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This business coaching episode explains ways to be mindful of your mission.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Principle #2 : How do we do it?
  • Notable Quotable: “I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have to connect people and create community.”
    -Howard Schultz
    (CEO of Starbucks)
  • Editor's Note: Howard Schultz was one of the first entrepreneurs to really champion the idea of introducing the concept of "baristas" into the world of coffee on a mass scale.
  • Editor's Note: If you can find an example of a super successful person who does not a clear vision or mission for their life please send us a picture of this unicorn.
  • Action Step: Write down how your company will deliver the products and services you produce in a DIFFERENTIATED AND MEMORABLE WAY.


-Principle number two. OK, how do we do it, OK? How do we do it, Clay? So the first notable quotable that I want to give you here is from Howard Schultz. He's the CEO of Starbucks, OK? He says, I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of coffee can have. It can connect people and create community. OK.

-Well, the thing about Howard

-Connect people, create community.

-Howard Schultz was absolutely obsessed with this concept when he traveled around the world. What happened is, he was able to get a pretty decent amount of upfront money, he exited an early venture and some things he'd worked on, and so he left. And he wasn't a multimillionaire, but he had some money. And he went over to Europe. And he studied, and he walked, he just wanted to spend some down time. Taking in the culture, exploring, vacationing.

And when he was over there he saw these baristas. And he just was totally taken back by the power of being able to serve somebody this unbelievable cup of coffee and be able to create a unique experience for people. He though, man, this barista idea that I'm seeing over here in Europe, if I brought that back to Seattle, and to our country, I bet you we could have one in every community and every neighborhood.

And he had this idea and he was just awestruck by this power. But what he realized is that how they do it is, they're not pouring a cup of coffee, they're actually creating an experience. Where the customer got a chance to interact with the barista, and fellowship, and talk about their life, and things that were going on. And he wanted to create that same kind of magic back there at Starbucks.

So he had the vision to create coffee and to create a coffee shop and this sort of thing. But he had to figure out how is he going to do it? And the how became the baristas, and the names of all the beverages, and the unique environment, and the unique decor. All those specific variables.

-OK. And so it's not the what, but it's the how. How are we doing it? How are we delivering that service? How are we delivering that product? As an ample example, Clay, have you seen an example of somebody without a mission statement that described what they do and how they do it? What's an ample example here? Give me a little bit of a story here. Give me, I don't know.

-Well I will just tell you, I keep a short story here for you. I almost never--

-It's story time.

-Oh, wow. Impressive. I almost never see anybody who has a successful company who doesn't have a mission statement. I almost don't see it ever. It's almost never. So, to answer your question, I have never seen an example of a company that is rocking and rolling that doesn't have a mission statement that their team knows about. I've never seen it happen. Never seen it, probably won't ever see it, not going to see it.

-OK. So specifically for the thrivers, write down, as an action step, write down specifically, how do you deliver the product and service that you're providing.

-Got to do it. Write it down. How do you deliver your product and service in a differentiated way? In a way that's different from everybody else. Write that down. How do you do it? And to quote a rapper, The Game, this is how we do. You know what I mean?



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