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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches how to increase leads.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1


-So, for the lead sheet, I'm asking these rapport building questions. And I'm actually writing down their answers to.


-I'm writing down the answers to all the needs questions. OK? Then it comes time to give my presentation on what specifically does my company or business do? And that's when I'm going to use the one sheet.


-So, included on this one sheet-- and we'll send a copy, we'll send a copy over to all the Thrivers. If you just email us, we'll make it downloadable. You can get that. But what are some of the things that we want to include on this one sheet? We want the benefits, supported by facts. We talked about that. What else?

-Well, this is what you're going to do, to give you a visual. This one sheet. It's give me one sheet. And we call a one sheet because the idea of the game here is that you want to be able to distill all of the benefits of your company on the front and back of this document. It's really exciting. So, it's neat because you can explain to somebody, quickly, what you do, on one sheet of paper.

So, you have all these things you need to have. One is you need to have your benefits. And we're going to email you an example of this. If you get a hold of our customer service team, we'll get you a template. You can just download a template. You'll be able to have visual right there. But these are our benefits supported by facts. And you're going to want to have at least three to five. OK?

And then you want to have your social proof. So, if you've ever been featured on Fox or CNN or ABC or you have any type of as seen on language. You've been featured on your local newspaper. You've been featured there. You want to put that across the top because it builds credibility. If you haven't-- you have not, watched our Thrive PR episodes. We teach you specifically how you can get featured in the media. You want to do that.

The next thing here is you want the name of your company. You have to put the name of your company on there. If you don't put the name, you're not going to have any success there, OK? Also, you put your web address. Because, again, you're going to give this to them. So, you got your web address on there. You've got the name of your company on there. You want to put your phone number on there. You want to make sure you got that phone number going because if you don't have the phone number, then people can't call you, right? So, you want your web, you want your name, you want your-- name of your company, your website address, your phone number, your benefits, your facts, your social proof. OK.

Then you want space to write their appointment time, so when the customer finishes meeting with you, they're not going to remember their appointment time, so you want to have a spot on there where you could put the time and date of their actual appointment. You want to make sure you do that. You've got to have space to write their appointment time.

Now, the next thing is you want to have a little intro in your industry. So, you want to go a kind of us versus them. And you want to explain, quickly, three to five things that makes your company unique versus your competition on this document. Because most people have never booked a DJ before, or never had somebody come make their home more energy efficient, or they've never cleaned their carpets professionally, or whatever the thing is. You have to assume they don't know everything that's out there in the industry. You have to inform them and kind of educate them. OK.

Also, you want to make sure that on this you have your no-brainer offer. So you want to put your big special. OK? So, I'm going to review these with you one more time. So that way you have an opportunity to take notes on these, marinate on these. But here we go. The benefits, supported by facts. Have to. The benefit is the problem that you solve for customers, supported by a fact. Social proof. That's the as seen on. You want to make sure you have that. The name of the company. Really important that you have the name of your company on there. Your company web address. Your company phone number. A space to write the appointment time. A competitive analysis between you and your competition. You want to have a no-brainer offer on there. You have to do that, have the no-brainer offer.

But as we go back to this lead sheet, I want to make sure we're not miss anything. Because this lead sheet deal-- if you don't have success with your lead sheet, there is no reason to even have a one sheet. So, let's go through this lead sheet. Let's walk you through this lead sheet. And, again, we will email you, Thrivers, an example of this so you guys can dominate. But you're going to want to put your name on there. The name of the person you're talking to you. You're going to want to have their phone number. You're going to want to have their email on there. You're going to have five rapport building questions.

Questions like, so how familiar are you with my company? How'd you guys hear about the trade show? What brings you to town? Whatever. You want to have those five rapport building questions. Five questions to find their needs, which is the gap between where they are and where they want to be. You have to find their problem. Otherwise, you can't solve it.

So, as an example, I would say, hey, when was last time that you guys did an insurance review? Hey, when was the less time you did an energy audit to see how much more efficient your home could be? Hey, when was the last time you looked at your energy bills and thought about how you could reduce those? You have to find a gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2

-Now the next is you have to have three to five benefits, and the benefits must be supported by a fact. OK so benefits supported by a fact. Then what you have to do is, you have to have the appointment setting portion. This is where you actually go and set the appointment. You would have a spot on your lead sheet to write the date and the time of that appointment because otherwise you're not going to remember. I'm telling you at the peak of doing trade shows, I was able to go to a trade show and my team, we could book 80 appointments to 100 appointments at one trade show.

