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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches how to get leads and appointments.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1

-Let's move into the second step of at the trade show. OK, so I have the booth, I finally have to look, I have the feel at the trade show. Now what am I doing? What am I actually doing while I'm there? So step number two is book appointments and gather leads. Walk me through this strategy, this system.

-Well, the thing is you want to focus on booking the appointments. So you don't want to go to the show and just get your name out there. You have to book appointments. Always be closing, or always be confirming an appointment. The point is you have to always, always, always, always, always, always, at the end of the conversation you have to call the customer to call to action.

You have to say, so when would be a good time to meet for you with your schedule next week? This time or that time? You have to confirm appointments. You have to set an actual appointment. The whole idea, if you could visualize this, is you go to the trade show, then from the trade show you bring people in to set an appointment. So one, the first step of the trade show is to-- it's like you're fishing. You're putting out a net.

Now that you have them in the net, you have to bring them into the boat, which is the appointment, OK? We're not done, though. Just so we're clear, anybody who's ever gone fishing, if you put the net out there and you get fish in the net, and then you just kind of go, well, let's go get something to eat, that's not going to work. You've got to pull the net into the boat. You pull the net into the boat.

Now you've got them into the boat, which is the appointment. Now, once they're in the boat-- now, this is the part where this analogy gets weird, and I'm sorry because you guys deserve a better analogy. But work with me. Once you've got the fish in the boat, and they're in the boat, they're not in the water, you've brought them in. You're overfishing, now they're in the boat.

Now you're going to actually have to kill the fish. To eat the fish, right? In this case you have to close the deal, OK? And I'm not saying you want to kill customers. That's not what I'm saying here. I don't want anybody to misunderstand that at all. What I'm saying, though, is when you're fishing-- again, you have the net, then you put it in the boat, then you've got to kill the fish.

What you do here is you've got to go to the trade show, you've got to book appointments, you've got to close the deal. The point is you can't just go to the trade show and think people are going to call you and go, I have copious amounts of money. I want to pay you. Is there any way-- I've got so much money, I want to pay that money to you. I don't even want the money I have, because I woke up today with a vision, and the vision was your name.

And I've never met you before, but I want to pay you big amounts of money. Are you OK with that? How much money-- how much money is too much money for you? Because I've got so much money for me. I wanna give it to you. That's not going to happen. People aren't going to do it. People are going to say, I like my money, and I want to keep it. As much of it as I can.

I worked hard for the money, and each unit of money I have is related to the amount of hours I've worked. And so maybe for me, one hour of time is worth, you know, $10, or $20. And I don't want to give any of those to you, because I'm giving you my time. So a lot of people are going to trade shows with the mindset that the fish are jumping into the boat.

They're just out there going, well, you guys want to throw in a net, or anything? Or you guys want to-- no, man, I'm just going to let the fish jump in the boat, man. Because I look at it like, my boat's sweet. I got a good old net right here. Let's jump right in, there. I'm just going to-- bam. You know? That's not going to happen, OK? So you've got to have the mindset that you're going to-- guys, I think we should put the net in the water.

Naw, man. You just want to get a good net and let the fish jump in to you, because that's where the fish are. You know, fish are going to come to you. That's the move. You want to play hard to get, because a good fish will jump after you if it knows. Fish want what they can't have, and that's to be eaten by you, you know what I'm saying?

And that's what a lot of people do at trade shows. They just do nothing, and they start to say, well, I want to be kind of hard to get. I don't want to pressure people. I don't want to inform people. I don't want to-- well, good luck on that, but you're going to ultimately be in a soup kitchen line soon.

-There we go.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2


-We want to teach these Thrivers, specifically, on how, once they have people in their booth, how to book these appointments.


-So there's a notable quotable from Chet Holmes, best selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine. Here we go. In order to enter the drawing-- you're talking about massive giveaways here-- enter the drawing, they need to give you a business card and fill out a quick little form that asks a few qualifying questions. OK. So, in your experience, how have you done this move? How have you had those few, qualifying questions?

