin It Like A Petting Zoo:
  • Clay Clark's Hand Painted Van:
  • Big Idea:
  • Action Step: 4. Never-stop learning.
  • Lesson Nugget: Learning is not an event. Learning is a process.
  • Boom:
  • Editor's Note: This is what Clay did!
  • Action Step: 5. Never-stop contrasting where you are versus where you want to be.
  • Notable Quotable: “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.”
    -MIchael Gerber
    (Bestselling author of the E-Myth Book series )
  • Editor's Note: Don't hesitate to email us any questions at: info@thrive15.com

- Now, the second action item is you always want to contrast where you are versus where you want to be everyday. So, in a very specific example, I, right now, really, really, really really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to make sure that my father, 'cause he has ALS, he's struggling with ALS. It's Lou Gehrig's disease, and for those of you that haven't heard, it's a destructive neurological disease that gradually takes away the body's ability to use itself. Like, its limbs and yeah. So, I want my dad to have awesome food delivered everyday because I feel like if you're gonna go through, you know, hell, you might as well go through hell with some style. So, I wanna have smoothies delivered everyday or something. So, I have decided I'm going to find a way to do it. - [Jose] C'mon, man. - But you have to contrast where you are versus where you wanna be. I am not currently delivering smoothies to his house everyday, but I want to. So, I had to think about, how am I going to do it? So, I've got some moves I'm working on right now and they are gonna be fabulous, but at first I was going, okay, I've got to find a way to generate that extra revenue that's going to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars it's gonna cost to deliver the fresh food everyday, so he can enjoy highest quality of life possible. So, I have to think about that, you know, where am I versus where do I wanna be. And you just have to ask yourself that. You have to sit down and really ask yourself that. Once you begin to ask yourself, okay, here's where I am versus here's where I want to be, now you start to think about, okay, well, how much would that cost? Now you're getting into reality. What does that cost? Okay. If it costs that much, what are all the ways I could generate revenue that would allow me to fund this thing? That's what happens. Now the third thing is you want to focus on the three items that will make the biggest impact today. - [Jose] What does that mean, man? - Um, okay, so for the elephant in the room, that's one of our haircut businesses, I refer to a lot because it's a real business that I am involved in, and it's good. There's a lot of things we could fix but I've discovered that if we added, right now we have more people that wanna get their hair cut than we have room for. So we decided if we just added three more chairs, you know, barber chairs, into the place, if we knock out a wall and add three more chairs, that can increase our revenue by a multiple of two. So we could do two times more profit by simply adding three more chairs. Because the hard costs associated with leasing the space don't go up. We don't have to pay more money per month in lease, or more money per month in advertising, simply because we add more chairs. But by adding more chairs we can make more profit. So, that's like, thing one. Thing two is on our website, we have so many customers that are on there, we figure we need to have our own product line, we already have our own product line, but we need to go ahead and make it available to purchase online. - [Jose] Online, yeah. - It takes, there's a lot of steps to do it, but that needs to happen. And the third is we really need to recruit two more people who have the mental capacity needed to lead a group of people at the new location. So, those are our big three. But for Andrew, right, it's Andrew? For Andrew, it might be a deal where for Andrew, for you, you might go, okay, the first, the biggest thing I can do it's maybe, write a business plan. Maybe it's then, you know, seek to sell my first deal. When I was starting my DJ company, I remember my my big three. I had some pretty profound goals. One was, if I could just get a functional computer. I mean, seriously, if I could just get a computer that works all the time. - [Jose] Start what you're at. - Yeah. Then I said, if I could just get a printer. Because I used to drive all the time, and I'm like if I could just book one more show, and I could buy myself a nice printer, so I don't have to leave to go to Kinko's every single time. I went to Kinko's every single time I needed to print something. - [Jose] Wow. - And then the third was, if I could just get a second car, then my wife wouldn't have to, like, leave me at the apartment, and then she would take the car to school or vice versa, I could actually go somewhere. My wife used to literally leave me at Panera Bread, because I would have clients. Panera Bread is like a place where they serve bagels and sandwiches and stuff. - [Jose] It used to be called the St. Louis Bread Company. - It used to be called the St. Louis Bread. - [Jose] Yeah. - And my wife would drop me off there like at noon, and I would have my first appointment like at one, and then my next appointment would be like at two. My next appointment might be at 6:00 PM, my next was at 7:00 PM, I would just stay at