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This business coaching session teaches about meta keyword tag compliance.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • 25 Variables to Google and User Compliance: 7. Meta Keyword Tag Compliance
  • Fun Factoid: Meta Keywords are a specific type of meta tag that appear in the HTML code of a Web page and help tell search engines what the topic of the page is.
  • Lesson Nugget: Add six keyword phrases that pertain to the topic of the web page and search terms you are optimizing for.
  • Lesson Nugget: Steps to creating meta keyword tags: 1. Brainstorm with yourself for relevant search terms to your product or service
  • Ask Yourself: What would my potential customers type on Google about your product or services?
  • Lesson Nugget: Examples of meta keyword tag phrases: Tulsa Men’s Haircuts, Haircuts in Tulsa, Find Tulsa Men’s Haircuts, Tulsa Haircuts for Men, Men Haircuts Tulsa, Find Quality Tulsa Haircuts.
  • Lesson Nugget: Steps to creating meta keyword tags: 2. Ask customers
  • Action Step: Ask potential customers, "What would type in Google to find my business?"

- ♫ Break it down - Ok, so next up, we have meta keyword tag compliance. Ok so w're gonna get into it, now Clay, what are these meta keywords that we keep hearing about? - Well, meta again means, it comes from the word basically meaning above or beyond, ok that's what the word meta means, it's greek. So the idea is that these are words that you can't really see if you're a user for the most part, but they're words that you can see if you're Google, If you're a Google Bot that's crawling. And so the meta keywords are these little phrases that people would type in. So we're gonna go ahead and do something that we can all relate to, and let's do cookies. Ok, so let's go ahead, can we do a little Google search for cookies? Can we do that, is that possible? Oh here we go, so we can power a nuclear submarine in our studio by the way, just a little fun factoid. But if we're gonna Google cookies, how many of you watching right now would actually Google search the word cookies? Well, I'll tell you what, very few. Most of you might throw cookies then you'd throw the word Tulsa after it. Ok, so let's throw the word Tulsa after it. How many people would type in, you know, cookies Tulsa? Well a lot of people, but some people might type in Tulsa cookies, I mean how many of you watching right now would type in Tulsa cookies, instead of cookies Tulsa? Let's do it and try cookies Tulsa, or Tulsa cookies I mean, alright and yet somebody else might say cookies in Tulsa. All of those are phrases, they're keyword phrases, so it's not really key, it's more of keywords phrases, but that's how it works. And so, what you're gonna want to do, is you're gonna want to make sure that you choose a total of six, if you can, six keyword phrases to put into the meta portion of your website. Ok? That's how it works. So Steve anything you want to add to them, am I missing something? Is there something strong I'm missing? - Well, I'm just curious, how do you come up with these keywords? How do you pick these keywords Clay? - [Clay] Great question. What I'm gonna do, there's basically three steps that I'd recommend that everybody does. Ok,one is sit down and brainstorm with yourself, I mean seriously, you know your product better than anybody else, so I'll give an example. I'm a speaker, which is kind of like a carnival worker, kind of like a carny, but less skilled, but what happens is, is that over time I realized I have a big event coming up in New York, uh HIA where ya at how ya doin? And these guys, and they're great people, but typically when people are finding me that they're searching for motivational speakers. Very few people type in business speaker, they usually type in motivational speakers, or time management experts, or there's certain words that my customers, I sit down and ask them, I say what did you type in Google? And they say Oh motivational speakers. So, one is go out there and just ask yourself, you know, with based on your knowledge of the product, what would they type in. My brother in law has a men's grooming business and he knows about this thing called paraffin, Marshall have you had a paraffin before? - I haven't had one - [Clay] Whatever. Anyway, so the paraffin hand dip is like where you dip your hands in like this wax, when you pull it out your hands are just, they look great, they exfoliate and that kind of thing. I didn't know what it was, but he knew what it was you know, and so he said well paraffin is something people would look for, straight razor shaves is something people would look for. He's the owner of the business so I'm like, what else for your men's grooming business? Haircuts, hard part, so if you Google search real quick here straight razor shave Tulsa, ah, let's see if we come up top. Let's see what happens, here we go, here we go, and oh God there we are, we're number two. We're number two and we're the first one down there you scroll down there we are again, and there we are again. YES. We have three on the first page, keep going down, not that I'm excited about these kinds of things, but YES, that's our video right there - [Steve] oh man - [Clay] keep scrolling down, I don't even get excited at all, and we're justdominant. So that's how that works ok, so you've got to ask - [Marshall] Nice - [Clay] So you've gotta ask yourself step one, what are the terms that you know you would look for, as it relates to your product, the second is go ask customers. People who are likely to buy your product, even if you don't have any customers just ask yourself, go ask some dudes who are getting their haircuts, with this example, and say "What would you type in Google?" And they're like "uh..." And don't give them group think, don't say "I would type in this, what would you type in?" Just say, "What would you type in?" And just get that spontaneous stuff, I kind of like to ask at least, say 50 people, just ask, ask, ask.

Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Lesson Nugget: Steps to creating meta keyword tags: 3. Look at your competition
  • Lesson Nugget: Right click on the website, then click "view page source" to see their keywords.
  • Lesson Nugget: 1. You can also click on "edit" 2. Then click on "find" 3. Then type in the keyword on the search bar.
  • Recommended Resources: Google Keyword Planner Link: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner
  • Recommended Training: Learn more by watching the episode "Determining Winnable Keywords" on Thrive15.com
  • Recommended Resources: WordPress is web software you can use to create a website, blog, or app.
  • Recommended Resources: Yoast helps you with your website optimization as a WordPress plugin
  • Lesson Nugget: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

- The final deal here is that you can go in and look at your competition. This is kind of a sweet move. So this is what you do. And there's Google Keyword Planner and we can kinda get into that on more detail if you want to, but these are the three moves that I would do everytime. So we go ahead, we scroll down here, and I'm going to type in Tulsa haircuts. So I'm just going to look up my competition. Who are these jerks? You scroll down, scroll down. Let's find our first guy. The Tulsa Hair Company, that guy he's, I'm sure he's a good guy. Sir, if you're watching I hope you finish 8th. Ok so here we go. So you can look at his site, and if you look through his site you could look for the words. You see the words up on the page here? It says step out in style with designer haircuts. So, designer haircuts is a word he has on here. You could look through all this content and find the words he has, and then you could right click on the site anywhere you want. And click view page source. And when you do that you're able to see the keywords that he is using if he is so kind as to provide them in his publicly available metadata. So if you search for the word description real quick. - [Jason] Clay, let me show you this. So if I go to Edit, I go to Find See this right here? Secret ninja move right here. So if I type in... Keywords. - [Clay] Let's try that, keywords. Go ahead, Bert, Ernie. - [Jason] It doesn't have... - [Clay] Look for a description. - [Jason] OK, so description... - [Clay] There we go. Now we're starting to get on the hot trail. If you kinda highlight there the description, you can see some of the words he's putting in to his site here. That's how you do it. It's nitty and gritty, that's what you do, that's how you knock it out. Also, do you want to get in Google Keyword Planner? - [Jason] That could be a training on it's own. - Ok we'll put that on the good note we'll do the training just on Google Keyword Planner. So I'm going to make note of that right now. - We could maybe put up a link. - Yeah we'll put up a link to how to do that. We'll do a separate training just to get into that. - Yeah, so you guys can learn more specifically if you go to Determining Winnable Keywords you can find an extensive training on which keywords are going to be the most helpful for your brand for your business. OK, so Determining Winnable Keywords is a training on Thrive15.com. - We already have it. This just in. Now can we go ahead and go to the site and actually show where we would add the keywords in? Can we do that Stu? - Yeah Clay, I'm going to go to Make Your Life Epic here. - [Clay] So this guy is hacking into my own website. He's teaching our competition how to do it. But he's going to the site here, alright? And how did you get to where you are? - [Jason] Well, Clay, we're using Wordpress for this particular website. You're gonna hear that over and over, Wordpress. And so what we've done here is we've edited a page and we're using what's called Yoast. Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps you manage all these tools in one place. So what I'm gonna do here, Clay, is click edit snippet. I'm gonna scroll down on this edited page and I'm going to go Edit Snippet. And the keywords when you put them right here, what are some keywords you would like to use? - [Clay] Yeah let's do that, PR firms in Tulsa. We have one of the largest PR firms in Oklahoma. Comma, Tulsa PR firms. - [Stu] And you're saying that two different ways because Google sees those as independent phrases, right? - [Clay] Absolutely. I want do do comma, PR firms Tulsa. Let's say Tulsa Oklahoma PR firms. Thats four, gotta get to six here. Comma, public relations And I would say public relations firms Tulsa. And I would say public relations firms in Tulsa. Now Thrivers, just for clarity here, we have literally, my business is by myself not with a team by myself, I literally, literally created say five hundred pages of content myself without hiring a single person. Just did it myself. So don't get overwhelmed this is something you can do. The key is you gotta block out time daily to do this stuff. And if they want to find this tool, Yoast, we can send them a link to that? Or how can we make it available for them? - Absolutely, if you're using Wordpress that's a plugin that's gonna fit within Wordpress. We can put a link on the screen on how to download that. It's a plugin, it's super simple to use. - [Clay] What does it cost if I want to buy myself some Yoast? - It is free. - [Clay] Free? - [Jason] Oh my gosh, free. - Can't beat that Thrivers. - It's the investment of your time that makes a difference on this point. - Awesome, OK Marshall, have any questions? Am I missing something? - No, Jason can you just show them where the plugin button is on the tool bar? - [Jason] Absolutely, so if you look on the left hand side you see Plugins, I'm in Wordpress right now. And so I can go to Plugins and we'll have a deeper training on this later, but I go to Plugins, I add a new Plugin. I search for Yoast. And there it is. - When he said deeper training he was referring to the yoga training we have planned for you later.

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