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This business coaching lesson teaches how to implement your mission.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • We are talking about: How to Implement Your Mission
  • Editor's Note: Mission is Clay's favorite brand of tortillas.
  • Notable Quotable: "Vision without execution is hallucination."
    -Thomas Edison
    (The man credited with inventing the modern lightbulb, recorded audio and recorded video.)
  • Notable Quotable: “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”
    -Wayne Gretzky
    (Nicknamed "The Great One", he has been called "the greatest hockey player ever")
  • Editor's Note: You don't want to redecorate your house with a rake.
  • Cognitive Dissonance: In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.
  • Notable Quotable: “The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.”
    -Lee Iacooca
    (The former CEO of Chrysler who is credited as having saved the company.)
  • How to Implement Your Company's Mission Statement: PRINCIPLE 1 - Begin with the End In Mind PRINCIPLE 2 - Meet Objectivism PRINCIPLE 3 - The Law of Motion


-Thoughts are things, just the way this pen is a thing. Thoughts are a thing, and you've got to take this intangible idea, and turn into a thing. Otherwise you have nothing.


-Thrivers, welcome to this day's training. Clay, we're here to talk about how to implement your mission. OK, and we're excited to begin getting into it. So we've been working through how to write, how to own, how to articulate the mission here. OK. And now we're getting into how to implement it across the organization. So I'm excited to be getting into this. Why is this, like, the most important of these trainings, would you say, in your mind?

-Well, two things. One is, Mission is my favorite brand of soft tortillas. That's my favorite brand.


-Just a little side note. The second is, that it's all about implementation. Thomas Edison says that vision without execution is hallucination. That was easy for me to say. He says-- Thomas Edison says that vision without execution is hallucination. So if you're learn all this stuff, but not doing it, if you're not taking specific actionable steps, then it's sort of a waste of time. Although, it is time well spent, looking at a beautiful man such as yourself there. Know what I mean?

-OK. So we're getting into a couple of these different big ideas of implementation. OK. And so another notable quotable, I want to give it to you here. It says, "procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases, and its toll on success and happiness is heavy." That's from Wayne Gretzky. He's nicknamed the Great One. He's one of the most successful hockey players of all time.

CLAY CLARK: Well, what's awesome is, if you look at the best hockey player of all time, or you look at the best basketball player of all time, or the best CEO of all time, or the best talk show host of all time, the best anything of all time, they almost all have these universal truths that they buy into. These belief systems that they revere. And one of them is, that success seems to be connected with activity in some way. You can't just sit back and wait for success to come to you. You have to take action. Big massive action. Because when you start taking action, great things begin to happen.

So you can't steer a parked bus. You've got to go ahead and get that bus, get that in drive get it going, and then you can kind of steer it as its moving. But you've got to get some momentum going. You have to get that mojo going, Marshall, that mojo. You got to start moving, man. Once you start moving, I'm telling you, great things start to happen. But procrastination is the enemy. It'll allow you to drift into a dark place. Because, when you have a big vision, and big goals, and no action, it starts to feed feelings of dissonance or depression, and feelings of like, ah, what's the point.

-So it's no good if we create this mission statement, and. then we never implement it among our company, among our employees.

CLAY CLARK: Or in your own life. You can use this for your own life.

-Or, in your own life. You and your family, you have your own mission statement that you guys have.

-Yeah, we want to have a peaceful home. And so we do a lot of things to keep that mission in fruition, to make sure it happens. Because there's a lot of times where I am trying to find, like, a rake. My wife's like, well, why are you looking for a rake? And I'm like, to hit myself with it. Because I'm so frustrated. You know what I mean?

But because we don't have a peaceful home, I'll leave the house, right? While I kind of emotionally get it back together. You know what I mean? Because you don't want to be taking a rake and redecorating your house with it. You know what I mean, you want to-- but we all have those freak out moments. I mean, if my wife, I mean-- If you know me, and if you're watching this, you're kinda getting to learn to know me. I'm a man-bear-pig.

And I am very hard to live with. I do a lot of things really, really well. But, I, you know, miss sometimes. Sometimes I screw up. And my wife and I, we've decided to have peace as our mission. And so we have to take a moment out of that situation, do a little time out, and call a time out, and kind of get it back together, and then come back to center. Because we want to have a peaceful and sustainable marriage. And set a great example for our kids of what a happy home looks like. And that's just something that we have in our own life. It's our own mission statement that really dictates all the activities that we take on a daily basis.

MARSHALL MORRIS: OK, and so this next notable quotable is from Lee Iacocca. OK. And it says, "The speed of the boss is the speed of the team." Why's that important?

-Well, Lee Iacocca, by the way, is the guy who introduced the Mustang into the Ford corporation. And he's the guy who saved Chrysler. So Lee Iacocca's kind of a big deal. But the whole thing is that the leader-- If you're watching this and you're a leader, or you want to be a leader, nobody is going to move faster than you. So you have to move at a fast pace. You really do have to go quickly. You have to move quickly. Otherwise what's going to happen is, your company's going to plod along at a slow pace if you're slow.

So you have to create the speed. You are the pacesetter, the pace car for your corporation. Just like in NASCAR, the have the pace car that gets going. And all the NASCAR, you know, the cars start going, and they're all starting to speed up and speed up, and the pace setter sets that initial pace. Or if you watch a cross country running event, or a marathon, there's always somebody who kind of sets that pace. And you have to set that pace within your organization, within your family, within your life.

-OK. So we're getting into implementing the mission statement into the business, OK. And so there's three main principles that we need to make sure that we adhere to as we're getting into it, OK. Principle number one. Begin with the end in mind. OK, Clay, that's the first one that we're going to get into. The second one is, meet objectivism. OK, meet objectivism. That's the second one, and the third one is the law of motion. And you kind of alluded to that earlier. And so the third principle is the law of motion. And we're going to get into it.

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