You also want to have a spot on your lead sheet for their hot button. Their hot button is what gets them excited. If you're talking to a customer and they go, I really like that flavor of cake, can I have another sample? You want to write that down, wow they like this kind of cake. I mean you want to write down whatever that -- they say yeah, I really love the boy scouts, that's awesome that you were in the boy scouts too, you connect somehow about boy scouts, you want to put that, that's their hot button, anything that you connect on, you build rapport on.

You want to make sure you put that in there. Then you want to go ahead and put on your biggest obstacles because if you know going into it what their biggest issues are, going into the presentation, you'll be able to close that when you meet them. And then also you want to have a memorable note. You want to have a spot here for a memorable note.

And so this is very, very important that you do this, but this is a lead sheet, eight a half by 11 sheet of paper. Lead sheets over here, one sheets over here. This is how you do it, this is what works. I'm telling you make a lead sheet, make a one sheet, go through the time. Email us at info@thrive15.com and we'll send you a sample of what a lead sheet and a one sheet template should look like, so that you're not sitting around guessing. We want to help you have explosive success at your next trade show.

-Cool. We're starting to put together these resources. The next thing is, we have to design, or basically copy what somebody else at the trade show is doing that looks awesome, their booth. We've got to create this booth, OK, this 10 by 10. Some people do a 10 by 20 super booth. But I've got to decide which one's which.

-Well in your booth you have a lot of things you're going to need, and we're going to fire off this checklist of items, and I don't want you to be overwhelmed. We're going to put the graphics up on the screen, and I want to make sure that you're doing this. OK so we're adding the graphics one by one right now here for you. One is you have a 10 by 10 design. 10 by 10 design, 10 by 20 if you have a big show booth, OK 10 by 10 is normal, 10 by 20 is oversized. The next is you need four bistro tables. You need four bistro tables, one that will go here, one that will go here, one that will go here, and one that will go here, in your booth. You've got to have these bistro tables in your booth, have to have them. Why do you have them, because they work really, really well. You have to have those bistro tables.

The next thing is you're going to want to have, in addition those bistro tables, you're going to want a scheduling station. So you want somebody in the back of the booth, back here, that's actually going to work as a scheduler. Now their job is, whenever you talk to somebody, the point person talks to somebody, they bring them back into the booth. You talk to somebody now they want to go ahead and set an appointment, you have to bring them to the scheduling table and the scheduler is going to get them all scheduled.

So that's what you want to do and that's why you're going to have the scheduling table set up there all right, so that's how that works. Some of you might be saying I thought you said five people, well the point person is one, salesperson, salesperson, salesperson, salesperson, as the day begins to pick up one of these people can become a scheduler, and that's how you pull that off there.

Also you're going to need here two post-up stands. A post-up stand is a nice, print item that shows what your company does and what makes you unique. You want those post-up stands right there because when people walk by they can see signage. We'll put up example right now on the screen so you can see that, a post-up stand. And if you're looking to buy a post-up stand, the company that I use all the time is postupstand.com. If you don't want to use postupstand.com you can use somebody else, but it's very, very important that you do that.

Also you're going to need five clipboards. OK, you're going to need clipboards, everyone on your team has to have a clipboard, has to happen, OK. You're also going to need to have -- basically you're going to have to have 100 lead sheets per person, 100 lead sheets per person, OK, 100 lead sheets per person on your team. And you want to have hundreds of pens because people walk off with pens all the time, you don't want to be at your trade show without a pen, you have to make sure you do that.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3


-You also need your business cards. They need to be present in your booth. You're going, God, this sounds like a lot of stuff. But this is all the stuff you need to do.

You also need to have a banner, because when people are walking by, if this is your trussing, you want to have a banner up here that says the name of your company. So it's really important as you have the name of your company right up here on this banner. Very, very important that you do that. Also, you're going to want to have your trussing. Your trussing is going to hold up your display area, you want to make sure you're going to do that.

Laminated flooring, let me talk-- Marshall, do you know a lot about laminated flooring?

