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This business coaching episode explains everything you need to know about mastering and perfecting customer service.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Notable Quotable: "You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying. Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying with a positive mental attitude."- Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone
  • Lesson Nugget: If you don't have a burning desire to achieve your goals, you will look for reasons not to push through adversity.
  • Lesson Nugget: Know what actions/steps keep you positively focused, and revert to those actions when things start turning negative.
  • Lesson Nugget: Focusing on the task at hand will help you stay positive.
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-I know that for me having a positive mental attitude totally comes from having that desire to do something big. And I know for Thrive, a business coaching website, I really enjoy interviewing with you. I enjoy finding out what you do to become successful and teaching it to other people. It's exciting to me.

But I know this morning, I didn't feel like it. I didn't feel good. I've been feeling sick all day. And I thought, man. But I've never in my mind mentally been like, oh, I wonder if I can do it. Because mentally, I'm supercharged with a burning desire to teach other people business coaching lessons on how to become successful. And that's what gets me through those times.


-And I know that for me though, if I don't have a burning desire for something, like anything can seem like a viable obstacle.

-That's right. Absolutely.

-If I do not want to take out the trash, and there's just the smallest impediment, like I perceive there might be a shortage of trash bags, that could be a big enough impediment to keep me from taking out the trash.

-That's correct.

-Or if there's a party I don't want to go to-- with six kids, you're invited to a party. Do you really want to go?

No. Any impediment at all. Oh, can't find the keys. Probably can't go.

But now if you want to go, you'll do whatever you have to do to get there.

-That's exactly right. Business coaching advice: So I think the key is just finding what you want to do. I mean, what--

-What's the motivating factor?

-Now, the business coaching tip is maintaining faith when it seems hopeless. Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone write again here in the book "Success Through a Positive Attitude."

"You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying. Business coaching truth: Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying with a positive mental attitude." How do you stay positive when you discover that a key employee is doing something crazy? Or that something horrible has happened?

Or basically, you find out you're having a big obstacle. How do you stay positive there? How do you maintain hope or faith when it seems hopeless?

-Right. Well first of all, for me, depending on how bad it is, we really focus on what does keep me positive? If I know that keeping me positive will be me going and turning-- getting in the car and turning on that music really, really, really, really, really loud, then that's what I need to do.

There's times when I will literally walk in the house and say something like that happened. It was a hard day. My wife knows it. I walk in and she can always tell because I have scoliosis. I have a curvature of the spine. So when I walk in and I'm walking like this, she goes, oh, it's been a long day. And she'll go, you need to go see a movie. And so she'll kick me out of the house because I have an awesome wife and say, go find some guys and go see an uplifting movie.

It kind of reboots me to, what am I doing? Why am I focused on this? Let's get back and focused.

-Now financially, you're blessed today.

-I am.

-You have six great kids. You have a wonderful house. You got the 1969 Shelby. You got the Shelby Mustang. A lot of neat, little--


-Big TV, all that kind of fun stuff. All those knickknacks. But there was a time when your sister passed away. How old were you?

-I was 19.


-I'm sorry, I was 20.

-20. She passed away. Did you have to pay for the funeral?

-I did.

-OK. So you had to pay for the funeral. You didn't really have much money, or any money to pay for it?


-Walk me through the circumstances concerning that.

-Well, my sister was-- she had just turned 18 and she had her second child. And her first child she had when she was 15. And her daughter was six months old. And she was down in Dallas. And she was going to go to school down there and she was in a car accident. They got hit by a drunk driver. She passed away.

-And when she did, how did you stay positive enough to, one, organize a funeral? Two, raise the money for the funeral? How do you do that? Because that's tough.

-The reality is that we are-- when we're in leadership positions, you just do it. And at that position, I had to really focus on, what I need to do?

And so at time it was kind of getting the job done. No matter what was going on, I had to be there for my family. There was a lot of things going on and we were able to get through it.

Business coaching truth: And there were certainly times-- there's always going to be times when you may break down. But I didn't choose to dwell on it. I didn't choose that to be a pattern of my life. We said, OK, we're through it. Let's move on.

-You chose to not make that a pattern of your life?



Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: You can't dwell on negative situations. Activity during negative situations will help you get through.



-Business coaching story: Well, I recently found out my dad had cancer. And, you know, I've talked about that in great length. But he had cancer. Big tumor needed to be removed. There's the immediate issue of, financially, how are we going to pay for this procedure?

How is he going to be able to miss work? He works with me, so how am I going to help support him? How am I going to help support my mom? There's all that logistical stuff.

And there's the emotional stuff of like, that is my dad. Have I been spending enough time with my dad? Am I doing a good job being a son for my dad? How are my grandkids going to react to knowing-- or how are my kids going to react to knowing their granddad has all that.

And then there's also the practical. I have to get to work right now to lead a team of people. And I can just tell you that the entrepreneurs that I've seen-- and I know that you know this-- but it seems like you just plunge yourself in. You take that anger and that frustration and that angst and that worry and that doubt and you just plunge it into activity. And activity's what gets you through.

-You're right. That's basically what happens.

-Now, for anybody out there who's really struggling, especially if they're at the other end of that camera, for anybody out there who's really struggling to get positive, are there any business coaching tips that you could give to that man or woman out there?

ARTHUR GREENO: Well, for one business coaching tip, I would say focus on the positive. Everybody has champion moments. So what does a champion look like to you? And write it down. Business coaching advice: So that when you are in times of being frustrated or overwhelmed, you can look back at all the different components of the great things that have happened and focus on those.

-Well, Arthur, I appreciate you sharing your business coaching tips, time, your heart, some personal details of your situation because I know it's really easy to say, well, you need to be positive. But when you know that you've gone through the rough stuff, it really is hard to maybe relate there. And in your book-- it's called "Dysfunctional Inspiration," right?

-Yes, sir.

-You kind of bare it all there.

-I do.

-And I really, really highly endorse that book. Could you grab us a copy of that quick so we can show the good folks at home what this thing looks like. I read this book. You gave it to me-- I think I read it in one day.

-You did.

-And I sent you a review on it. I loved it.

-It's what we call a "three BM book." You can finish it in three good bowel movements and you're done.

-Oh, three. Three good bowel movements. That is-- we went from awesome to classy right there. But, Arthur, thank you so much for your business coaching advice and time. I appreciate it.

-It was my pleasure.

-Take care.

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