-What Chet is talking about in his book, Ultimate Sales Machine, is if you're going to let somebody enter in for a chance to win the big giveaway, they have to give you their name, their business card, they have to give you their contact information. They have to do that in order for a chance to win. That's one of those moves.

If you're going to do a give away or you're not going to do a big giveaway, either way, as you're going through this list of things we've given you, you don't have to do all of the moves, but just do the ones that you can apply. I recommend you do them all. But you can, maybe, do eight of them, or seven of them. But what he's talking about, is you have to get their information. You have to gather their information.

I'm telling you. I used to do this at trade shows. I would have a great conversation with somebody, and they would go, hey, I'll give you a call. I'll follow up with you. And I have never-- I mean, if I was betting my life on it, I would have been dead thousands of times. And I remember, I was betting my finances on it. I'd get back to my house, and I remember, I would just sit near my house. I'm off sitting in my house, and just ready. That's where I worked, was in my house, and I'm there, and I'm going, all right. This show was good.

My wife, and people would say, how was the show? It was good. Got my name out there. They'd say, did you book any appointments? No, but I got a lot of leads. I got business cards, and I got my name out there. I had a lot of good conversations, though.

They'd go, so did you book any appointments? No, but I got a lot of contacts. And then I'd just sit there on Monday, and my phone wouldn't ring, and I'm thinking, I wonder if my phone's broke. I literally called the company, EasyTel, to see if my phone was broken. I wanted to check. I haven't seen it ring. Maybe my phone line's broken. So you call the EasyTel guy.

And then you're like, well, maybe I put the wrong number on my business card. Then you're thinking well, maybe the show wasn't a good show. Maybe it wasn't qualified leads. Maybe it was-- then you, kind of, I'm in the bathroom, and you're kind of looking, and you're kind of going in the mirror and you go, oh no. It's me.

And you realize that you didn't have a closing strategy, and no one's going to call you, because nobody knows who you are. They don't remember you. You didn't follow these ten moves. You didn't have business cards. You didn't collect their information. You didn't.

So it's very, very important that you, your whole goal here, guys, is to set an appointment. You have to do it. Don't get on these false wins, because then two weeks later you're trying to go to the bank, right? And the bank tellers like, well hi, Mr. Clark. How much money would you like to deposit today?

And you go, well, I want to deposit a bunch of good connections I met. I'd like to deposit, getting my name out there. I'd like to deposit some good rapport I have. Can I deposit those potential deals into the bank? And they go, no. And then you end up eating ramen, which is what I literally did. No air conditioning, and eating ramen. Two years paying a dumb tax for not knowing the steps. Just implement this. Please. I beg of you.

-So let's get into the fire hose of knowledge and the action items for the Thrivers to book these appointments, OK? So the first thing that we need to do is develop a unified vision and theme for the show. So you've got to decide, are we doing the Hawaiian shirt thing? Or what advice would you give on this?

-Well, let's go with a theme that no one here-- if you're a Thriver watching this, and you're like, this theme is the worst theme, that's fine, I'm just trying to help you. But if we went with the whole out of this world theme, we're like, look. There's little aliens, and this is our theme, aliens. If that's going to be your theme, that's an interesting theme there, but if you're going to go with the whole alien theme, everything about your booth has to go with that theme. Chewbacca needs to be in that booth. Everyone needs to be dressing that way. It needs to be a cohesive theme.

Now what's not a theme is, your good friend, Barry. Barry, who works with you. You see him everyday. Barry's kind of a, larger guy. He works over there in accounting and you're going, Barry, why don't you have your shirt on, and why are you painted green, and why are you wearing that mask? And Barry's like, it's part of an alien theme that I'm doing. And you go, well, none of us are doing the theme, though. You're the only one. You're the only one doing the theme, Barry. And he goes, well, I wanted to do the alien theme.