-It's not something I learned in college, but--

-Well, here's the deal, trade shows, they're going to rent you a 10 by 10 space, and they're not going to put carpet on it, it's going to be like concrete. And then they're going to say, now you have to have some kind of covering, what kind of covering do you have? And if you're me, and you don't know these things, you go, I don't have one. And they go well, we can rent it to you for $400.

So you want to have your own floor covering, so what you do is you go to Home Depot or Lowe's, and they're going to sell you a big tube of wood flooring, laminated flooring that you can roll out, OK. And you can roll out that flooring, and when it rolls out, it covers the whole floor here. So you want to get that laminated wood flooring. Super cheap, they just they cut it off by the roll, very inexpensive, but you're going to need that laminate flooring.

You need the five humans, five humans who want to be there. Don't bring your mom to the booth if mom doesn't want to be there. If mom does want to be there, bring mom. Don't just bring your brother because he's your brother, brings somebody who wants to be there, someone who's going to have enthusiasm, you need to make sure you do that. OK, very, very important that you do that.

The next thing you want to do is you want to create a video with a compelling video loop. So you've got to have a video that's showing up here on this screen-- this needs to be a TV screen and this needs to be a TV screen-- and you need to have videos showing what you do. Very important you have a visual that shows what you do, and that's a great way to do it is have a video that's looping for you.

The next thing, is you want to create that workstation. And at this workstation, the scheduling workstation-- it's not going to be very effective if you can't actually schedule people, so you need a scheduling station. So in that scheduling station, you're going to need a laptop-- somebody says, well, I want an iPod-- or well that'd be weird-- so someone says, I want my iPad, I say, OK. It's whatever is going to help you schedule.

The next thing you need there is you need your own Wi-Fi. Because you go to the trade show, and they are going to charge you an arm, and a leg, and a kidney, and part of your brain for that. They're going to say, hey it's like $150 for internet, and you're like, how is this the only place in the world that doesn't have internet? Well, we do, but for $150 you can have that, and for $450 you can have the floor covering, and now you're up to $600 before you've even gotten started there, OK. That's the games they play.

Then you want to have a scheduling program. You want to have some sort of Google Calendar, something where you can actually book appointments there. You have to actually schedule appointments there.

The next thing, is you're going to need to have a booth layout plan, like a blueprint. Like this, all right? You need to have a blueprint, and Marshall, let's make sure we send all the Thrivers a blueprint plan, OK. We're going to get you a downloadable here, and you can email us again info@thrive15.com to get this blueprint.

Also, you're going to have a human rotation schedule. It's very important that everyone knows who's going to be the point person, who's going to start off here, who's going to be here, who's going to be here, who's going to be here. You've got to explain to your team, because you might want to rotate, where one person's the point man for half the day, someone's the point man for the other half of the day. But that's what you want to do, you want to make sure they have a schedule for them.

Also, lead sheets storage plan. When you have all these lead sheets, where do they go? You have to have a bin set up, like I put it in this physical, wire frame bin.

Now also, the scheduler, you want to make sure this person has a charger for said computer. I can't tell you how many trade shows I've gone to where we're going, uh, our scheduling computer is now out of gas. We're going to just-- don't do that, you want to think through all these things. Marshall, cue up the next one for us.

-All, right so you want to be able to schedule all of these different people throughout the day, and you want to have a system. That's the thing that it sounds like you're getting to, you want to have a plan before you even start to actually get through it.

-And we've talked to a lot of Thrivers, and I know you do, before we hop into the points. And there's so many-- that's why we're going to put all these on the screen here, guys, because there's so many items we have to go through step by step by step to get there, OK. But you don't want to forget this stuff, you want to make this into a master checklist, OK. And Marshall, we can make sure we make this available. I want to give everybody a master checklist, so you can bring all this stuff to your next trade show, OK.

But this next item is you need to have the no-brainer offer. Your team has to know what that no-brainer offer is, you can't waiver in that, you can't waffle in that. You can't go, well guys, I'm pretty sure we should offer some discounts today. I mean, you have to have an actual, official, numerical, offer or discount promotion, with an expiration date, that has to happen, otherwise it's confusion.

So ask yourself right now, what is your no-brainer offer going to be? You have to have that.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 4

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