Panera Bread for seven hours. - Don't despite small beginnings, man. - Absolutely. So you have to start somewhere. - [Jose] You have to. - But that's how I did it. So, I'm just saying, I'm just trying to go back to old school, so you can think about it. My first limiting factor was that I needed a computer then I needed a printer, then I needed a second car. Then I thought, if I just had an office, then I would never need to have to be dropped off at Panera Bread. Then I started thinking about, okay, well, what if I had my home and my office in the same place? That way I would never even need to drive. People could just come to me and I could be even more productive. So, I did that. Then I thought, what if I had a separate office? So that the 20 men who work in my office don't come to my house and irritate my wife. - [Jose] Yeah, I remember those days. - Dude, that was awesome. So, you know, I'm just saying, I mean it's pretty funny, my wife's in her robe or something it's like 7:00 in the morning, and some motivated guy is there early. Bing bong. And my wife's like, honey, there's a man in. I remember my wife would be in the guest restroom or something and she'd be like, "Honey, will you get the door? I'm in the restroom. "I'm in my robe and I don't want to see somebody right now." And I'm like, okay. - [Jose] Wow. - It's just the weirdest scenarios. So, you guys have to contrast where you're at versus where you want to be. And think about the big three. - So, do you think that had you not taken the first step, perhaps to go to Panera Bread, would you have had all those other ideas come to mind had you not taken the first step? - No. No. And I'll tell you, even going back before that, if I hadn't, I didn't even have a website. I didn't have any business cards, and so I printed off fliers. What I would do is I had fliers, and I would stuff 'em under the door of every college dorm. - [Jose] Yeah. And it would tell people about my service. And I got some weird, rando calls. I mean, it was probably the least effective form of marketing available. Or not available, the least effective form of marketing out there, but it was the only thing that I had. - [Jose] Yeah. - So I passed them out and I ended up getting about one to two bookings a week just from dropping off fliers at apartment complexes and at houses and at dorms. Just on foot, just dropping them off. And then once I had a couple bookings I thought, I'm going to do, I used to rent my system. I couldn't even afford a system. I didn't own any speakers. So I worked for a guy named Rob and Rob Biggins, Rob Biggins was his name, we'll see if we can put his face on the screen, he's a good guy. But I went to Rob and I said, Rob, I want to work for you. And he goes, you want to work for me? No, no, no. I don't really want to work for you. What I want to do is I want to rent your equipment. And he's like, okay well then just pay me money. And I'm like, here's the deal, I don't have any money now, but I'm gonna book some things. He's like, wait a minute, you're going to book events that require the, you're going to book a DJ service. You're going to tell people you're out there promoting a DJ service, and you don't own any equipment and/or CDs, but you want to promote us? Absolutely. And then when I book them I want to take, I want to book them for $400, and then I want to pay you $150. And he goes, why $150? I'm like, how much profit do you make on a wedding? He's like, $200. I'm like, fine. I'll pay you $200, and I'll book the thing. He's like, so you're going to book the thing for $350? You have no equipment and no money, and you're gonna pay me $200 when you get paid? And I'm like, exactly. And he's like, okay. Do you have any clients? I'm like, no, but I will. - [Jose] Wow. - And so I went around promoting with fliers, and I got to a point where I booked probably maybe 25 events that first year. Just by doing that move. And then I remember talking to Rob, and I remember looking at my check register and realizing I'd paid Rob $200 times 150, and I was going, like, well, I've already paid the guy, that's $30,000 maybe, I don't know the math, and I'm like, I'm paying him a lot of money. - [Jose] Yeah. - So then I was like, okay, time out from life. How do I buy my own system? 'Cause that was the next thing that I needed. How do I buy my own system? So then I decided I would go ahead and stop going to school for a while, and I went and worked construction, and I got a job where I could work 70 hours a week in construction. So I'd get up at usually 4:00 in the morning and I'd work until, like, 7:00 PM pouring concrete. A job that I had no skill in, I just said I'll work for free, and then if I'm good enough you can eventually start paying me. And I worked the first three or four days for free. And then I got that job, and then I came back to Tulsa and I bought cash, I remember buying the equipment cash. I bought all the equipment in Minneapolis. I spent, I bought a Mazda MPV Van, and I bought, like, $12,000 of DJ equipment from a salesman named Joey Shake. Joey Shake, if you're watching, I ain't mad at ya. At Guitar Center I bought all of that stuff, and my wife to be at that time, she flew in from Louisville, Kentucky. She flew in, and she landed there, and I proposed to her, 'cause I said, I'm going to get engaged and buy my DJ system on the same day. - [Jose] Whoa. - So that's bringing it all into reality. So she gets