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This episode is a business coaching course that explains how once you win them over, you have to keep showing up.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 6 Step Networking: 4. Trust
  • 6 Step Networking: 5. Win/Win
  • 6 Step Networking: 6. Friendship
  • Lesson Nugget: Show up or blow up. If the person you are networking with doesn't add value then stop pursuing them. If they do add value, then continue the process.


-Now, the fourth time that I call, I actually call you or actually stop by, you start to have a little bit of what?


-Because you just saw the face associated with the--


-And do I ask you for anything?


-No, because I'm going to try to give you what? Something. Because I'm going try to create a win--


-Right. Do you see what I'm saying. So I don't even ask you to do anything. I don't ask you for a referral. I'm just trying to refer you. Right? So I'd call him up, hey, I've got a referral for you. Now, moving to number five. Now, we sit down. I say, I'd like to do a meeting. I'd like to meet with you for 10 minutes. By the way, how do people respond usually after you've dropped off cookies for them five consecutive weeks?

MALE SPEAKER: Great. They like you.

-What if you've dropped off cookies five consecutive weeks and you've dropped off a referral for them?

MALE SPEAKER: Oh, they love you.

-OK. Can I meet you for 10 minutes? Yeah, they say. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll cancel my wedding, sure. I'll cancel my wedding. What? No, no, it's OK. Go and get married. No, I just really should cancel it to meet you, you know. No, no.

No, I'll skip my kid's softball game. I want to come talk to you. You're the cookie man. No, no, no, go to the game.

I was supposed to be at a funeral, but I'll skip it to meet with you. No, no, no. This is just-- you see what I'm saying.

Now, the next step is friendship. You dropped cookies six consecutive weeks in a row. Now, when people start referring you, do you stop dropping off cookies?

MALE SPEAKER: The answer is no.

-Right. When they don't refer you, and you've done all the steps, do you stop?


-OK. So right here, if we don't get referrals, you blow it up. [EXPLOSION NOISES] But if they do refer you, you keep showing up. Show up or blow up. Oh my gosh. This is almost spiritual. Can I tell you a story about I blew up a deal last week?

MALE SPEAKER: Please do.

-This guy says, we should network. So I'm like, OK. We should. He's got high net worth. He says, I feel like for Thrive, I could offer a ton of value. Well, OK. And I look at his resume. It's legit, you know. What's the win-win? He drops off some nice stuff for me. Kind of go around, and he's trying to get me.

I get to a point where he's like-- He asks me to do something unreasonable. And I'm like, nope, not going to do that. He's like, well, maybe we could talk more about. No, I'm not going to ever do that. Well, but I would never actually give you my customers' data. I would never compromise their information. Well, but I feel like-- No, [EXPLOSION NOISE] blow it up.

Now, in reverse, I networked with a guy. It was one of my clients. I was teaching him on this process, and he's in the medical business. He goes all the way through the cycle, and there's one guy who is just-- He's like, we should get together. I would love to refer you. And every time that he has an appointment, the guy misses the appointment. So he blew it up.

Do you see what I'm saying? But once people start like referring you, you want to keep showing up. Don't stop because they started referring you. A little marriage tip, I always go back to dating or marriage. Once you're married, do you stop taking your wife on dates? I mean, not that I've ever done this, which I did for like seven years. But should we?


-When we were dating how often did we go on dates?


-Because we were dating. For some reason we should probably rename marriage and call it long term dating. But the thing is is like dating, you're going on a date like how often when you were dating?

MALE SPEAKER: How-- Probably all the time.

-Like every three days.

MALE SPEAKER: When we're available, we're together.

-Yeah. When we get married, it's like, well, you know, it's been a year or two, but let's-- Eh, we'll catch a movie next year, right? But you have to-- That's why for my wife and I, we had to decide that Friday and Saturday are like our date nights. Otherwise we would never go. You see what I'm saying? So you got to-- Once you win them, once you win over the customer, you've got to keep showing up. But if they don't show up, you blow them up. Make sense?


-Cool? Any other questions, or do you feel that's pretty detailed?

-That's pretty detailed.

-Awesome. Well, hey, you are a great American and a worthy competitor. But I'm glad I'm not competing with you.

-Thanks, Clay.

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