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This business coaching episode explains the reasons why you must never stop learning.

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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 1
  • Notable Quotable: "Ongoing education is not about sitting in class; it's about learning continually for your entire life."
  • Editor's Note: Paul J. Meyer founded Success Motivation Institute to help people reach their full potential. It is now in 60 countries with the material available in 23 languages.
  • Editor's Note: Earl Nightingale was a radio personality who mostly spoke about motivation and meaningful existence. He has been called the "Dean of Personal Development."
  • Lesson Nugget: Find out what you love to do and then learn that.

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-All right, Jim, today we are diving into the mail bag. And now, I get to talk with these Thrivers all day, and I know that when they give us these questions, they get excited for moments like this where we just get to pick your brain.

So here's the question that we've got from a Thriver today in Waco, Texas. This Thriver says, "I'm 38 years old, and I'm really struggling to see the value of ongoing education. I have a degree from the University of Texas and an MBA from Baylor, yet I can't find a job, and I just keep getting told from my family that I need to go back to school to freshen up my job skills. Sitting in class again just seems terrible. Help me out here. Where am I missing the value of ongoing education?"

-Well, ongoing education is not about sitting in class. It's about learning continually for your entire life. And the difference between a profession and a job is a professional considers that education is lifelong. It's never going to end, and you constantly have to stay on top of your game.

So think like a doctor, for example. A doctor-- if he or she went to college, got their medical degree, and then seven years later, with no more education in between, is operating on you, how are you going to feel? Threatened, right?

So think of it differently. Your problem is not education. Your problem's not a challenge with classrooms. It's the way you're thinking about education. Learning is fun. Learning's what you're doing right now. Learning's what Thrive's built on.

And it's cool that you're from Waco, Texas. Waco, Texas, is where Paul J. Meyer founded Success Motivation Institute years ago. And the first audio cassette series I heard-- back when recordings were on cassettes, if you remember that-- was Earl Nightingale's tapes.

The second one I heard was Paul Myers. And he had a whole series called The Science of Personal Achievement or something like that. And I remember listening to those and being inspired by it.

Now, I wasn't in a classroom. I wasn't going back to college-- although it may be helpful for you to specialize and dig down deep into one particular field that really turns you on and develop your skills beyond the normal folks and get an edge that way.

But I'd say figure out what you love to do. Find out what really lights your fires. And then learn that. Master it. I remember hearing Earl Nightingale saying years ago in one of the recordings that I listened to so, so very often-- and by the way, let me make a quick point here.

I spent, when I was not in college-- and by the way, I have three years' college. That's it. I never got a degree. I spent at least 1,000 hours listening to audio cassettes on motivational subjects as I drove around the state of Arkansas going to Jaycees meetings and doing whatever I did day to day.

But I never got in my car that I didn't turn my car into my classroom. But I heard Earl Nightingale say one day, if you want a job, just figure out which job you want. And then instead of thinking about applying for a job, go to the people who run the place that you want to work at and say, for the past several weeks, I've been studying your industry and your company. And I see a few opportunities for how you can do a whole lot better. And I'd love to help you with that... Tulsa Community College Business School.


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Featured Coaching Excerpt - Notes & Transcript, Part 2
  • Editor's Note: Chicken Soup for the Soul is a book series that complies inspirational, true stories about ordinary people's lives.

[MUSIC PLAYING] -How would you resist somebody who came in with that kind of a job approach? -Right. -If they'd been doing their homework whether they got the job or not and they came there to help, it stood out. Welcome. Yeah. -Right. You got to hear them out. -You bet. -Let me ask you this. You're talking about changing our mindset here as we think about education, and it's not just the classroom. I feel like I'm probably representing a lot of Thrivers out there right now who's thinking, OK, there's got to be a point though, maybe in your life now, where the ongoing education just kind of stops for you, right, with all your success? -Not even close. Every day, I'm online every day. I've got a stack of books in my living room that are probably six books right now. I'm reading one on China on the difference in cultures between the United States and China. The reason I'm reading that is next week, I'm doing a speaking tour of China, and so I'm going to have Mandarin speaking audiences. Could be Cantonese too, but I'm not studying Cantonese. I'm doing YouTube classes, if you will-- or lessons-- on how to speak Mandarin. INTERVIEWER: Really? -Yeah. Yeah, I'm not trying to master it, but I want to sound credible. I don't want to say, whatever, good morning or thank you very much in a way that they go-- [SNICKER] You just said my dog has fleas. No. I want to be at least fluent with a few words. -But this ongoing education is so important, even for you right now-- Oh, yeah. And also, I'm rereading "Chicken Soup for the Soul." Mark Victor Hansen gave me a copy of the newly released original book freshened up, and that's cool. So I'm rereading that, and that's kind of heart reading as opposed to head reading. -I love it. -I've got books on strategy and other things-- -It just doesn't stop for you. -Yeah, but I don't want people to get the impression that I'm this learning machine and I go around just-- [CHEWING SOUNDS] --devouring information all the time. I build it into my day. It's like this morning. I knew I was coming here, so I went to breakfast alone-- which is my preferred thing in the morning that I have that quiet time-- and I got out some notes, and I just thumbed through them and reminded myself of things that I already knew but needed to have at my fingertips. I call that the difference between having it back here in the files versus putting it on the desktop. So if this was back here, it wouldn't serve me well except maybe, maybe I remember it. But when I put it right there if I need it, it's at my fingertips, literally. -I love that. -That's learning. -Well, this one's for you. You know who you are in Waco. I hope this helped. Thank you for helping us reset our mindset-- -You bet. And by the way, here's to Mars Candies-- -There you go. - --and to Waco.

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