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This business coaching episode explains how to successfully manage your business traffic.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Super Move #10: Rethink whether you need to welcome walk-ups with your business.
  • Editor's Note: Every sports team should welcome walk-ups to their business...

- Super move number 10, rethink whether you need to welcome walk-ups with your business. So this is what we're talking about, walk-ups, walk-ups with your business. Do you accept walk-in traffic, do you need to be accessible, is that what your business model is? - [Voiceover] Do we have key fobs on our building? - We do have key fobs on our building. - [Voiceover] What does that mean? - That means that no person with out a key card can get into our building. - [Voiceover] And why do that? - Nobody can just like walk down our strip, we're, we're on the scenic Arkansas River, - Can I share you a confession? - OK. - The other day somebody was waving at me, trying to get in the building, and I acted like I couldn't seem 'em. - [Voiceover] Well, - And you know why I did it? - [Voiceover] Yeah. - [Man] Cause they're not a client, I know who they are, and they're a time suck. - [Voiceover] Mmmm. - But you know what I had? Time, I got my stuff done, and I didn't feel bad. You know why, because, I already know that story. Hey, I want to high week with you guys about consulting, but then, when I have the meeting I'm not gonna actually want to do consulting, I just have a bunch of questions and I'm gonna want, you to send me a proposal, and I have a little bit of drama and I just wanna talk, is there any, do you have a moment, do you have minute, do you have, no. - OK, so, what would be an example of where you have a business and maybe you should welcome walk-ups? - [Man 1] Uh, coffee shop. - [Man 2] OK. - Uh, hair, men's grooming, I have a men's grooming business, so a hair dresser, uh, Jiffy Lube, um, professional baseball team. - Basically all of these different - [Man 1] I mean if you're a professional, I mean if you're like, you know, a home of the, you know, I don't know, The Dodgers, I mean, on game day, you'd hope, they'd take people who want to walk-up right, you would? I mean, you're like, nope, only via appointment! But they do that kind of, they shut the, they shut the gates and they don't let anybody in the game on non-game days. - Sure, so, so, any business where your business is driven by foot traffic or people coming into your shop, doing business with you but, if you are, if you already have scheduled for your day all the things that you need to get done, you gotta accept those walk-ups. - I'm just being real though, like in consulting, don't answer your door. Just don't do it, say no, I don't even want my sign on the door, I hate that people even know where our office is sometimes, I hate it, I hate when people show up. I just, I can't stand a, hey do you have a minute, cause I don't have a minute! I have five kids and I don't have any minutes, I just want some minutes!

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