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This episode is a business coaching course that talks about key performance indicators.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • PRINCIPLE #2: Know Your Daily Key Performance Indicators.
  • The 5 F System For Daily KPI's: 1. Faith
  • The 5 F System For Daily KPI's: 2. Family
  • The 5 F System For Daily KPI's: 3. Fitness
  • The 5 F System For Daily KPI's: 4. Finances
  • The 5 F System For Daily KPI's: 5. Friendships
  • Lesson Nugget: When you schedule your priorities and operate diligently from a to-do list, it will frustrate others around you while you achieve your goals.
  • Action Step: Write down your specific goals for: 1. Faith 2. Family 3. Finances 4. Fitness 5. Friendships
  • Notable Quotable: Proverbs 19:15 "Lazy people sleep soundly, but idleness leaves them hungry."
    -Holy Bible
    (New Living Translation. www.BibleGateway.com)
  • Lesson Nugget: Small people spend all of their time talking about other people. Big people focus on ideas and solutions.
  • Lesson Nugget: Measuring your KPI's are only part of the solution – the solution lies in the corrective actions that you take on a daily basis.
  • rocky iv 1985:
  • Ask Yourself: What can I do to improve in my workplace?
  • Notable Quotable: “What gets measured gets done.”
    -Gino Wickman
    (Bestselling author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business)

- Principle number two, know your key performance indicators on a daily basis. Clay, what does this mean? - Go ahead and break down, some people call them the five Fs. Some people call them the four Fs, but I wanna make sure that Jose, we take notes, as we'll add them to the screen here, okay? - [Voiceover] Sure. - Dealing with the four F system, I'll give them to you. If we're going five Fs, I'll go slow so we can all get them down here in our notes, but one is faith. - [Voiceover] Check. - Someone says, how do you measure your faith? Some people say, you shouldn't measure your faith because it's not about what you do, it's about.... B-S, read the bible every day, if that's your faith. Whatever your religion is, I mean, if you're into the torah, read that everyday. I mean, if you're a monk, you gotta monkify a little bit. You gotta make sure you're devoting the time needed to spiritual development. So, I'm just saying is one, faith, what is your daily action you're gonna do? Two, family. People say, well you can't quantify your family. Again, B-S, Bachelors of Science, I don't know what you guys think that stands for, but anyway, family, family. I mean, if you're gonna spend time with your wife, how much time? Put it down. How much time are you gonna spend with your kids? How much? I brought my kids onto the set today because it's in my list to-do so, and I believe that by my kids seeing successful people come in and out of here, meeting people like yourself who are taking their life to the next level, meeting people who've decided to take control of their life, they learn. So, definitely faith, family, okay, right? Then you got fitness. Well, how do you quantify, 30 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of lifting weights, whatever. Just quantify that. Then you have FitBit, boom. Next thing you have though, okay, is finances. How do you quantify that? How much are you gonna save everyday? How many sales calls do you need to make a day? How much money are you looking to save? How many sales calls? How much marketing activity? How many search engine articles do you need to write? How many blogs do you need to write? I mean, what is some sort of way to quantify and the final one, and this is sort of that, well, I don't know if this is one of the four Fs or five Fs. Just go with five okay? It's friendships cause if you wanna have friendships, you're gonna have to stay in touch with people. So, yesterday, I'm driving home, and what do I do? I call a guy. Why do I call a guy? Cause it's in my list to do so, and by the way, when you do this, it frustrates other people because if I'm gonna maintain a relationship with you and talk to you, that means I can't take every call. - [Voiceover] Right. - So, you gotta decide right now, let's go ahead, let's take a time out from life, and let's figure out real quick. Let's go ahead and write down our goals. What are our goals for our faith, our family, our finances, our fitness, and our friendships? Let's know those numbers and every day. let's hit the number. I challenge you to do this for 90 days. Your life will be totally different. I have met not a thousand, but probably a few hundred people that have done this. I've challenged them