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This episode is a business coaching course that explains the importance of a backlink.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Steps To Gain Backlinks:: 2. Understand why a backlink matters
  • Notable Quotable:: “‘The Law of Credibility’ - Stick to the law of credibility. Don’t say anything you can’t prove.” - Jerry Vass (author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)
  • Ask Yourself:: Is my website credible?
  • Google Rank Principles:: 1. HTML compliance with Google
  • Google Rank Principles:: 3. Amount of original content
  • Google Rank Principles:: 4. Mobile compliance and reviews
  • Reasons Backlinks Matter:: 1. Credibility matters in a world where anyone on the Internet can say anything
  • Reasons Backlinks Matter:: 2. Backlinks filter results to make your organic Google search nicer
  • Lesson Nugget:: Google’s algorithm helps protect users from “fly by night” and fraudulent companies.
  • Reasons Backlinks Matter:: 3. Backlinks serve the same purpose as citing your sources on a research paper.

-The next step is to understand why a backlink matters. OK. So, let's begin to unpack this. So, there's a quote here that I really like, it's from Jerry Vass, he's the bestselling author of "Soft Selling in a Hard World." He says, "'The Law of Credibility'-- Stick to the law of credibility. Don't say anything you can't prove." OK. And, Clay, walk me through this here.

-OK. Well, what you have to look at is if I have one site over here, so let's say my site is EITRlounge.com. And let's say that this site over here is Garyhair.com. On this site-- if this site has a lot of high quality sites that link to it, they backlink to it. So let's say that the news links to it. Let's say that the local newspaper links to it. Let's say that a really high quality blog links to it. And this is all true. It's been in the local newspaper, it's been featured on the news, it's done really well.

Then over here, let's say that Gary doesn't have any backlinks or he has one backlink and it's from Gary's mom. So Gary's mom is linking to him from her Facebook page. She puts a little link going check out Gary's haircut business. I'm excited for him. If that's the case, which one in your mind is more credible? Which one of these is more credible? Ask yourself right now, which one is more credible? The one that has all the links from the news, from the celebrity blog, from the newspaper, or is it the one that has one link from Gary's mom on Facebook?

And that's what Google does and that's how they decide who comes up top in Google. It's whoever has the most content. Whoever has the most backlinks. OK? I want to make sure we're getting this. I want to make sure that we don't miss this, OK? There's only really four things that affect your Google rank. Work with me. One is you want to have a site that has that HTML compliance, or you call the architecture, that Google likes. And we're going to have one of our incredible teammates, Dan McKenna, was has awesome trainings coming out that you guys can search on how to do this. So one is HTML compliance-- architecture. I recommend that you use a WordPress site. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, that's OK, we'll teach you.

The second is who has the most backlinks. OK? So who has the most high quality backlinks. The third is who has the most original content, the actual original content-- original words, original content on the site. And the fourth is the mobile compliance and reviews. So this is how you do it. Again, it's HTML compliance, backlinks, original content, and mobile compliance. Whoever has the best score, equals top of Google. So today we're really dialing in here on this concept of backlinks so that you can become a backlink machine. Back to you.

-Backlink machine. So, the backlinks matter because of the law of credibility. The first reason. Credibility in a world where anyone can say anything on the internet. OK. So that's why we need the backlinks.

-I'm going to say this, on the internet that's why I love Thrive15.com. That's actually one of the main ideas behind Thrive. I don't talk about it very much, but we're in the information age but we're also in the misinformation age. We're in an age where people can write anything about anybody. You can go on YouTube and write really terrible things about people, or comments, or blogs, or chat rooms and there's no repercussions. You have an anonymous user name and there's no repercussions for doing that. Google wants to bring some transparency to who you are, and how you got up to the top of Google is based upon credibility.

-And so all these backlinks are going to support-- it's like citations for your website. The second reason is it's going to filter results to make your organic Google search nicer, OK? So you're going to come up higher in Google.

-Yeah. And the thing is, what's really nice for you as a consumer and for me as a consumer is if I'm googling a haircut place I don't want to show up at a shady place, I want to show up at the good place. So as a consumer it makes it a nicer thing, but it kind of filters it because if someone's not willing to go through the diligence needed to generate backlinks, they're probably also not going to take care of their shop or their business. And so it's a very good way to verify.

I mean imagine this, imagine Google didn't do this and imagine there was a tornado in your city. In Tulsa we are unfortunately in Tornado Alley. And in Moore, Oklahoma-- I want to put a graphic up on the screen, we can see this real quick. If you look at this, the size of the cyclone, it's unbelievable. But Moore Oklahoma was completely devastated by a tornado. So it goes through the town and it completely just destroys our town. This tornado just goes in there and just wipes out this whole city. Well, when it leaves the city a lot of people-- their houses were on fire, their houses were gone.

Imagine if Google didn't do these backlinks. I would go up and I would search for home repair and when I search, the person who comes up to the top could have just started the website last night. There's opportunists who want to take advantage of people in their time of need and they would say I'm going to build a website right now. So they build a website called www.scam.com but they don't call it scam.com, they call it something or other.com. And you and I go up there and we pay them because we're in our time of need and we need to have our bathroom or our kitchen or our roof fixed. And we pay them, and they're gone tomorrow. We paid today, they're gone tomorrow. They scammed us.

Google says, we don't want that kind of thing happening. We want legitimate high quality sites to come up. So now, if we were to Google-- and if you follow this analogy through-- if we were to Google home restoration or home repair, only the site with the most backlinks would come up higher in the Google search results. It's a better deal for you, it's a better deal for me, that's how it works.

-And then the third reason, exactly like what we're talking about, is it's like citing in your research paper in the analogy that you were talking about earlier.

-It gives a really nice way where if you're on the internet and you're quoting somebody-- let's say I'm quoting Donald Trump, it's a nice way for me to link back to Donald and say hey, Donald, this is what I just quoted that you said. And so it allows Donald to get credit for what he did and he gets a backlink for doing so. Or if I quoted Oprah I can cite her, link back to her, she gets credit for it. It's a great way to make her website more valuable as a result of me quoting it.

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