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This episode is a business coaching course that teaches how to recognize likely buyers.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 1 of 3)
  • Definition Magician: A particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned.
  • Action Step: Google the name of each of the local media outlets and “charity” to find the names of reporters that cover stories related to the cause you and your company want to get behind.
  • Definition Magician: The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. It is used as a proxy for gauging the customer's overall satisfaction with a company's product or service and the customer's loyalty to the brand.
  • Lesson Nugget: If customers do not rank your business a 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale for a net promoter score, they will not refer your business.
  • Action Step: Make sure the initial impression when your customer walks into your place of business visually WOWS the customer.


-So in Tulsa, you'll have a reporter. There's one reporter I know in particular who hates the idea that everyone can't have fully automatic weapons. Talked to him over breakfast about this before.

And he's like, listen, well, we've got the right to bear arms. We got the right to bear arms because we're supposed to protect ourselves from a government that could potentially take over. So the right to bear arms is about our ability to protect our right to pursue happiness, life, liberty.

And we need to have whatever. If people want bazookas, it's fine. And you're like, really? And he's totally sold out, because he believes that. And he goes, hey, it wasn't too long ago, 1776, we had to stand up and overthrow King George.

Then I know another reporter in Tulsa who hates guns. So he found out my wife and I have a handgun. I was talking, and he goes, do you have a handgun?

I go, yeah. He goes, I can't respect it. And he just feels like we just all run around with Nerf footballs and throw it at terrorists or hostile governments. So everyone's got their own worldview.

So I'm saying, is each reporter-- though, you might find one reporter in Tulsa who loves men's fashion. So any time we pitch him a story, it's about men's fashion. So one of my company's is men's fashion. And we pitch him those. He loves it.

So right now what do you do-- this is homework for you. I need you to Google when you get home. This is Homework for you. And we'll jot it down to you. I need you to Google the name of each local media station in the word, charity. So Fox News, Saint Louis, charity. And whatever, Saint Louis, charity. Newspaper-- is it "The Dispatch?"

MAN: Yes.

-OK. So you'll go Saint Louis, "Dispatch," charity. And find the names of the reporters-- that's homework-- who cover this kind of stuff. So at the intersection-- oh, here we go. At the intersection of your mission or your charity-- so this right here is your charity-- and the intersection of the media bias. This is the media over here. At the intersection of your mission and the media bias, that's where you get a story.

So you need to-- you and your wife, homework for you. I'll have him jot this down. And today, we'll work through it off camera. But we need to figure out some way in a sustainable way you do a give back so that, one, your business is helping fuel your faith, family, finances, and your big goal, but two, so that the local community, the local media has a reason to celebrate and cheer for your business, gets you in the news. That make sense?


-So ideas, is one is every time you sell a pair of frames you might donate $1. You might do a deal where you donate, and you say, anybody who's on assistance, you'll pick up the tab up this many people per year. During the holidays, any family they can't afford eye care can come in and get stuff at cost, or whatever. All I'm saying is we have to come up with that. So do you like the idea of maybe tying it into the Christmas shopping, maybe do that with glasses for families that are--

-Probably keep that separate. But I do do separately though in my office. I always tell the churches and the schools, like, if you know anybody that they're strapped, they clearly need eye care, you know they're having problems financially or whatever, just call us, and we'll take care of it.

-OK. So you already have some thing' going?

MAN: Yes.

-The the thing is we need to get this on the site. So I'm going to have him take notes of this. We need to get your mission on the site. The next thing we need to do is when they walk into your clinic-- and I've never been there before. And so I have nothing positive, and/or hateful, or factually negative, or positive to say. So it's more rhetorical.

But all I can say is this. There's this thing called the Net Promoter Score. And what we know is that Harvard did research on this. And we'll add the data to the screen here.

But the point is, Harvard did the research on this. What they found is if somebody ask them on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely they are to refer your business, if people really don't say, like, if they don't get into this 8, 9, 10 zone, they're not going to refer. So your business, it's very expensive to grow it.

But if we create a system where we market today, and we have really, really solid marketing, feeding leads into our funnel, and if they come in here, and we wow them, they will tell multiple people. And your funnel grows, and grows, and grows. If we don't wow them, if all we do is just satisfy, if we just satisfy, they don't do it. They don't refer each other. And so it's very expensive to grow the business.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 2 of 3)
  • Action Step: 1. Visuals → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy.
  • Action Step: 2. Ambiance → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy.
  • Action Step: 3. Smell → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy them.
  • Action Step: 4. Customer Service → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy them.
  • Ask Yourself: What kind of atmosphere does my customer experience as it relates to visuals, ambiance, smells, and overall customer service experience when they come into my place of business?


CLAY CLARK: So we walk into your lobby-- this is homework for you and I'm going to try to help you on this today, OK? When we walk into your lobby, I want you to make sure you jot down the following items so that you and your wife can have that conversation. Or some business owners, you know-- you and your wife work together but maybe you have the conversation with yourself, I'm not sure of the whole dynamic. But we need to make sure that the site, like the visuals create a wow.

So I worked with one local orthodontist and he does a charitable get back and we took pictures of all the fun people that we helped over the years. We put them on to this wood wall, like, this barn wood kind of look. And so when you walk in, you can immediately see what he does in the community, when you walk in. We went through another doctor's office and we went through and we replaced the sheet rock. We put historical barn wood everywhere. And we put in some Edison bulbs. And it cost him $1,500 but it looked great.

We had one guy that we worked with, he had a restaurant in town. It was actually a lady. Worked with her, and she had no budget, no money. What we did is we encouraged her and she built the world's largest thing. So she actually looked at all the bars and goes I can make the world's largest one of those and put it in my restaurant myself. So she took and made the world's largest reclaimed part of a restaurant. So it became a deal where like the Food Channel featured her.