at a speaking event, and they've done it. They'll e-mail me just crazy e-mails about the success they're having, but they say, you know, I literally, I'm waking up everyday and I'm spending 30 minutes studying my religion. Then what I'm doing is after I'm doing that, I'm spending time with my family. I put it in the schedule. I'm taking my wife on a date once a week. I'm taking my kids out for activities. I blocked it off there, and then I'm working out. I got 30 minutes a day when I'm doing that, and I'm calling all my friends. I'm doing that and I'm staying in touch, and I'm saving $50 a day, $10 a day, and I don't have time for anything else. I'm just like, I'm having so much success, I just don't have anymore time, and I go, "I know." Because, I'm a little Judaeo-Christian in my world view, but if you look up some of the verses about idleness, when people have nothing to do, that's when they start gossiping. That's when they start complaining. That's when they start... Small people spend other time talking about people. Big people talk about ideas and solutions. - [Voiceover] Say that again Clay. - Small people spend all their time talking about other people and gossiping and stuff. Big people focus on ideas and solutions. So, if you do block of time for faith, family, trust me, your wife will be happy. Your friends will be happy. Your girlfriend will be happy. Your kids will be happy. Your wallet will be happy, but you don't have time for anything else. So, I just encourage you, think about what you want your life to be like. So, I wanna ask you with your job, cause you've had some massive success in the last year. You've really taken your career to the next level. What is a key performance indicator for finance that you put into your career in terms of like sales calls or daily activity? As it relates to your career, what are some things that you started doing on a daily basis that have allowed you to get into the top 2% of your company within the past year by applying what you're learning? - Before I get into that, really quick, just to clarify, married, no girlfriend. So, you were talking about making them both happy. There is no girlfriend. So, just wanted to make that clear. - You know, one of the things is we - No time. - We don't wanna judge people and we have looked through our email. How do I keep my wife happy and my girlfriend, and I didn't wanna judge him. So, I just sorta threw it in there. Thank you for catching me. - [Voiceover] No, thank you, I appreciate that. - Yeah, okay, back to you. - Thank you. Some of the things that I've done, and I've actually... It's kind of funny. My boss told me to stop doing this. He told me to stop going ahead of myself. In the system that we have, we could see claims that are coming in, and I would check to see, hey, what's coming in? Is this coming my way, and apparently, he said, "Alan, you've gotta stop "doing that because I've gotta distribute "a lot of this work out to everyone else." I would just take ownership. Hey, it's in my neighborhood. I'm gonna take charge of this. The other thing too is I would respond quickly, take my calls immediately. If I was on the other line, I'd get back with the customer right away. As an adjuster, I'm having to look at cars. My goal is to settle the total losses if their totals are same day or next day, if at all possible. It's just a lot of detail. - I think you'd mentioned off camera, I love Rocky and we got Rock III where he's fighting Mr.T. It's one of the ones, it's like a defining moment in my life. There's Rocky IV where it's like he's doing... It's like U-S-S-R, the Soviet Union versus like America. - [Voiceover] Yes, Ivan Drago. - And you've got Ivan Drago. - [Voiceover] Yes. - Talk to me about the Ivan Drago mentality you brought to the workplace. - Oh, yeah, yeah. It's that whole mentality of, I must break you. - And so, you're going to your boss, I'm going to just absolutely dominate. - Oh definitely, yeah, and I've carried that through and when I've asked him... Again, I'm applying Thrive 15 principles. Hey, what can I do to improve? - [Voiceover] And you're making more money now? - I'm making more money now. This is true. - [Voiceover] Yes. - And I said, what can I do to be better? What are my areas of opportunity and his response was Alan, just keep doing what you're doing. - Yeah, well how about I give you this little quote from Gino Wickman? He's smarter than I am. He's the guy that wrote the book Traction. He says, "What gets measured gets done." So, Thrivers, ask yourself, what do you need to measure, what do you need to get done?

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