And now you have a weird vibe going on. And so, at the DJ booth, I used to let guys do their own theme. And that is not good, because you'd have guys showing up with like, tons of swag. You get guys wearing like, suits like they're in a rap video. Sparkling, shimmering, suits. I'm not kidding. Then another guy who's wearing shining, shimmering. One guy who's like, bro, I'm going for the whole casual look, bro. Bro, just going for the casual look, you know? So like, I'm just wearing like, this T-shirt, you know? Because I just want brides to know that I'm casual. You know what I mean, bro?

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3

-Hi, everyone. Got one guy in our booth. I won't tell you the guy's name. He's so funny. He literally brought these maracas. And he was wanting to play salsa music all day.


I remember walking by the booth going, what is going on? Because you've got the casual guy being like, 'sup, brah? You looking to get married? Then you get there, you got


You got the shimmering suit guy. And that was our squad. Don't do that. Don't let Barry wear an alien mask. Make a theme.

-Unified. Unified. Not just a theme, but a unified thing.

-Common union, baby. Communion. Get that theme together.

-There we go.

OK. So in terms of resources, what do I have in the booth? We're talking about these leadsheets. So let's walk the Thrivers through what do I need to have on the leadsheet? What am I going to have in front of me when I'm talking to these different leads that could potentially buy from my company?

-A leadsheet is an 8 and 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. And on that sheet of paper is all the information that you need to gather from the potential customers. So you want to have a clipboard, OK? Want to have a clipboard. And on that clipboard, you want to have your leadsheets.

Here's your clipboard right there. Boom. Now, on your clipboard, you're going to have a piece of paper. And this piece of paper is called the leadsheet. It's 8 and 1/2 by 11. You're going to use that to collect information as you're talking to ideal and likely buyers.

-Cool. So we want their name. So when we're in Microsoft Word, or whatever it is that Apple is using.

-We're going to send you guys a template of this.

-We're going to send it.

-Yeah. That's going to happen. So with this episode, we'll make it easily accessible for you. And you can actually download a pdf of what a leadsheet should look like.

-What a leadsheet should look like. So you've got to have that. OK?

The next thing that I need in my booth is a one sheet. A one sheet to give out to prospective clients. A one sheet.

-Now, I want to make sure that I am obsessing over the details real quick on this leadsheet, because on a leadsheet, I'm talking you need their name. You need their number. You're going to need their e-mail. You're going to need to have five rapport-building questions. Five rapport-building questions. You're going to need five needs-based questions. You're going to have five benefits supported by a fact. And you're going to have five closing questions. This is all on your leadsheet.

You have to have this on one sheet, because you're going to have to train an army of people how to do this. And it starts with you. So you've got to do that.

Then, as you go through, you use this leadsheet, which is almost like a mobile script. It's like a trade show script. As you use that, the device that you're going to use to display the products and services and the benefits of what you offer is a one sheet.

So the way that would work is-- let me see if I can grab a piece of paper here. So let's pretend that this was a leadsheet. I'd be at the booth. And the point person would say, hey, are you guys interested in home insulation? No. Hey, are you interested in making your home more efficient? Yeah. I think we are. Well, come on into the mobile office. Let me introduce you to Clay, our sales guy.

Going back. I come back. Hey, I'm Clay. How are you? Great. Hey, well, I'm standing by my bistro table. And I say, so what's your name? So tell me this, what are you guys looking for out of a home insulation company? And I have my questions scripted out that I'm going to ask. My rapport, my needs, my benefits, my close.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go watch our sales episode. This will help you.

But what you're going to do, is I'm going to gather that, and I go, hey, let me show you the benefits of what our company offers. We have really three to five benefits at your trade. Three to five. You say, one, we can make your home 30% more efficient. And you show them the benefit. And it's supported by a fact. And you show them the next benefit. So you say, we can make your home 30% more efficient. In fact, we have one sheet here of tons of references you can call-- people right in your area-- whose homes we've made more efficient.

Two, we can get it all installed within 24 hours. In fact, let me give you the names and numbers of people we've actually installed-- right here in this area-- who could vouch for that.

Three, we're award-winning. We could--

And that's how you're going to do it. You need a one sheet as your tangible print item that you give the customer. The leadsheet's for you. The one sheet is for them. Hopefully, that makes sense.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 4

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