off the plane, I remember taking her to some place fancy. I remember taking her to Olive Garden where you had unlimited soup and salad. - Oh. And bread. - I was hoping, I hope she doesn't order anything else because I don't have any more money. We went to Olive Garden and I'm like, choose anything you want as long as it is soup or salad. Because it has bread sticks. - [Jose] Bottomless. - That's right. So anyway then we get in the car, then only thing that I didn't think about was where is she going to sit? That just shows you how screwed up my mindset was. I'm not kidding. My wife, she had to hop in the Mazda MPV, that I hand painted. I hand painted it because I couldn't afford. - [Jose] Are you kidding? - No. I couldn't afford to auto wrap it. So I hand painted it with One Shot paint enamel. - Do you have pictures of this? - I do, yeah, we'll put them on the screen. - You gotta send them to me. - So what happens is that, so my wife is sitting in the passenger seat, not kidding, holding a huge, it's called a gig rig, and it's a big piece of equipment where the mixer, the CD players, all the things, and she had to sit there for 12 hours with it on her lap. - No way. - True story and it probably weighed 45 pounds. - Before you proposed to her? - No, this is right after I proposed. - So she drove down from Minnesota to Tulsa for 12 hours like that. And we get to Tulsa, I put my DJ system in my dorm room because I couldn't afford anywhere else to put it, and I began promoting fliers. But this year, I didn't have to pay Rob anymore. I could keep the money. So, now instead of paying him $200 I could make $350. Then I thought, if I could just buy a second system, now I could have two people. So I bought the second system. And then that takes us to where we were at Panera Bread. Where my wife is dropping me off and anyway, that's how it happens. But you have to take that first step. - I don't think, I haven't heard you share this story before. This is the early days of Clay Clark. - This is how it happens. - Wow. - This is real talk though. - It is. - Remember, you just keep moving forward. You have that check list of all the things you want. Then it was like, man, if my website wasn't embarrassing anymore, I would love my life. So you just gotta focus on saving up money for that. - But it began with that first step. - Absolutely. Now the fourth item here, action item, is you have to commit to never stop learning. Learning is not an event, it is a process. - [Jose] Say that again, man. - Learning is not an event, it's a process. So, here's the deal, like your kids, never stop saying that you love them. - [Jose] Yep. Hannah, I love you. - His daughter is on the set. The thing is, I'm serious though. You never can stop because you don't know what they're going through. You don't know what they've seen, what they're gonna be around, ups and downs, but you know what, you never stop saying. You don't say, it's an event. And you don't say, to your kid, I wanted to let you know one time. I joke with my kids sometimes about this. - [Jose] I said it when you were born. - You don't say to your kids, I officially love you, I'm done. - [Jose] Boom. - Whoa, that was awesome. So you never want to just say, I, let me try that again, That's better volume. Oh nice. Oh, look at that explosion. Very good. But anyway you never want to just say I love you as an event, it is a process. You never want to say that I've learned everything. I mean, once I got my DJ business to the point that we were rocking bro, I had the biggest Yellow Page ad in the world. - [Jose] Yeah? - The biggest one that I could buy for that section. - [Jose] Like the full page? - The full page. All the DJs, I put our faces, back before I realized that you shouldn't maybe do some of these. This move was a good move, but I didn't realize some of the ramifications of it. But I put my head and I enlarged it like a caricature, and I put it on small bodies, and I put that in the phone book. - [Jose] For everybody? - Yeah. - Amazing. - So all the guys that didn't even work for me anymore, their heads were in the phone book for years. But that's what you did. Now the final thing is you want to never want to stop contrasting where you are versus where you want to be. You never want to stop that process. And there is a notable quote I want to leave you with. I want to read this and then if I'm missing something you tell me. - [Jose] This is powerful. - This is from Michael Gerber. He is the best selling author of the E-Myth book series. Phenomenal author, love the guy, books are great. He says, the difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives while everyone else is created by their lives, waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing. So, Andrew, I am hoping that this training has blessed you and helped you and encouraged you and empowered you. But if we did not answer your question, Jose, can you tell them what they can do to find out more info? - Oh, yeah. More info, don't hesitate to press the button right there on your right hand bottom of your screen. Ask us any questions. If you rather email us, info@thrive15.com. We are here to see you succeed and follow these steps, and Andrew I know that you and all of you, millions of people over the world that are listening, you will succeed in everything that you do. Thanks for tuning in. - Bang. - Bang bang.

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