But it was this thing where-- I can't give away her secret on camera but it was a deal where she had sat down and goes, well I have a bunch of recycled items and cans and bottles. And I'm going to use all those to make this massive recycled piece of real estate and it became this talking point. So you've got to have a visual wow.


-Makes sense?

JOE: Yeah.

-Can you think of anything that you could do immediately or-- if you had to set a scale of one to 10. If ten is wow and anything short of 10 is not wow, how would you rate your overall-- because it's always professional-- but how would you rate the wow factor of the visuals?

JOE: Of the visuals themselves?


-Probably like about a seven or a six.

CLAY CLARK: OK. And so homework for you. And I'll work with you off camera on this. We got to get your wows up to a 10. So if you just walk in and you go, "Wow!" Now the second area, OK? Is we got to create that ambience. So ambience-- today we don't have it planned because you're obviously in this room and so we don't want to create a weird deal but we have background music we always play all the time. So it's kind of like a up tempo, like, a wine bar kind of feel in the lobby. So when you walk in, you immediately sense the energy. You can feel that vibe. What you do in your lobby? Is it-- you feel like you got a wow there as far as the?

JOE: We've got music playing, we've got a little refreshment bar there with coffee, water, a couple snacks.

CLAY CLARK: OK. So here's the deal, again. Homework for you. Let's get that to a 10. Now on the actual-- see you got the visual, you got the ambience. Smell. Absence of an intentional smell smells weird. So think about that. And then the final thing is on the customer service experience itself, you want to give the customer something more than they expect. You don't want to give them-- I came in today to get my vision repaired, my vision improved, my vision fixed. What could you give me that I don't expect, where when I get I go, "Wow!" So I'm just trying to jar your mind.

JOE: Yeah.

-I worked with an appliance store and they sell Viking appliances and really nice appliances. But we make sure there's fresh baked cookies all the time. So you walk in there to get an appliance and you go, "I'll have a cookie." And then you're kind of going, "Yeah, I'll have some milk." And you're going, "I didn't expect that." And then they kind of trick it out where there's food examples everywhere from stuff that's made in the ovens, in the appliances. So you're walking around and it's almost like this samplepalooza. So maybe that's not appropriate for you, but what is something you could do that would give them a wow? What do you think?

JOE: That's something to think about there. Something immediately they can sense or experience?

CLAY CLARK: Something where when they leave, it's something that no other optometrist-- because I know that you've been doing this for a long time. Therefore, you're going to do a high quality. You couldn't be in business if you couldn't do a high quality procedure.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 3
  • Marketing/PR:
    -Episode 2
    (Part 3 of 3)
  • Doctor Joe's Plan:: a. Thank you note → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy.
  • Doctor Joe's Plan:: b. Call → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy.
  • Doctor Joe's Plan:: c. Update about Christmas Shop → You must WOW your customers, not just satisfy.
  • Ask Yourself: How can I deliver above and beyond what the customer is expecting when they come in to buy my product or service?


CLAY CLARK: I'll just give you a few ideas. And I just want you to make sure that in the next couple weeks you choose one that's gonna work here for you.

MAN: Something that comes off the top of my head, like, a personal thank you card.

CLAY CLARK: There you go. Boom. Let's do it. Thank you card. Nobody's doing a thank you card. You know what? A handwritten note totally works. And for anybody who's watching or doesn't believe it, I'm telling you, you get a handwritten note-- I've worked with tons of companies, that is a wow factor.

So every customer, doing it. One doctor I worked with, he's a dentist. What he did is he did a follow up call after every patient, seven days after. So he says, in your case, "How's the vision going? Are you doing OK? Do you like the new glasses?" He has someone who does that. And that creates that, wow, you sent me a card, you sent me the call, you guys obviously care.

MAN: Yeah.

-And then this third, is I would send them an update. And you call this Christmas Shop?

MAN: Mhm.

-OK. I would give them an update about Christmas Shop. Because of great people like you, we've been able to help the such and such of the Thompson family, or we want to help a family, or help families, or whatever is going to allow you to share the story in a way that doesn't compromise the values of what you're doing. Because you want to obviously allow people to buy their own gifts with dignity, and I get that.

MAN: Right.

-So you're finding some-- but you want to share that story. Because when I get that story, if I get a video link and it's a you on camera going, "Hey I want to thank all of our customers this month, all of our patients. We had an awesome chance this month to help support the Christmas Shop and this year we helped 120 families get Christmas gifts. I just wanted to show you some of the impact you've made."

MAN: Mhm.

-People share that stuff. So these are kind of immediate A-B-C homework items for you.

MAN: Good.

-And I'll have Marshall jot these down for you. On the customer service, we need to wow. OK? And Marshall we're going to put down the thank you card, the call, the Christmas Shop. Knocked it out the story. Then as far as the actual purple cow for the facility, we want to make sure for your visuals, that you're to a ten. So homework for you, if you can take pictures and send them to me?

MAN: Yeah.

CLAY CLARK: That'd be awesome.


CLAY CLARK: You know, I'm going to be honest. Same deal. I just want to make sure people walk out, they go, "Wow!" Next, smell. Make sure it smells great. It's an intentional feel. We just don't want it to be a deal where people walk in and go, "Well, ehh."

Because that's what happens in most doctors' offices. You're reading an old "People" magazine. You're reading an old "Time Life" magazine. You're sitting next to somebody, you got kind of muzak, like a flute version of a rap song or something. And you're kind of going, "Ehh." But we want to wow people.

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