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This business coaching lesson teaches how to make money with your website.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Today's Topic : Website Conversion 101
  • Editor's Note: How to Make Money with Your Website
  • Lesson Nugget: Determining Your Ideal and Likely Buyers + 1st Class Quality Website Branding / PR + Top In Google + Targeted Ads + Retargeted Ads + Quality of Customer Service + Testing = Website Conversion
  • Lesson Nugget: Your website must look first-class.
  • Lesson Nugget: Double Your Conversion, Double Your Income.
  • Action Step: Commit to conversion optimization and testing.

- So what you wanna do, you want to go ahead and make that list of your customers, in your database, and you want to reach out just to these, I guess … - [Voiceover] Positives - Right! Cos they will write positive things, and they will promote your business, they're called promoters. - Hello and welcome, we are so glad that you have tuned in to join us on this exciting segment here at Thrive15. I am joined by our small business administration entrepreneur of the year, none other then our only, Clay Clark, how are you doing sir? - Doing awesome right, my desk is finally filled with the acoutrements I need to teach well. - I see mine is a little bit bare here, but I'm so glad that our viewers can watch your desk and admire the beauty of it. - Now why we needed all of these items to teach website conversion, every single item on here is needed to teach it. You'll see later why we have it, but this is, all of these items are needed, and I was kicked off the Justin Bieber tour bus for having too many materialistic needs-- - Is that what happened? - So now I've come to Thrive15, so let's hop into it and tell people what we're going to be learning here today. - Absolutely, Jason Stewart thanks for joining us as well. - Thanks for having me. - Yeah, well guys, we're talking today about website conversion 101. How to make money, with your website. - See that right there, that's why we have that, I can just hit that Sorry to just throw you off your game, we just wanted to test the skills here. - Production value. - Wow that almost sounded like a pager or something from the days - A Gallagher -Alright, so the overview, I'm gonna read you guys the overview, the overview, the goal of this training is to help you and teach you how to successfully convert your ideal and likely buyers into actually paying customers. And, the formula is, determining your ideal and likely buyers, plus, your first class quality website branding slash PR, plus, you're topping Google, plus, your targeted ads, plus, retargeted ads, plus, quality customer service plus testing equals your website conversion. - Yeah, basically all of these elements are things you have to be good at in order to make money online. You might be able to know a couple of these and maybe just have such a great product or such a great value proposition maybe you can get away it. But you really need to be a master of all these. So I'm just gonna kind of go through them, just briefly here OK? You have to determine who your ideal and likely buyers are. You have to know who wants to buy your stuff. If you're selling workout equipment, you know, that's mainly designed for dudes then you probably don't want to be marketing to women who are in their teenage years. You know what I'm saying? First class quality, your website has to look good. If your website doesn't look good it freaks people out, because then they're going "How am I going to trust you enough "to give you my credit card if your site looks bad?" The next thing is you really, really need to be topping Google, you just have to be there, you have to get to the top position. If you're on page four, page three of Google results it really doesn't matter how good your product is, no-one's going to find it. And then the targeting ads, you know, those are the ads that only are displayed to your ideal and likely buyers. And those retargeting ads are those ones that kind of follow you around all over the internet. You know every time you're on a website you see the same ad over and over and over. And then you have that quality customer service. So many companies get it wrong, where they have all these customers but they irritate them through just having very difficult to work with processes. And then you have the test, and Stewart's gonna get into the testing aspect of this, and website conversion, I wanna ask you there, Stewart, you've designed hundreds of websites, potentially thousands of websites, for top brands. How exciting does it feel, for you as a designer, when the customer actually starts to make money with it? I mean how pumped do you get when you see it actually start to see it come in? - It's the ultimate, I mean that's what it's all about. - Is it more frustrating for you when you build a great site and you don't see the conversions cos they're not really doing these moves, you can't-- - It's not frustrating at first because that's normal at first. - OK. - Right, fail forward, right? - Yeah. - So you fail at first and then you build it and you make it and you innovate it and you make it better. And that's when it gets exciting. - Well here's the deal, drivers, this is the thing. If you're to have a website right now, you already have some of these tools in place. We can just tell you, if you can double your conversion you obviously will double your income. I mean, it's not a huge deep thought, but it's true. Something we all need to focus on is, we're trying to double our income today. The other thing we need to do is, every single person watching right now, you need to commit, you need to commit, to conversion optimization and testing. You need to commit right now that you are going to commit. You're right now, you're saying, "I am definitely going to focus on conversion enhancement. "I have to do this, I've got to focus on improving this, "and I have to focus on testing" You can't be the guy, it's always a guy, women are more, more thoughtful. Women are smarter. Whereas us guys, we know so much about so many things, that we feel like "Oh I don't need to ask for directions" "Like Dad, you've been looking for Braum's" Braum's is like an ice cream place in Oklahoma. "Dad, you've been looking for Braum's for like two hours". "No, I was just trying to show you all of Tulsa, "and then eventually get to the, "if you would be patient with me". Secretly, we have no idea where Braum's is. So we need to ask some directions sometimes, and we need to do testing, and that's kind of what we're talking about here today. So Jose I'll throw it back to you. - Right right right, thanks for sharing you guys, and we're gonna break these down for you. We're gonna go in depth into them, we're gonna deep dive into them.

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